All caught up!

It's taken me months but I've finally caught up to blogging about current times! Hurrah!
But this probably won't last for long cause I don't do anything but work and stay at home. I'll probably only be able to blog once a month due to lack of substance.

Tuesday the 3rd
I tried ordering delivery from a new place, and my mom really liked it so she had been constantly asking me to order from them again.
 So I did. But it wasn't as good as the first time. It never is! 

Wednesday the 4th
 Finally wore them out!

Also had lunch break with coworkers for the first time at Potbelly's.
 I had been wanting to try the mac and cheese after seeing a coworker eat it so I got it. I also got the salad cause of another coworkers recommendation. The mac and cheese was awesome but wow that salad was the most meh salad I've ever had. -_-

Bonding with Anna and Angelica!

Thursday the 5th 
Another lunch outing with coworkers at Blaze Pizza.
This time with:
 Anna looking happy with her pizza!

Julianne looking cautious with her pizza!

 And Ronnie looking timid with his pizza!

My pizza.
 It was my first time there. I was overwhelmed by the choices so I just went with one of the ones on the menu. It was okay.

Friday the 6th
 Quickly got ready for my last lunch with Yuvin before he moves to New York! D:

I wanted to try Libertad but they opened at 5pm so we just went to Kabul House instead.
Our bread and soup. I totally forgot to take a picture of all our other dishes cause I was talking so much! T____T

Then he dropped me off at work. 
 Couldn't let him go before taking these. Literally.
Lulz such unflattering angles!

Wednesday the 11th
I usually never go out to get food during my lunch break (I only went the last couple times cause the others invited me) but I really wanted Potbelly's again. It would rain that day. -_-
I almost lost my mac and cheese! I would have been so mad.

Mom bought macaroons because they're cute. 

Friday the 13th
 How you doin?

 Noticed the clouds looked nice on my way to work.

Tried another item on the cafe menu that was recommended. It was edible but I felt like it was missing something.

Saturday the 14th
Picked up Eva and then headed to Mitsuwa to meet with Sandy for her belated birthday lunch!

I wanna try the new place but I always end up getting ramen.

Got her matching earrings! 

After eating and talking and buying snacks together, we ended up just parting cause there was nothing to do around there and it was inconvenient for all of us to go to any of our houses. So short and sad! D;
 I didn't go crazy for once. I enjoyed the ones on the left way more than I thought I would. The ones on the right were ok.

Monday the 16th
More pretty skies after getting out of work.
 So pink!

I was planning on getting things done so I got ready but...I ended up not.
 But I recorded my hard work so it's all good lulz.

Tuesday the 17th
Put some extra effort into getting ready cause I was going to meet K and she always looks so fab.
 I ended up taking off the bottom lashes cause they were annoying me.

The fanciest of dinners at McDonald's.
 Unfortunately, K was sick so we didn't hang out for too long.

Wednesday the 18th
 Whipped up a little something for the first time in a while cause I had no leftovers and I didn't want to go out and get something.

Another upside to working at night is that I'm at home all day so I don't miss packages!
My purchases from the Sephora vib sale. I've been working all year to become vib rouge and...it was not easy. I was running out of things I needed so I was just buying things I didn't need to get to rouge. ~_~ Never doing this again. I'll just stick with regular vib.

Went to work later and came out to another pretty sky. Yay!

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