May 2016

Sunday the 1st
It was David's birthday so he invited me to his celebration at Agit.
Birthday boy singing.

The spicy jokbal rice balls sounded like they were gonna be good and one of the girls also said it was really good but it turned out to be very underwhelming... The jjam bbong was really good though!
That was probably the last time I'll ever hang out with that group...lol.

Monday the 2nd
Look for the day.
Thank you Facetune blur tool.

Discovered this snapchat filter and became obsessed cause it gave me facial structure haha....(; v ;)

Finally tried Jay's beloved Nancy's.
Their sauce is really nice and tomato-ey!

There was a musical improv show right after class so a few of my classmates and I watched.
I think these were fried macaroni bites or something? And maple syrup soda. I would have liked it if it had tons more sugar in it...eheheheh...

Aren't these sheet mask packages super cute?!

I didn't realize that half of them are "premium" lace ones and the other half are regular.
I like ones with ear hooks cause you can move around without it sliding off. But omg the regular ones are cut out so shit-ly it's hilarious:
I decided to use all the regular ones first. They're all completely different and not a single one fits! Also, it's super cheap so you end up with some fibers dried to your face!

Tuesday the 3rd
A new wrap appeared at the work cafe. It's ok.

Anna brought her dog Rocco to visit!
He's the most handsome shi tzu I've ever seen!

Thursday the 5th
Yup. Jay and I got tacos for lunch on Cinco de Mayo.
I tried a duck one and it was ok. They were pretty pricey.

Sunday the 8th
Anna made me crave Buffalo Wild Wings and I was waiting for the cheap wing day but I missed it so I just went ahead and got them overpriced with Tracy.
 I always regret BWW when I open the boxes but on the bright side, I got a free drink cause someone forgot it in the vending machine!

Wendy's brought back their ghost pepper fries and they also came out with a ghost pepper chicken sandwich.
So of course, being me, I got both.

Monday the 9th
Came home to bogo Hmart sushi after class yay~

Thursday the 12th
Angelica and Ronnie introduced me to Joy Yee's best entrees: Cubed beef w/ tomato rice and spicy calamari. 
I had been craving them for weeks so I finally gave in and ordered delivery. So expense but still mmm~~

Saturday the 14th
Went to Summer's baby shower!!! How crazy!
How cute/funny are these pacifier balloons? XD

The queen's throne for the day.

My first plate. Love fruit kebabs TwT

Omg these super tiny baby things! They were smaller than the small candies!

The happy parents.

Oh gosh I got really emotional seeing her! Sommer is the sweetest person and she's going to be such a wonderful mother! Well, is such a good mother cause Skylar has already been here since its like three months later lol.

Monday the 16th
I know, the mirror is horribly dirty but I just love this turtleneck so...

I saw this makeup tutorial on Youtube and really liked it so I bought basically ALL the products and tried to recreate it. 
Definitely one of my better attempts lol.
Then I went to class.

Thursday the 19th
Tried the new buffalo chicken salad at work. I really like the chipotle aioli but its too thick and saucy so the salad ended up being...dry?

Headed down to the Julius Meinl in Lakeview to have lunch with Ms. Weber!!!
How cute! They have their own biscuits.

Yummy food and lovely company! Love her so much!

Always sad to part with Ms. Weber but alas, I did, and headed to IO to catch a show. On the way there I passed:
Had no idea there was a car junk yard around! So cool! Never seen something like that in person. ⸜(ّᶿധّᶿ)⸝ Too bad it doesn't look as cool in the picture.

Friday the 20th
Went to the courts of Wheaton with Sandy and Akira because they...OFFICIALLY GOT MARRIED!!!! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

Why so sad with certificate in hand you ask?

Cause chicken scratch!:
Weeee! - ton.
Yeah, I would be upset too.

The super quick ceremony.
I swear it was only like three minutes long. I was struggling to get all the pictures in time so my tear dried up right away. ヾ(゚д゚)ノ゙ I think I saw it happen to Sandy too lol.

U hweh heh sooo kyuuute~~~ (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Mr. and Mrs. Shimizu!

And then it was over. 
Accidentally took this while walking to where I wanted the couple to stand for pictures. It looked kinda nice so I kept it lol.

It suddenly became cloudy and super windy...

So Sandy told Akira to hold her hair and so this was the result:
It just looks like he's pulling it really hard ahaha
Ah~ love~ ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

Made a stop at home to change.
Met Akira's family's dog for the first time! His name is Gohan and he's such a sweetie!

Finally tried the Japanese restaurant Sandy and Akira always go to.
It's super cute inside! It's also been there for many years too.

Mmm~ gyoza.

The ramen lunch special. It was good.

Went to Mitsuwa for cake while waiting for Eva to finish her work.

Then we went to Level 257 to eat more lol.
It's Pac Man themed!

You can watch people play on the wall sized screen.

I think my phone died so I used Sandy's phone for the food pictures. Thank's Sandy~ They look nice.
Ordered a cocktail for the occasion.

My favorite were the chicken sliders. The pizza was good too.

I was full at that point but they ordered more lol.

I did want dessert though.
It was so rich that even though there were four of us, we had to work to finish it.

The last time seeing Sandy... ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Sunday the 22nd
The restaurant was doing a special crab cake sandwich for the week and I LOVE crab cake so I had to get it. It was so good...I hate how good the food is at work cause it's too damn expensive and the portions are small. ╰(⊹◕۝◕ )╯

Noticed the moon was really big on the way home.

Monday the 23rd
Popcorn socks.

Something made me sad so I started crying but then both my tears got stuck in the same place so I thought it was funny.
They wouldn't fall! LOL

Tuesday the 24th
The restaurant took out everyone's favorite chicken mozzarella ciabatta sandwich with this prosciutto one and to be honest I'm glad cause I'm in love with it.
I think about this sandwich a lot...

Headed to Indiana right after for a web series. I didn't realize it was shooting in Indiana until right before...
Tank just hanging around.

Their water thing is pink but you can't really see.
Also I took this while the light was red so no worries!

Wednesday the 25th
Went to a callback and ran into Raven!!!
Haven't seen this girl in YEARS.

And then I rushed off to work.
Tried the salmon ceasar salad I had been curious about and was disappointed. What a waste of money. Look how tiny it is! But the cheese chip thing...I likey.

Thursday the 26th
Grabbed the Five Guys burger I had been craving and then headed to K's place.

Our routine every time is SP Kebab and then 7 Eleven ahaha.
Met Erynn that day, I think it was also the first time I met K's boyfriend.

Ate dessert while waiting. I had just eaten but I still had to get a wrap for later. It's just that good.

Don't ever leave me...(๑♡⌓♡๑)

Tuesday the 31st
This part of the store looked nice on my way to my car.

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