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Long time no post everyone~!
Holy snap it's been exactly a month since my last post! I am so sorry for my sudden absence! I have a few reasons as to why I've been gone, though! It wasn't just my laziness this time! XO
The first being I had a research paper that I was freaking out about for two weeks. Freaking out about it instead of actually doing it. And then I'd calm myself by going on tumblr or watch stuff. I am a fail student. But I finished it the morning it was due and got it back today to recieve an A- so yay! :D
The other reasons I will get into in the rest of the post when I get to their parts ha ha ha

So I have noticed that I've gained a few more followers and reached 202! Thank you so much you everyone! Instead of just writing thanks, I quickly made this since I now have a phone that is capable of taking decent video!:
Lulz wow lovely moment to be frozen at.
Sorry, it's a little hard to hear. I was way quieter and made less sense than usual. I was a little tired XD I just thought it would be better if you could actually see and hear me instead of trying to decipher a written thank you. I write worse than I talk sooooo XD Ah but I sound so flat and annoying >.>
Sorry for the choppiness as well. Windows movie maker must be killing my computer cause it made it crash three times before I saved it so I just really quickly did it before it crashed again >O

Just cause I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures! They've piled up so I will be splitting them. This post will be up to the beginning of this month and the next one will be the rest. I also don't think I'll be doing much this week as school is ending so at least I will have those leftover pictures to post XD
Friday the 30th
Headed back down to Kentucky with my mum for a callback.
This is the second reason why I hadn't been updating. I had gotten a callback for the indie movie I auditioned for earlier that month and I didn't want to write about it until after I knew the results cause I didn't want to get my and anyone else's hopes up and then disappoint and have people feel bad for me cause that makes me feel even worse and uncomfortable.
I was taking the bus this time so my mum insisted that she go with cause she was worried. I ended up being really lucky that she did. I was intent on going alone. I would have been screwed if I did. More on that later.
At the Greyhound

Ha ha ha it looks gross

Finally on the bus!

My mum never smiles naturally in pictures >.>

I was such a wreck. The ride was 6-ish hours. I get so nervous on buses like that cause I always assume that I'm on the wrong bus or something. I was also nervous about the call back.
The discomfort doesn't end there. We got to Kentucky but me being a fucking idiot didn't realize how far the town the call backs were taking place in was to Louisville which is where we were dropped off. The auditions were held there and it was the only stop I knew about so I bought tickets to there. I thought "I'll just take a cab." Lexington, the town I was supposed to get to is an hour and a half away. It would cost around $220 for cab. My heart dropped. The driver we got was nice enough to bunk it down to $140. I still felt horrible cause my mum paid for it so I paid for the room. Which turned out to not be the closest inn to the university I was supposed to go to the next morning! It was actually in the next town over! When we finally get to our inn past 1AM and think we can finally relax, we discover our room is in the smoking section! Oh my goodness I thought I was going to suffocate. Even my mum who has been smoking for almost ten years couldn't stand it. The stench soaked into my skin and clothes =_= Two more fails on my part.

Breakfast the next morning

I couldn't really eat cause I was so nervous ~_~

Took another cab to the university. The university has a really great building for their film department! It was new and really cool inside! They had so much displayed! But I couldn't really enjoy myself.

Look at their cool film reel table!

The other auditioners waiting for their call back. I was frikkin dying especially since my time slot was the last one out of those girls. @_@
I came out of my call back disappointed at myself cause I didn't do it as I practiced and just plopped on my chair cause I had been asked to stay a little bit after after my call back. I just slept for like an hour while waiting. They called me back in to do the scene with another auditioner and when we finished, they were only talking to the other one so I felt like I did worse and felt more disappointed. As I was walking out the casting director asked me to wait another ten minutes so I just sullenly did. When he brought me back into the room the director frikkin offered me the role right there!!! My face just went :O
When I told my mum and she congratulated me, I started crying. I was so worried that we had come all the way down there and paid so much money for nothing! T________T Wahhhhh so thankful she came with me!!
I was also embarrassed when I initially auditioned cause I didn't have a resume and my head shot was complete shit! I took it myself the day before and it is awful! I will show you so you can laugh at it with me now:
Lmaoooo my crazy "I'm going to murder you when you fall asleep" eyes. This was the most decent one out of so many tries! I had to take it on my balcony and the sun was glaring super bright at 5PM! It would not calm its ass down for the whole hour I was trying to take it. I couldn't stop squinting!

And then there's this one lulz

At least my skin looks nice? >..>

Frikkin relief. I could finally enjoy the rest of the school and trip.

This school is so cool! Their eating area or something is made to look like a studio with the set of a movie!
They have so many posters and things that have to do with the movie hanging on the walls. Really nice!

Just interesting things to look at everywhere!

We took the same taxi we took that morning to the Greyhound that actually is in Lexington (we had to buy more tickets T_T). The driver was soooo nice and while we were getting off, he even offered to drive me to Lexington from Louisville for free the next time I went back to shoot! T^T Soooo generous!!

We had to wait like two hours for the bus to Louisville OTL

There was a cat that just hung around in the station

It was funny cause it wouldn't stop playing with the leg of the bench and it kept chasing its tail! I thought only dogs did that! Ha ha ha

Kept turning away when I was taking a picture! >[

Finally on the bus.

The window is four different shades of tint lulz. Oh the driver had a Winnie the Pooh tie on! Shoulda gotten a  picture of that.

Can finally enjoy the scenery. Kentucky is beautiful!

Look at how hilly this state is! Crazy to me since I've lived in flat Chicago all my life!

The ride home was bad though cause we kept making stops and we had to wait an hour at each. Gah. But I got the part so yayyyyyyyy!!!!
I didn't write about it though because I was scared that my brain had tricked me into thinking that I got the part but in reality, they didn't ask me. So I wanted to wait until I got the official email from them! XD

April 1st
My new theme for the new month. It's almost over! I feel like I didn't change it that long ago!

Monday the 2nd
We played a hilarious game in improv where you take two cards that have an emotion written on it. One emotion you emote with your eyes and the other with your mouth.

Ian: guilty eyes, naughty mouth

Anthony: crazy eyes, hateful mouth

My confused eyes, comatose mouth and Paco's sad eyes and....I forget what his mouth was lulz

Stefan: shifty eyes, diseased mouth

I almost cried. Too hilarious! I'm so sad! Monday is the last day of this class! ;(

Wednesday the 5th

Lulz saw this on the way home

Oh! Someone asked me if I had an instagram and then someone (maybe the same person?) notified me when instagram was released for androids! I did get one if that anon or anyone is still interested: mapthissoul
Though, there isn't really a point since I'll post them on here anyways XD
*to Jenna:* So yer alright with me replying to your comments at the end of my posts, right? :D