Food fails and Sandy

Tuesday the 1st
 These pajamas from the rack are so darn soft. The design isn't something I'd usually go for but...so soft...

Finally opened and tried two (of five >_>) YSL lipsticks I bought years ago. Oh and the tint in oil. I don't think the lipsticks are THAT good but the packaging!!! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Wednesday the 2nd
 Tried one of the seasonal items on the Cafe menu. It was sooo bad! Such a waste of $15. >[

Friday the 4th
Sandy came over!
 She's suddenly gotten into makeup SUPER hard lol and had me do her makeup. It was my first time ever doing someone else's makeup. I was so nervous.

We had Sarpino's and I committed the biggest sin. I FORGOT TO GET CREAMY GARLIC DIPPING SAUCE!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻ 
It was very sad. You can't order Sarpino's and not get the creamy garlic sauce. But their chocolate cake was good... But the sauce..... (´;︵;`)

We just hung out at home and I made us watch Steven Universe and Conan videos on Youtube.
Grabbed bubble tea before Sandy's long drive home but omg hers tasted muddy and mine tasted like...barf. Never, NEVER get strawberry milk tea. I just thought it might be good...but I was so wrong.

The face swap filter finally appeared on mine hahaha. 

Saturday the 5th
Finally tried the salmon nicoise salad. I wanted to try it so bad after seeing a coworker have it.
 Lots of protein but I wish the salmon was more seasoned. It was decent but too expense.

Monday the 7th
Had a callback for a Payless commercial which I have no idea why because I have the ugliest feet and hands LOL. They were held at the studio I went to for a fitting a year ago and they had a spread!

It was obvious I wasn't gonna book it so I thought I should at least get myself to a plate out of it ahahaha!

 I like work finishing early cause then I can lay around for awhile.
I think everyone likes this filter cause it makes their skin look really good. Myself included.

Napped a bit before heading out again for class.

 Tuesday the 8th
Visited K and did the usual lol.
 We tried SP Kebap for the first time and it was goood! The pita wrap is so huge, it took me forever to finish.

Thursday the 10th
 Tina ordered me a pizza all the way from Utah cause I've been having a really hard time. She's so sweet! I would have been fine with just the pie but she even got colas and a salad!! I was sooooo touched. Someone ordering you a pizza from many states away is one of the best feelings EVER!! (≧∇≦*)

Saturday the 12th
Date with ddarling!
 Finally wore my Doc Marten Floras. My mom got them for me almost a year ago...

Lunch at Mitsuwa.
 We finally tried the pork bowl stand and were very disappointed. Sandy's was uber salty and despite mine being "spicy", it was very greasy. Thank goodness I had the miso. We suffered through it. But that mango cream soda was good!

Went to Woodfield after. I felt like we were in school again. We hadn't gone to the mall together in sooo long!
 Doesn't Sandy look so good?! I love this dress on her!

After walking around for a couple hours, we relaxed at Coffee Haus.
She got a green tea latte with an espresso shot (eww lol) and I got a regular one.

Ahaha Sandy looks so kwute.

And then it was my turn to take a long drive home.
Wondering whether I should switch my part cause I only get the volume this way.

Monday the 14th
Went to Cho Sun Ok for the first time in awhile with dad before class.

Tuesday the 15th
Anna, Jay, Angelica, JP, and I all went to lunch at Burrito House. I got shit for only getting nachos but I had eaten like an hour prior!

Then I went to go vote for the first time in my life!
I went for the sole purpose of voting for Grampa Bernie and so I sat for awhile, looking up all the candidates on my phone.

Thursday the 17th
Finally went back to Boba Burger with Angelica, Anna, and Jay to try the pork belly burger this time. It was also good but I think I may like the Seoul burger better cause of the kimchi and egg. Now if I could get the pork belly in that one too? OOOOHH~~~

Friday the 18th
Angelica brought her puppy to work!
Toby's such a cutie! (ᗒᗊᗕ)

Such a good looking pup!

Um. I don't know why I took this but...since I have it, here it is. (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)

Monday the 21st
And...another one...
 Got ready for an audition and then lunch with Sandy after.

We were originally supposed to eat at Ramen House Shin Chan but they were closed! [○・`Д´・○]
 So we went to Misoya instead.

If takoyaki is on the menu, I'm gonna get it. Every time.


 Mine. It was meh. And a little salty. Like everyone has told me. At least I tried it?

Went to La Michoacana for dessert.
 I wanted to get one of each but they would never survive the ride home. ;[

Ferrero Rocher and fruit(? lol) paletas. Mine is a must for dark chocolate lovers.

Tuesday the 22nd
Lunch at Hoanh Long with dad.
God, I love Vietnamese pork chops.

Friday the 25th
Just work.

Manager bought us all drinks!
I tried the tropical pomegranate smoothie with a booster shot for an extra 65 cents cause I was curious and its best to take chances when you aren't paying. It was gross.

Got my lip tints in the mail! So cute.

Monday the 28th
Class day.
But first, blurry bul go gi.

So... I made a mukbang...and failed...miserably.

Wednesday the 30th
Had Dunkin for lunch.
Super happy with the amount of cream cheese the girl put on my bagel. I had been having a really annoying morning so I needed it.

Loving that Dunkin keeps coming out with new flavors. I got the strawberry shortcake croissant donut this time. I like the fudge one better.
Also loving Conan. I've been obsessed this month and watching every video on his Youtube. He's the funniest person!

More Snapchat! Gimme more filters!

Got home from work and then got ready to watch a show.
Saw Interrobang's production of Recent Tragic Events. It was very good. I really liked it. All four actors were great, especially the ladies! 
The free parking due to broken pay machine was also very nice. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

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