School At Steppenwolf aka The Best Summer Ever

Finally writing this post almost a whole year late but what else would you expect from me? It's been another crazy few months which I will also probably write about a year from now...┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

June: Monday the 6th
The day I had been waiting/freaking out about for since April.
Ooh walking into that room was sooo intimidating. Never would I have thought that I would leave two and a half months later as (lifelong, I believe) friends with all of the people in there! It did take me longer to open up, but I'm so glad I tried.

Yay to free first day food! It was really good!

Part of the reason why it was hard for me to make friends at first was because I was sleeping every chance I got at school and so people thought I was lazy and didn't want to be there LOL. But it was because I was working overnight at the same time: school Monday through Friday 8:30AM - 6PM, working Sunday through Thursday 10PM - 6:30AM, sleeping maybe an hour, and struggling to stay awake during the drive to school during rush hour was honestly so hard. Luckily I only had to do that for the first month before the classes got super intense and I had saved up enough PTO to supplement the time I couldn't work full time anymore and still keep my health insurance. I'm going to give myself some credit and say I have never worked so hard in my life before LOL. I'm surprised I didn't get into a car accident or die haha..

Saturday the 10th
In Evanston to have lunch with Jay
My first Peet's Coffee. Eh.

We tried Koco Table. It was also meh.

Sunday the 11th
Adele! And her boyfriend Troy. She was one of the first friends I made at Steppenwolf! :3

We were at the opening of Pass Over.
Huge perk of doing School At Steppenwolf is getting to see the shows that are happening during school for free! They already have great discounts but free is always the best! Heh heh heh~ There is filmed version that Spike Lee filmed of that production that everyone should see if you have Amazon Prime! Warning: be ready to be SHOOK.

Wednesday the 14th
Caught my favorite sunset of the year on the way to work. I asked to start earlier so I could leave earlier and upgrade my sleep to 2-3 hours a night lol.

Saturday the 17th
I was craving meat!

Sunday the 18th
Went to see Jonathan's show with Adele!
There's my bb in front! (≧∇≦)/

We were a little early so waited at Starbucks.

Thursday the 22nd
Mac was so nice and made me a sammy!

I liked the glowing edges of the clouds.

Saturday the 24th
Mac invited everyone over for a pool party!
Sad only my feet could partake in the hot tub.

Cool view past the gate thing.

*from Becca*

Friday the 30th
A nice sky on the drive home.
I love when there are spaces in the middle of clouds for the beams to shine through.

July: Saturday the 1st
Dinner with dad before seeing Tommy's show.

An adaption set in India! It was looong but I actually enjoyed it much more than I expected.

Monday the 3rd

Adele was so nice and brought leftovers from her mom's bbq for us! Those were probably the best beans I've ever had!

One of the nice sunsets we could always catch from the windows if we stayed late enough.

Friday the 7th
We tried to get Pequod's but the wait was like two hours long so we waited at a super cute bookstore bar thing.
*from Becca? Morgan?*

Soo cute and like two backrooms deep!

Their hot dog was actually really good.

*from ?*

James had to leave before pizza because he was commuting from Lombard. I know. INSANE.

Saturday the 8th
Had pie and really good breakfast sandwiches with Adele!
Ugh those sandwiches were so good.

Went to see Ben's show later that night.
I don't remember what it was called but it's ok. It was really not good...Ben was the saving grace.

Sunday the 9th
Ben was my scene partner and we planned to meet for rehearsal before the show I was seeing that night.
I was a little early so I grabbed food from Circle Sushi. Super convenient being next door. The Thai is really good but the sushi is garbage.

The show I saw.

More cute cloud coloring.

Tuesday the 11th
Waiting for our new Meisner scenarios.

I don't think there was a day where a SAS person wasn't eating at Circle.

Thursday the 13th
We presented our monologues this day.

*stolen from Priya*
I missed the group picture with our monologue teachers because I was moping somewhere about how I did...(。•́︿•̀。)

Dance party of three before our last class of the day lol.

Saturday the 15th
Finally got to see the Murakami exhibit with Becca and Mac! Honestly one of my favorite days and probably the best exhibit I've ever seen. Just the sheer amount of  artwork was insane and seeing it all in person was very moving. I actually teared up ahaha! I feel very lucky that I live in a place where such amazing exhibits stop by.

His very early work.

 I like the tiny cute things sprinkled in among the weird/grotesque.

I was really enjoying the kids taking their selfies with the Kanye pieces. It was too cute.

Another super cute teenager moment. This kid was really proud of his film camera and his dad was watching him with complete adoration and taking pictures of him on his iphone and when the kid noticed, he'd give his dad the look all children give when they go "Dad...-_-" Ahaha I love it so much ꋧ(⋆ʾꇶʿ⋆)

At the other end of the hall 

Absolutely crazy that not a single face or robe is the same! I'm just...
The details within the details! The man is seriously a monster.
Beautiful Becca

Give this movie a title.

Some merch.

We were very hungry so we took a lunch break at the Water Tower cafeteria.
Lol Mac

Ah this was so bad.... but I love the sriracha packet!

Hate M Burger but still willing to have their soft serve!

We enjoyed these outside on the grass.
Ugh Chicago summers are THE BEST!!

A cute older couple with their adopted son. The boy and his dad were playing catch and he didn't catch a single throw XD

Bathroom break and then back to the exhibits!

We looked at what else was being shown before taking a second look at the Murakamis.

And from here I guess I forgot to take pictures? There was a room that showed what is probably hours of this really weird video of teens which was even weirder when you watched with the headphones available. It was disturbing and intriguing and we watched it for a while. Man it was such a good day! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Sunday the 16th
Another Chicago summer favorite: Pitchfork!
Isaiah Rashad

Joey Purp

Jaleesa didn't realize the wings were vegan so she gave them to me and K which worked out cause we didn't have cash heheh!

*from K*

Jamila Woods

And finally, the whole reason we were all there:

OH MY GOD SHE WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。* Honestly such an honor to be able to see this art.

Post Pitchfork dinner.

Monday the 17th
Got lunch with GeorgeAnne after class!
The sandwiches were quite good.

Wednesday the 19th
I had my private Feldenkreis session and was thoroughly Feldenfucked. It was insane. I felt really confident and relaxed right after and took a very feverish nap during break time. My body had no idea what to do with so much of the tension worked out that it couldn't hold itself up and I couldn't even stand. I had to just sit in a daze. It was like my soul had left me aha. One of the craziest and needed things that happened to me that summer. I'm glad Adele dragged me to get burgers with her and Troy after. It helped bring some life back into me.

Friday the 21st
Our usual spot.

It was Mr. Berry's birthday!

People were so nice and bought him cakes.

Sunday the 23rd
Went to see Jennifer in At The Table
It was so good!

Had ramen at Oiistar with her after.
The food was meh but it was nice to get to know her better!

Thursday the 27th
An especially goofy day!
MPT's infamous little self portrait. It was frowning at first but someone fixed it.
The view from the top of the cabinets

Transporting the gentle giants around.
*from Naima*
I'm an ant

*from Naima*
Okay but I actually took Connor alll the way across the room before this happened. He's too long!

*from Naima*

*from Connor*

*from Connor*

Went to see the show MPT directed at his theatre.

Saw a beloved face :3

The minimal and cool set for Pilgrims

Saturday the 29th
Met up with Becca and Mac before Priya's party. We have fun together XD

Becca wanted to shop a little so we stepped into the giant Akira and I played stylist.
Yaasss werkkk

A story of seduction

That couch was comfy so we just sat around talking and eating our candy for a bit lol. One of the things we talked about was this photo:
*from Naima*
During one of the Viewpoints sessions. The joke is that it's life or death for Alex but everyone else is goofing off ahaha!

Found a gem while walking in the alley.


Finds on the walk to Priya's
So cute!


We thought this apartment was so interesting with its neon light number so we shared an apple in front of it.
Honestly one of the best tasting apples I've ever had. It was perfectly cooling.

Mac is Bagdad

At Priya's lovely home

Amy always so cool and perched on something.

Becca takes the best selfies
"Oh nooo"

Connor loving that plant

It was another great day~ (*⌒∇⌒*)

August: Tuesday the 1st
Lunch at Circle
I'm still traumatized by this. I knew it was gonna be bad but I was so tired of Thai.

The egg pastry at Front Bar is so good. Adele and I love it.

Saturday the 5th
These people love their parties
Cool kids

I want to steal Becca's wardrobe.

The best bean dip ever ever ever. I didn't know I liked bean dip until this. And paired with cool ranch doritos?? Game over.

The most supportive woman ever! <3

I'm always leaving my phone laying around and I'm not mad about it.
LOL Mac was telling a bad joke or something and I just couldn't.

Cory and Jen have the cutest apartment.

Wednesday the 9th
Our final week! :( And also first day of the showcase.
Made sure to fuel up.
I would watch MPT eat this a lot and it always looked so good so I finally got it for myself.

Also got my first (giant) acai bowl. I like it! So refreshing~

Our first performance! We were split into group scenes for the showcase. So glad pictures were taken for Steppenwolf's faebook.

Blue Skies Process


The Pain and the Itch

The Qualms

There was also a scene from Mr. Burns but they couldn't really take any pictures because the set was  completely dark.
Good thing you can see them in the front of the curtain call picture!

Thursday the 10th
Last showcase performance!
It was also Dave's birthday!

Anna, Angelica, and Jay came to support!

We went to Hooters after cause I really wanted to see why Anna and Angelica like it so much.
I still don't get it.

Friday the 11th
Last day of school! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ We all knew it was coming but that didn't make it any less sad.
The top of my head is in there somewhere.

Our last journal entries...

No more feeling all cool with our door scanner ids...

We took the last couple hours hugging each and every person. There was a LOT of crying but even more love. The people who had to leave left, and a number of us went to the beach after.

Then they played volleyball. I just watched and soaked it all in. It was such a pretty day despite the clouds.
Yasss Morgan the beach babe

Tommy baptized Becca LOL

Adele joined later!
We stayed till it was completely dark. And the last remaining few said goodbyes for like the fifth time. We didn't want to leave.

Saturday the 12th
Mac suggested we get a final brunch at... Brunch lol. The few who could, did.
Ben and I won brunch. We split a savory and a sweet option and they were sooooooo freaking good! Probably the best brunch I've ever had.

Becca's brunch.

One of my plates. I know it doesn't look like anything special but I swear it changed my life. I usually never like skillets.

Ah I love all these people soooo much! ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ I'm missing Amy though because they had to catch a flight right after the last class was over. But I'm gonna get it soon now that they moved here! XD My chest actually physically ached when I started this post months ago because seeing all these pictures made me miss them so much. 
School At Steppenwolf is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was everything I needed and more! It looks like I didn't do anything but play, but I did learn sooo much! I only got the show I'm doing now because of this amazing program and the people in it! I finally feel like I have my own community in the Chicago theater world and it's filled with the most loving and inspiring humans ever. I've never felt so much genuine love and support for me and my art so strongly until that summer. I bloomed in a way I didn't think I ever could. Corny, I know but UGH. SO MANY FEELS. I'm so excited to see where all these amazing people go. \(*T▽T*)/

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