Doubt, hair, and Lolla

Back from another month absence. I've been unmotivated to blog for a while to be honest because I'm not completely happy with my content. Well, more so my content that other people are looking at. I started writing this blog four years ago for myself and anyone else who wanted to read. I've gained  a generous amount of readers and positive feedback over the years for my shitty little blog.I blog about the same five things that I do and same five places I go to so I feel guilty whenever I'm told that someone loves my blog cause its just like...>_< why...it's repetitive and I'm a nobody. My blog has nothing to offer and I don't even use a real camera for pictures anymore. Four years is a long time to be writing about the same thing so I wondered if I should even keep blogging. 
And then on Sunday I got an email from a reader (also from Chicago! How awesome!) who had seen me and said really nice stuff that she didn't get to tell me in person! I was coming home from work and waiting for the train when I read this and I got a huge burst of happy energy and new determination to keep blogging. And to really follow through with trying new things and places instead of just wanting to and bring Takutz Jin out again! Thanks so much Samantha! And thank you so much readers!  

Back to where I left off:
July: Wednesday the 24th
Mom suggested we get pizza for dinner. She can't handle jalepenos so we ordered something else.
Was pretty good. Was better the next day.

Thursday the 25th
Finally reunited with Kyle again!
Went to McDonalds again for lunch and catching up. We spent the rest of the evening together yet we didn't take a picture together;;;

Saturday the 27th
The first picture of my hair change.

A reference of my hair before:
*stolen from Sandy's blog*
It wasn't supposed to be that short but the girl did the same thing that an ajumma did to me the last traumatic chop I had. It took her less than five minutes. -_- To be fair, I gave her a picture of little Princess bubblegum as a guideline but still. It just...no. It was such a plain cut so I wanted to jazz it up so I finally turned it pink!

Met up with Hochul for the first time in years!
Tried Walker Brothers for the first time! 
And then we went to Ikea and I helped him move into his new place really quickly. 

Monday the 29th
April finally took me to Royal Buffet to try for the first time!
The place is huge! They even have an area for just a damn fountain.

I forgot to take a picture of my second plate but we had gone a little late and they were closing so I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted. Or try the chocolate fountain. CRY.

Tuesday the 30th
Sandy was getting her hair cut too so I wanted to follow her and watch.

After! Ha ha ha ha Cassie. She likes long hair.
Sandy has a lot of super thick hair so she probably lost a couple pounds.

Sandy's mom mentioned wanting to eat dduk bok gi which made me want to eat it as well. So my mom talked me through making it.
It was ok. I dunno if the fish cakes were old but they were nasty.

My animal foot nugget.

Friday the 2nd
The day finally came!

Tina picked me up so that we could meet up with Jelly and her boyfriend to go together.
Her little black poodle had three puppies and they are the most precious things ever!!

T_____T Overload of cuteness.

This one hasn't opened it's eyes yet!

Did this picture make you yawn? 

Went to the Chicago Diner in Jelly's neighborhood for lunch.
The vegan cheese mac was a no. The spicy chicken burger was real yummy though.

Been waiting for this day!
Up close for second viewing of Father John Misty! This time I was able to see how kooky and energetic he is when he performs!

Waiting for the next performance.
*stolen from Jelly's instagram*

Crystal Castles!
They were AMAAAZING!!! I've had a couple chances to see them perform but I always chose another performer over them. I'm so glad I finally watched them. Alice Glass is a stunning beauty and she really knows how to play with the audience! Wowowowow!
Their most known song.

Please watch them live if you get the chance. It was one of the best live performances I've ever watched!

Oh my gosh I have been waiting soooo long for this moment! Oh man I was so happy! And their cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Ah~

And finally...my goddess.