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I wasn't going to come on here until after it became 2018 because I was bummed about not finishing a third post before running out of 2017 (and I thought I was gonna go to sleep early for my opening shift tomorrow but I napped for like four hours again -_-). My goal for this month was one post a week but I'm gonna give myself a liiitle bit of credit for being on track the first two weeks even with SED and overnight shifts busting me up pretty bad. I also thought it would be way too late if I tried to do some reflecting whenever I get to the "December 2017" post. So here I am.

A lot of horrible shit happened this year all over the world. So I feel guilty and also very lucky to be able to say that this year was personally very good for me (even with the shitty few things that got me at the tail end lol). Possibly even the best. I finally found a community that I trust and love and am inspired by, and the friends who have been around continue to support me. I have grown in my work, mentality, and self. Because of that, I am excited for the new year for the first time. 

So I am going to work much harder! Especially in time management lol. I will catch up! I will also not go to my defense mechanism of coasting or doing the bare minimum for things I care about for fear of doing a bad job. And I will do better as a citizen of the U.S. and the world for human rights. And I will be a better daughter. I'll try at least. I am talking about me so...hahaha

If this year was not good for anyone else, I hope that everything gets better and works out in your favor. I wish nothing but the best for you. Happy new year!

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