November: Friday the 20th
Chicago's first snow.
 Too soon man...too soon....

Monday the 23rd
Turtle came to visit! I kept forgetting to take pictures all week.
We went to Assi to get $60 in snacks (again) and dinner.
 The Chinese actually isn't too bad.

Saturday the 28th
 I got the entree sized mac and cheese. Mm~~

Sunday the 29th?
Was super hungry and craving tacos after work so I had us go to Los Comales.
 Note to self: skip the sour cream.

December: Friday the 4th
It was mom's birthday the day before so I took her to try Angry Crab for dinner!
*stolen from mommy*

*stolen from mommy*
We ordered 7lbs for the two of us... We also got cajun garlic fries and calamari.

Look at how cute she is all excited! XD

My mom bought jeans without knowing Minions were on it LOL.

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