I was really feeling my eyebrows and nails that night.

This was my December:
Thursday the 4th
Rushed to Game Stop before going to Royal Buffet with James for my early Christmas present from my dad.
I still haven't finished it. I'm not as obsessed as I was with Pokemon X. I think it's cause it hasn't been that long since I finished that one.

James took me to Royal to cheer me up.
Forgot to take pictures of the rest of what I got.

Saturday the 6th
Took dinner home from work.
 Yum~~ I really like the soft shell crab roll. So much avocado and stuff!

Tuesday the 9th
Hoanh Long with mom cause she felt like it.
Papaya salad with beef. The beef was so yummy! I love the marinate.

We never had their fried rice. Really glad that we finally did cause it's really good!

I tried a new noodle dish. Regretted it. (︶︹︺)

Tuesday the 16th
Date with Yuvin!
Hat strategically placed to cover pimple.

We both tried Umami Burger for the first time.
 Potatoes with their really good garlic aoli.

"Look happy with your burger!"

After food, I continued to follow Yuvin around town looking for Christmas presents for his family.
 Waiting for his sister's gifts to get wrapped. They were wrapped really nicely!
 Crammed with such interesting stuff.

Tuesday the 23rd
Was on my way to get a haircut when I saw:
 Didn't know the swift also partook in the holiday train! Struggled so hard to take a horrible picture.

My hair has been coming out in chunks so I sadly got five inches cut off.
 It's very blunt and kinda weird looking, but at least it's helped the fallout a little bit?

Wednesday the 24th
Spent Christmas Eve at work.
 Manager gave me a treat her daughter made.
Hahaha its face changes every time you take a bite.

Sunday the 28th
Woke up the earliest since finishing school for dim yum at Phoenix! (See what I did there?)
Beautiful fresh egg tart. ...And hair strand that I never noticed until Tina pointed it out.. -_-

 Round...I don't even know.

Missing Susan cause she had to go to a meeting.
 Hadn't seen Andrea in like.. YEARS!

Joy Yee's.

Stopped by home real quick before heading to work after.
Really wasn't feeling like it.

Mm~~ Home sweet home.

Monday the 29th
Reunited with Kyle again for a very chill and funny time!
 The tacos I grub hubbed.

I think my hand looks nice here.
I work till 12 AM tomorrow so bye bye until next year!

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