It had been raining a whole lot and there was even a big storm that did some damage.
My roof was leaking from five different places. It was not fun -_-

But the sky stayed pretty.

Wednesday the 5th
Went to Glenview.
They had a Forever Yogurt there so I had to indulge but they were meh.

Thursday the 6th
I was really craving crepes and yelped up a chocolatier called Leonida's.
So cute!
I forgot to take a picture of the crepe...but it was good. The whip cream was really fresh and they made the best Arnold Palmer I've ever had.

Went to Gillson Park.

Went looking for a bathroom and found a much better view of the Baha'i House of Worship instead.

 Monday the 10th
Ordered pizza for dinner after work.

Wednesday the 12th
Finally wore this shirt I bought in London with Leanne a year ago.

Friday the 14th
Sandy moved an hour and a half closer so we finally reunited!!
Eeeee!!! <3

Picked her up and we went to the Naperville H Mart for food and catching up.
The dduk bok gi was surprisingly decent but the jja jang myun... omg...the worst we've ever had. Even worse than the one at Twin Dragon all those years ago! Never thought I'd taste fishy jja jang myun. Filled ourselves with dduk bok gi and chatter instead.

Always on the search for a good canned milk tea...
...Still searching. Good aesthetic, bad taste.

Saturday the 15th
Pretty view but the pond is so dirty..

Visited Sushi O Sushi.
Special requested Chris' palm tree art (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

Monday the 17th
Quick dinner at Fahlstrom's Fresh Seafood Market down the street before seeing Scarlet's show.
Pretty good shrimp tacos but the sweet potato salad was weird.

Wednesday the 19th
Headed to the National Museum of Mexican Art.
I think the exhibition is still up so you can check it out yourself.
Or see more cool stuff at http://www.rodrigolara.com.mx/

Took what I could of an outfit picture after getting home.

Thursday the 20th
Being a copy cat.

Friday the 21st
Got up and ready for...

Eva's birthday celebration!
Bowled a couple games and then had cake. Eventually settled on Sushi Station for dinner because Eva doesn't make decisions. (We only went bowling because Sandy chose it lulz.) I rushed off after eating for 15 minutes to pick up Turtle and take him to his last kendo practice.

Tuesday the 25th
Saw ahjushi for the first time in awhile and went to Gogi Nara again.

Went to Java and Mug for dessert.
Strayed from my usual green tea latte cause they added a Thai tea latte to their menu. Still regret it.

Wednesday the 26th
Went to dinner with mom.
Now that's what the pho I'm talkin about.

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