gotta get my buddha on

sorry loves!
i meant to post this on sunday, but i got home late and started school the next day and was tired. lulz. so in return, i have a LOT of circle lens reviews. for anyone who cares;;

went to my favorite freshmans sweet sixteen and annies surprise 17th birthday party~
i wore:

selca while waiting for it to be 6 lulz. ignore my bushy eyebrows (>.>)
i like this one cause it looks like my skin is super good and smooth

at annies
band played for her

aww cute little sara

time to blow out the candles~
trying to shove her sisters face into the cake lulz

theyre so tall!!
oh and ignore my double chin lulz

went to sandys religion cause im starting to learn korean traditional drums! i had to sit through the service(? dont know what its called for buddhists but it was a lot like church) for and hour and a half for the drum practice after. its gonna keep going so i thought i might as well convert to sgi-buddhism so im not sitting through all the chanting and group talks for nothing. i used to be christian, but after years of bad stuff and pondering, i lost faith, and eventually i stopped believing in god. sandy has been wanting to convert me and i guess some sort of faith is good for me. ho ho ho~
sandy being a bum

sandys brother sulking silently in the corner like always lulz


the kiddies are so cute~~

they drew me these pictures hee hee~

her name is jinny ha!

look at his custom mini sized jang goo!! hes very good at it too!

went to mitsuwa and finally tried the gabutto burgers!! they were good! but tiny!

so that was my last week of holiday T___T twas a good holiday though! but yes, from here is makeup stuffs so if yer not interested in that kind of stuff, this is where to stop reading ahaha!

so i recently had a mini haul or lioele stuff!
maybe i should do a review?? i dunno~

oh and speaking of makeup, a wonderful blogger named coco is having a fantastic giveaway! its all asian makeup thats really hard to get! you can join here:
do check it out! its the first giveaway ive ever joined! :)

onto circle lens reviews i should have done like a year ago so theres a bunch!
beaucon jewel/candy violet
color: 9/10 i quite like this shade of soft, light purple. other violet lenses dont come out with this color but its completely unnatural
design: 0/10 i always hated the design for these which is why i never wore em and took me forever to ever review. the black ring and the color just stand next to each other and just ugh. these always reminded me of fish eyes. me no likey
enlargement: 10/10 all lenses englarge for my small eyes
comfort: 8/10 theyre a little thick for me

beaucon jewel/candy blue
same as above~

beaucon jewel/candy grey
same same~

beaucon jewel/candy green
sorry. the left lens one dried up and when i tried to re-hydrate it, it expanded! so i had to throw it away lulz
but anyways~ i was actually quite okay with these. i liked the dark pine green color and the ring wasnt as bold.
dolly eye green
color: 8/10 theyre a bright, very pigmented green. i like the color but thats it
design: i dont like the little lines on it and its just so unnatural. i saw someone else with them on and thought it was pretty and the most natural of the of the dollyeye series but it looked awful on me
enlargement: 10/10
comfort: 0/10 theyre thick and the pupil hole is solid cause its so pigmented. i could see the color and it would mess with my vision. bah waste of money~~

geo ash wings
color: 9/10 i like that these are a dark grey as opposed to the bright grey ones ive had
design: 7/10 theyre super pixely but theres something pretty about them
enlargement: 10/10
comfort: 8.5/10 ive been wearing my glasses a lot so i think ive gotten un-used to contacts so i can feel em but they arent painful or annoying or anything :/

thats all folks~! gosh that was a lot. bet yer all tired of my ugly eyes ha! sowwies~
until next time~
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!


thanks to

artie (left) and wasan (right), my laptop is fixed and running wonderfully!!
and thanks to me, my wireless problem is fixed as well!! so yay~~~
im back! much sooner than i thought :D

guess ill start this post with a circle lens review. (i actually meant to post this awhile ago but thats when my laptop went kaput XO)
beaucon shimmer blue
color: 8/10 theyre not this BRIGHT, eyecatching blue. more like a more natural, mixed blue which i like. its quite natural looking and pretty
design: 9/10 theyre a lot lighter than the greys so theyre a little more pixely looking, but only from right up close. otherwise, it looks really nicely blended
enlargement: 10/10 natural and perfectly fine for me
comfort: 10/10 i dont have the problem i had with the greys

oh yes, i was bored one night and thought of this:
and then did this:
LULZ. sorry. fail, i know. i didnt have the fake lashes and i dont have the skills and most importantly i dont have the face. i look really scary with my inner corners lined like that!

on to better things~ my christmas post had everything up to christmas but i didnt post what i actually did! XD so here it is:
played pool and had chinese with artie, pipat, wasan, ploy, and wasans friend donny! didnt bother taking photos at pool. i think you loves have all seen enough of that ahaha
and i was too hungry to take photos of the food. it was all the same as what we got the last time we came here
lulz pipat making the "korean face"

both making "the face"

*taken by artie*
mah bitch fayce

oh yeahs, i dyed my hair red! :D
this is stage one! im trying to get to a bright, wine red without bleaching and destroying my hair again. going for stage 2 in ten days :D

kat, amber (havent seen her in FOREVER!!), sofiya

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva*

*taken by eva?*

*taken by eva*
pickin mah balls

we gave ourselve ghetto names. i am jiva. you would think youd never use the names you give yourself at the bowling alley but we did! we were walking out when the counter guy stopped us cause we had only paid for the shoes, not the game. so he was ringing us up seperately and asked us what our names were. so one by one we gave our names. "..shanaynay..." "bonquiqui...." lulz it was hilarious

these foreigners at the lane next to us kept taking our balls. they also took this picture for us :D

red mango minus sofiya after
frikkin janet always trying to dodge my paparazzi attack

jessicas little holiday partay~
my secret santa gift
ugh i ave the worst handwriting

we went downtown and walked for a really long time in the cold and wind to look for a place to eat and we ended up at chipotles
sandy made her own burrito bowl lulz

*taken by artie*
jessica and i were the last to finish so the guys turned it into a race

*taken by artie*

millennium park to skate. we only took pictures with the bean and left cause the line was muthafluffin crazy!! it was wrapped around the rink!!
being a tourist when this is just down the street from school hahaha

can you find us? hint: look for bright yellow gloves!


being an el creepo on the train

im such a creep

*taken by steph?*

*taken by darek*
ugh my hair is so gross

*taken by darek*

*taken by darek*

*taken by steph*

group pictcha!
i couldnt move the table back (>.<)

watching tv whilst waiting for pipat so we can start secret santa

hes so happy!!! XD pipat got a unicorn pillow pet from artie

we had to pause cause the turtle flipped over and we watched it for like 5 minutes till it got right side up again ahaha

pipat got loria gloves. unfortunately, loria couldnt come so sandy brought her gift for her which was the toy story 3 dvd for jessica!

jessica got me the bunny slippers i wanted! theyre so cute!! GRAH!

got a beanie sandy wanted except they didnt have the color she wanted (>.>) so i also got her a small key pendant necklace

sandy got darek a gift card cause he wanted tools and $25 is not enough for tools;;

darek got steph a money clip! and theres pipat again being really happy

and finally, steph got the michael jackson and kanye west albums for artie!

just fooling around while pipat and artie make chocolate dipped strawberries in the kitchen
*taken by artie*
we played two games of egyptian ratscrew for like frikkin two hours!! we were so exhausted ahaha

*taken by artie*

*taken by artie*

*taken by artie*

kevin doing naughty things to the pillow pet XD
oh and he decided not to do secret santa. boooo

highlights of 2010 that i can remember as i type this:
- graduating high school
-going to the perfect college
- meeting new people
- having the busiest winter break ive ever had in my life
resolutions for 2011:
- do new things. blog posts are all the same T_______T
- audition for shows!!
- apply myself to school now that i actually like it
- get a job and move out the way i was supposed to right after high school
- be a good daughter
- go to korea and get my cosmetic surgeries! lulz

i havent done a "what i wore" thing in forevers! but here it is:
winter makes me soooooo lazy (>.>)

went for pool and late night snack in chinatown with tina, julie, janet, and derek! wee~~
no picture of pool again ahaha

we ordered one of every meat
destroyed all those dishes!

date with the girls. i missed the movie cause i was sleeping XD
we went to olive garden for dinner. the place is just going downhill. food aint as good as it was years ago
the only thing i liked

janet was sitting next to me but her shot was blurred so i deleted the photo

janet and i went to visit sandy at work at like 3AM. she got off at 7 so i convinced the two to have breakfast! ahaha! went to dennys for the first time~
nom nom nom

went to sauna after not going for the longest time!
the best eggs ever. they bake this in the hottest sauna room. it even looks like an oven. and my carrot juice

janet happy that she finally got her sam gye tang (whole chicken soup kinda thing)

i totally forgot to take pictures of the other food lulz

slept over at sauna, sauna-ed more, ate, and then went home to wait for janet to pick us up again after her track practice to go to UNLIMITED SUSHI!!
they love their shumai


they also love their gyoza

we even cleaned up for them

mah first plate

*taken by sandy*
choking on my second

*taken by sandy*
mad and sad cause i forgot to get the shrimp one!

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
dancing? lulz

*taken by sandy*

stopped by red mango and starbucks for dessert :D

well i hope you loves all had a wonderful new year and nothing but good things come to you in 2011!
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!