Feeling young again

I missed my "deadline" for last month and now it's already the middle of November. I want to post twice this month to make up for it but... it's me we're talking about. I wonder if I'll ever catch up to the current month... ( •᷄⌓•᷅ )
Saturday the 2nd
Met up with Eva, her boyfriend, Kyle, Julia, and Kiran before work at Boba Burger/Classic Bowl.
It had been so long!
Lol Julia.

I had enough time to play a game as well.

Julia makes the best faces ahaha!

Came home to a big tray of Wingstop.
My mom saw that there were a lot of people inside and thought it would be good and bought a whole tray. (-﹏-。)

Monday the 4th
Work with Tracy is always nice!
We had a good lunch.

Dessert as well! (^▽^)

Tuesday the 5th
Had lunch with Jay at Joyee's.
The calamari is so yummy but I really think it's best eaten with the beef cubes and tomato rice.

Discovered the best filter:

I spent way more time than I'd like to admit on this app...but I was cracking myself up.

Yeah...Sorry for this...

And then I got my mom involved lol!
She was surprised at the tongue coming out ahaha!

How pretty does she look!? She liked this filter too XD

Friday the 8th
Headed downtown with Angelica for the Taste.
This picture makes me sad all over again.

Still regretting not also getting the pulled pork bun.

Ugh it was baaaad ಠ_ಠ

It was a hot day.

Ronnie: "What are you doing?"

Angelica made it seem like these are amazing but...they were just okay.

They're everywhere!! ε=ε=ε=┏(゚ロ゚;)┛

I love big events in the city because the surrounding view is so nice~ (⌒▽⌒)☆

Angelica and I really wanted ice treats. I told Angelica to get the watermelon Italian ice but she didn't listen.
It looks like a plain snowball lol

She redeemed herself by also getting a watermelon paleta with me, and then later gave me the rest of hers heh heh! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
I had been wanting this all day and it was sooo worth it. It was so damn good oh my goodness. So perfect and cooling!

It was time to go and we accidentally took the scenic route back to our cars.
Did not know about this area where people like to cool their feet off.
How nice!

Hadn't really walked the grounds of this park in years so it was nice to see new (to me) developments.

Angelica and I relocated to Georgeanne's where I proceeded to play photographer lol.
Look at Angelica looking all cute.

This picture is the beginning of my series: "Tumblr Girls" LOL

George's turn.

Yup. Anutha one.

George was doggysitting probably the best dog I've ever met.
She is seriously the sweetest!!

Walk to Trader Joe's.
It was so much cooler so it was super nice.

Three black and white dogs in the parking lot!

George's neighborhood is famous for the houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright(?).
Here are two. They are seriously amazing. My picture doesn't do anything for them.

Just admiring Belle while Angelica fixes George's printer.
She even has heterochromia!

Tried Culver's for the first time.
It was aight.

But company makes the meal, right?

My "follow me" shot LOOL.
Would it be any other way? I still die every time I see this ahahaha!

Anna, Ronnie, Ednee, and Caissa came over to drink.
George knocked out as usual lol.

Omg these babies. So cute!! o(≧∇≦o)

This one as well. ;-)
She jumped over the top of the couch to lay down on top of us ahaha! <3

Ended the night with Sarpino's thanks to Ronnie!

Monday the 11th
I found a solution to the IPhone front camera!
I was just using the Snow app for the fun filters but I realized the camera is automatically in beauty mode as well!

And here is a random beauty product review for anyone who is interested lol:
Memebox's I'm Lip Tint #BR664 Boston Beige
I saw the pictures and immediately thought "Oh hell yes." but....
Where? Where is the color in the above pictures? ಠ_ಠ
I find the actual color pretty, but I was really looking forward to the color in the pictures. I find that the pictures on the site have not been accurate for the few items I've tried. I tried concealing my lips first as well but it just didn't work. It also smells/tastes really chemically so I eventually threw it out after a few uses.

Wednesday the 13th
Shoot before work.
Homemade burgers for lunch!

Cool skies on the way back.

Anna and I stopped by both McDonald's and Burger King for lunch lol.
I wanted to finally try the mac and cheese stuffed cheeto. It was interesting.

Sunday the 17th
Headed to Pilsen to meet up with George and her friends so we could all go to Pitchfork together.
I was walking around to catch some different types of Pokemon while waiting and came across this awesome gate door(??).

Had a seriously awesome lunch at Carnitas Uruapan.
If you like pork, this place is a must! My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

Kikin, Adon, Keanna, and ....I feel like his name was George? We talked to him a little before he walked off on his own.

Cool girls.
I call George mom cause...just look at her!

Another for my Tumblr Girls collection LOL.

Got to see Neon Indian's full set (unlike Lolla 2012)!

Was real happy to hear Sure Thing and Adorn live.

I love summer cause the sky is pretty everyday.

Spotted an interesting sign while waiting for the INCREDIBLE F.K.A Twigs.

I was getting restless cause it wasn't long until she was starting, so Keanna and I left the rest of the group to get closer. We kept inching closer whenever we could.
UGH!!!!!! She is seriously so AMAZING!!!! Compared to when I saw her two years ago, the scale of production grew a hundred fold! I'm so glad I got to see both performances. I got super emotional watching and I felt super happy for the next couple days. Bless the goddess that is FKA Twigs!! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

Went back to Adon's after it was all over.
Where we parked looked cool.

This is definitely one of my favorite stories ever. It was a splendid day. I really had so much fun and felt like I was in my early 20's again HA!

Tuesday the 19th
I don't know why I've started snapping myself so diligently...
Anna had cupcakes so I had one for breakfast!

Not what I wanna come home to after work.

Wednesday the 20th
Went to Starbucks to meet for a consultation and tried something new.
Regretted it immediately.

Thursday the 21st
Reunited with April and had dinner at  Kizuki
Really cute place.
I hadn't seen her since February!

The food was alright.

Tried Jeni's Ice Cream for the first time.
I only got the purple flavor (I forget what) because it was purple without tasting it first and regretted it. The other one was good though.

It was so nice to catch up! I really missed hanging out with her.

Saturday the 23rd
Heading back home from class? Can't even remember.
Love that the sky is still pretty while raining.

So...I have Eustace Bagge on my ceiling.

Sunday the 24th
Anna brought the spaghetti her mom made for lunch and shared with me! What an angel <3

Tuesday the 26th
Tried different pizzas from Sarpino's for once.
Love their bogo deal.

Anna's TBK(?)

Thursday the 28th
Putting story up first cause things make sense this way.
I finally got to see Major Lazer with Anna, Angelica, Charnae, Julianne, and Maeve! It was sooo much fun!!!

Waited at Angelica's for people to finish whatever they had to do.
Toby was so excited for Angelica's dad to come home.

Slumberjack were the first openers.

Towkio was the second opener.

AHH!! Finally!!! May-jah-lay-za!!
They were SO GOOD!! And their dancers are seriously amazing!!
Sooooo much fun!!!
This night marked the beginning of us going out together regularly. I am so happy this happened.

Another one of Angelica looking cool. Look at the booty tooch!
I'm salty that I didn't catch a towel. I was in the front too!

Friday&Saturday the 29th/30th
I got really sick. I was already a little sick when I went to the concert, but after that night, it got bad.
Mom made ox tail soup which felt very appropriate for my condition.

I haven't had a fever since I was a kid and I associate being sick with pain so I thought it was okay to go about like always. I was wrong lol.
This one is really long cause I combined two days. I dunno why I felt so inclined to keep recording myself. I'm...gonna blame it on the fever...^^;;

The whole mumbling thing was about the pizza I had packed for lunch being thrown out lol.
So after the being locked out ordeal, my mom let me in and went back to the sauna. I ended up not going to work cause my body completely gave up on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I cried for a while and then finally decided to take a night off of work.

Sunday the 31st
I slept more than 4-5 hours for the first time in a while and felt sooo much better!!! I learned my lesson.
I was so swollen lol.

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