and it feels so goo-ood~! 
I finally got my laptop back yesterday and am very happy to really start my summer bumming. Not having my laptop for two weeks has been the best thing for my productivity. (You shall see in a later post.) But yay I am back and ready to make up all the posts especially since I'm on this bus to Kentucky for many hours! May posts will very likely spill over onto June as there are only three days of May left and I still haven't even finished April. -_- But even in my absence, I'm very happy to see that the people who visit my blog and the traffic is still the same! Thank you for being regular readers and checking back! ^_^
Anyways, on to the rest of April! There's a lot of catching up to do!
April: Friday the 19th
Got in contact with a friend who I hadn't seen properly in six or seven years. The last time we actually hung out together was when we went to six flags in this big group of kids from my high school and Lane Tech! I'd randomly receive texts from him throughout this large gap but the conversations would never last long. We'd say that we should meet but plans were never made until this day!
For the first time in a while I made an effort in putting on makeup so I took a selca but you can't even tell!

There's Julien! With his...yakisoba I think.

My mixed seafood udon. I really liked the brown sauce. It was good but so little noodles!

Did some more catching up at Metropolis.
Their green tea latte tastes exactly like the one from Java! It's my favorite warm drink!

Julien's... peach tea I think?

While at Metropolis, I saw Sandy tweet that she wanted to do something so I invited her to join us and she did! Yay! It's so rare! Ha ha ha!
I forget what my drink is but there's Julien's blue motherfucker. Sandy's drink doesn't get a picture cause it was boring old beer.

Sandy's onion rings and my waffle fries. They were whatever.

Julien invited us to his friend's birthday bar crawl so we joined him.
Polaroid in the car while we waited for his friends to get to the first bar.
It ended being quite the interesting night...hahahaha!

Saturday the 20th
Julien invited me to...I forget if it was a friend's birthday or sorority event thing. But I got to go to the club for the second time in my life!
The view from one of the friend's apartment.

Look who I ran into at the club!
*stolen from Tina*
It was Tina and Ploy's sorority event too! Not sure who their friend is though.
Excuse my crappy outfit, I couldn't find the dress I was going to wear. And excuse my face, I'm very drunk. LMAO

Thursday the 23rd
I had been craving a burger for the entire month but it wasn't until this day that I indulged and tried Five Guys for the first time. I don't know why I waited so long. Probably cause it was cold out.
Oh my gosh it was soooo~~~ good!!! I wasn't expecting much because I had been told a number of times that it was overrated but it was SO YUMMY! The bacon was all thick and juicy and the jalepenos were so fresh and crunchy! I wanted another one four hours later... It was really hard to keep me from going back. Ah. So good. But so expense~

Wednesday the 24th
Lunch at Wingstop with Kyle before we head off to Biggest Mouth to support Kylie.

Biggest Mouth is our school's talent show and the first place musical performer gets a money prize, I think a record deal with our school's record label, and gets to perform on the main stage at the big festival our school has at the end of the year.
Kylie was a rocker.

Thursday the 25th
My new food obsession:
The Artist's Cafe's Mediterranean Salad. So good and so refreshing and so addicting! I keep craving it! Wah but so expense~

Came home to my mum's dak dori tang. My mum cooking for me is very very very rare. ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS A HOME COOKED MEAL!!!

I don't know why but I watched my old videos and realized my appearance is deteriorating like my metabolism. Last time I checked, I gained 18 pounds!!! WAT!!! I don't even know how!! Nothing in my lifestyle has changed!!! Cry.
The right is me from only a summer ago! 
Guh stupid wifi that stopped working on the bus. I'm finally posting this many hours at the house I'm staying at for the night. Until tomorrow's post when I'm back on the bus!