Heylo everyone!! Guess what~~? I am back!!! I have never been so happy to be blogging! I missed it so much! T^T I am very, very, very happy to announce that my photographs have been recovered! Well not all of them, but most of them! So, YAY~~!! All thanks to my friend Tina and her brother in law who is a computer genius! Oy vey I cannot express how happy I am! So in celebration, here is a super gigantic update! It’s from a span of like a week so its about three times the size of the last super big one! I did still lose a lot and had to re-edit photos so I got lazy. That’s why they don’t look as nice. Enjoy!

FRIDAY the 24th
Bah it’s been so long since these days so I don’t exactly remember everything that happened. But that’s ok since there are photos!
Like every Friday, Eva, Sandy, and Janet came over. We bummed inside my house and then we went out to the park.
I just thought it was cute :]
I was scared to get closer cause I was afraid that they would get scared and run away. Lulz it sounds like I’m talking about some little bunnies or somethin.

Janet pole dancing

Yay~~ Sandy finally showed her face! Aww she’s so cute

So I wanted to play woodchips but they were complaining that the park we were at was too small and they didn't wanna play in the sand -_- So we went to a different park. That one was too big and had too many kids so we ended up going back home. Laame
Nice moment, no?

Oh and I did my nails that day. Simple and crappy. I am so noob at nails T__T
WEDNESDAY the 29th
Tina came to pick me up around 9:45PM and we went to java and then the beach till around 3AM.
At java
과일빙수 (fruit pat bing soo) All pretty now
And then it looks like this when its mixed
At the beach. I swear, this is the most beautiful beach. The stars are soooo close to you! I saw the little dipper and big dipper for the first time in life at this beach. I wanted to take a picture of the sky but it was too dark that night. :( The only bad thing about this beach is that its in the super rich suburbs so you can't really go in the day time. It's filled with frat boy douches. *rolls eyes*

LULZ again but its missing something..

I almost fell in. There's this area where you suddenly sink a foot down

<3 all of you so much for reading my blog~ <3

Lulz Tina tried to take one of us together and didn’t know it was zoomed all the way in

Ignore my face

There were a couple more that i really liked but those couldn't be restored. ;C

Eva, Sandy, and Janet came over. We watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, then Rebirth, and then Mulan. Blah I need to find a horror movie that will actually scared me. Suggestions anyone?
OH! I don’t know how but this MONSTER of a moth came in! It was SO SCARY! Me and Eva were hiding under my blanket while Sandy was trying to kill it with a golf club. At like 9, the two left me ALONE WITH THE MOTH! I swear it was a ninja. It kept disappearing somewhere and then out of nowhere it fucking attacked me!! BAH! I was soooo frikkin scared. I slept with my mom that night cause she couldn’t find it and kill it. She killed it the next morning.

FRIDAY the 7th
I went to Comic Con with Tina and Mark!
Aint he super cute? Tina made him for Mark’s cosplay.

I was super hungry so we went to eat first at Giordano’s.
Still waiting~ Tina didn't want her picture being taken so there are only ones of Mark

It’s the second time I had their pizza and again I’m disappointed.

At Comic Con!:
Super cool, no? Its all chalk!
Pictures of the artist’s other chalk drawings.
Another photo

A better view

Little Wolverine saw that I was trying to take pictures so he stood still for me ^^

Mark (Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam 00) and Mio from K-ON.

I don't know who the other guy is dressed as ><

I definitely think they were the best dressed.

Tina took this ones.

I was so sad cause Michelle Rodriguez was supposed to be there.. on Saturday and Sunday!! >< NUUU!! I was so sad! But then I was cheered up a little because the guy who played Chuckie was there! I wanted to take a picture with him but you had to pay $10 bucks. Totally not worth the money. I totally didn’t know Chuckie was played by an actor! I thought it was all CG!

Went to Bakersville after~
*enter dirty caption here*
Tina’s green tea bubble tea, Mark’s almond bubble tea, and my caramel macchiato.

My wrist band thingy
I used like $105 bucks on stupid shit T__T
My Haul (I was too lazy to take pictures until later, which explains the date):

Batman ring
Joker shirt for Eva’s birthday gift

My Transformers t-shirt. I like the decepticon emblem better than the autobots one so I bought this ones :D
Hee hee hee~~~ Rupert Grint. I know it’s a really old picture but I couldn’t help myself. One for Eva and one for me!

Domokun pillow
Domokun is in love

Simpsons figurine. I got Sideshow Bob. I wanted Bart or Homer or Chief Wiggum or Itchy or Scratchy. You guys don't know this about me yet but I am the biggest Simpsons fanatic. I have pretty much watched every episode ever made!
Moofia figurine. Aint it adorable?? Tina got the one I wanted ><
Oh I almost forgot. I went as Go EunChan from Coffee Prince. I didn’t have an apron though. Not that anyone would recognize me anyways. I took these photos late too.
I didn’t have makeup and nail polish on that actual day though so I did look like a boy.

SATURDAY the 8th
I stayed over at Eva’s for most of the day and we just bummed. At 9 Tina picked me up to go to the Bryn Mawr Korean Festival. I actually used to live on Bryn Mawr for years. It was so awkward needing a ride to go =_=
I wore:

Yes, I wore my coffee prince attire again. I was so lazy and the clothes were lying right in front of me XD I also wanted to fool some people there.

Waiting to cross the street. Tina, Alice, Kevin.

OMG this is the smallest doggy I have ever seen! It was like five inches long and two inches tall! Is it even legal???? This dog is such a chick magnet. There was a huge crowd surrounding him and his owner.
We actually came when the fest was ending for the day so we just went to java to eat fuit pat bingsoo and then left for 노래방 (karaoke)!
When we got in, we had to wait a couple minutes for a room to open up. While we were waiting, I noticed this girl who was eating staring at me. She said something to her friends and then they all started staring at me. She thought I was a real boy! Mission success! Yay~~

I thought this was cool since you can see the position Tina was in a second before
LULZ KEVIN! He always rocks the show

OOWARGH!! ME WITHOUT MAKEUPS >< I know I know I look really really different. Its funny cause I only do my eyes XD But don’t I make a good pretty boy? I’m not pretty, but I am handsome X3

I look psychos

SUNDAY the 9th
I did the same exact thing I did the day before. Lulz. I was bumming at home with cardigan and then he dropped me off at Eva’s to get picked up by Janet to go to K Fest.

Whilst waiting for Janet in her car. Her little sister hi-jacked the car to go to Walgreens and get a drink but she realized she didn’t have money XD. Eva and I were kidnapped for three minutes.
At K Fest I gots 떡복기 (spicy rice cakes) with Eva. After people got food, we went to Outdoor Café for drinks.
Kat, Christine, Janet’s hands
We walked back and forth on the street and then finally planted ourselves in front of the singing contest.
The crowd
Oh! There was this really pretty boy who was sitting and watching with his mom! He was super pretty! We looked like each other! I swear we could have been brother and sister. I stole his boyish good looks and he stole my pretty girl looks. XD I wanted to take a picture of him but he knew me and Eva were staring so I didn’t. >< Darn it I still regret it. Ima live by impulse now. I’ve missed out on too many things cause I don’t.
Judges on the bottom left corner
I like this picture very much for some reason

Workin hard

France and her little brother Alan on the left. Aww~~ Alan got so big! He used to be like a head shorter than me X3

창충동 (Jang Choong Dong) for karaoke!!
Why so serious?

I forgot to change the settings on my camera XD

Went to White Castle after cause we gots the munchies!
Ah look at my hair sticking up in the back.

God dammit. Janet is so damn photogenic! It is NOT FAIR!

Janet: Come to me~~~
Kat: Um.. no


White Castle at 2AM is how we do

Bah I almost keep forgetting. I wore this. Bah I look so shooort T___T Excuse the awkward pose. I don’t know what I was doing.

I went to H Mart with Sandy to get Eva’s birthday gift. I got her:
I do hope she likes it >< *UPDATE* she did

So after that, Cardigan, Sandy, and I went to Old Country Buffet for dinner.
After Dinner, I was in the mood for some pool so we went to Brunswick Zone. We played pool and the little DDR in the corner of the place. I fail so bad at DDR. I have the worst eye foot coordination ever -__- Oh but I did discover I’m pretty awesome at Crazy Taxi!
No pictures for this day. I actually didn’t bring out Takutz Jin with me. ><

Just a little date with Cardigan.
Dinner at Corner Bakery and more arcade games at Replay inside Golf Mill.

THURSDAY the 13th
This day was the day Tina came and dropped off Cardigan’s laptop with… the RESTORED PICTURES!!! YAY!!!! Biggest highlight of my day!
After I received the laptop, I went out to play with my friend 호철 (HoChul)!
We went to eat at Yard…something! I think it was Yard House?
Whilst waiting for our table
That’s where he lives!

Lulz. Here is HoChul. I don’t call him 아저시 (ajushi) for nothin
I told him to look young and this is what I got
Yes, I am wearing the same pants, shirt, and sandals from Sunday. Don’t worry, they’re clean, I promise~ I keep recycling outfits >.<


KAREOKE AGAIN! I swear, you go once, and yer hooked.
This is where we always go for karaoke

I convinced HoChul to go to Liquid Fusion cause I was in the mood for bubble tea. I got some white chocolate coffee freeze that makes you really thirsty with every sip. It’s still sitting in my fridge.

He took this. What a bad photographer. Making me look narsty
Our pat bing soo. We did paper, scissors, rock, to see who would drink the remaining and…

It took him forever to finish
He don’t look too good anymore
He was really cold after that so we turned on the heat in the car on the way home! Ahaha!

At home I tried to camwhore. I fail at camwhoring with a real camera T___T
The earrings I wore

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed yet, I GOT A NEW PHONE!

I'm supposed to be "eating" it cause its ice cream

Despite the “ok” sign, it sucks. There’s a self cam on top of the screen but it doesn’t work unless you have the Korean locked version! =__= SO DUMB. The call connectivity sucks too. It sounds like I’m breathing on the mouth piece when I’m not. Bah. My first phone that’s not a Samsung and its like this. Oh well, its pretty. Two years of this and it’s a new phone for me again~~ XD

So happy to be back! This week has been one of the best!
All my boys in the club tonight All my girls let me love you right Come and let yo body rock tonight The city is mine – 이정 (LeeJung)
도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유 (The Reason Why the City Doesn’t Close It’s Eyes) – Swan Songs