Food, selcas, and skies

Moved onto 2006 kdramas and was surprisingly very pleased with the two I finished.
Wonderful Life
I'm surprised I never watched this drama cause I had the biggest crush on Kim JaeWon since 2002. I think it was because I didn't like Eugene back then. But she's really good in this. I think I cried about one thing or another every episode. Totally wasn't expecting that. Very heartwarming, family focused "romcom." I really liked Lee JiHoon in this and the little girl who plays Eugene and KJW's daughter is the prettiest little baby I've ever seen.

Over the Rainbow
This one surprised me even more. I never watched it because I didn't like the main cast and I thought it would be super cheesy (some parts about becoming an idol were but hey, it was 2006) but it was really engaging and well paced, especially so for a kdrama. Good performances from the whole cast. Seo JiHye is so endearing. Was surprised again by how good HwanHee was, cause I honestly expected him to not be very good. But man, in the scene when he asks SJH to be with him, I started getting warm! 

Sunday the 12th
First day of training for a different job because the restaurant I was at prior sucked. The owner was taking advantage of the workers and didn't even pay minimum wage. Go to Chicago Oyster House  for the clam chowder, not to work.
So now I work at a sushi restaurant again.
They feed me very well. TwT 
The two rolls in the middle are my fave~

Had steamed dumplings like two hours after. I was stuffed. 

Monday the 13th
Happy cause I finally got an actual audition for the first time in three months. It was also my first union audition. Of course, I didn't get it, but it was nice to be in a casting office again. I felt butterflies like I was on a first date. Until it was my turn and I started shitting bricks.

 I love foggy days.

Wednesday the 15th
Training again.

Thursday the 16th
More training.
I finished all of it.

The neighborhood the restaurant is in is so beautiful!
I really enjoy the walk to and from the train station.

Saturday the 18th
Filmed for that project near Lakeview so I had to make a stop at Aloha Eats and Molly's.

Sunday the 19th
Went to the city for a table read and then stopped by the new Forever21 on State St. (which is really nice) to get some black shirts for work. I also got:
I'd never pay full price for red converse so I got the Mickey Mouse ones on sale for $6.99!

Tried Bonefish Grill's food for the first time after I got home.
 The garlic mashed potatoes were the best. I could eat those everyday.

Tuesday the 21st
 Met with Kyle for the first time since like April. We had chicken at Water Tower Place.
 It was a little bland.

Michael joined us too. Jasmine came later.
 Kyle gets prettier every time I see her.

They were having a Dr. Seuss gallery in the mall so Kyle and I took a peek after Michael and Jasmine left. 
Very cool stuff.

I even found my portrait.
*stolen from Kyle*
 Fun facts: The Grinch was modeled after me. I'm actually over 57 years old.

After some eye shopping, we went back to Kyle's and watched Love & Hip Hop Hollywood with Jasmine.

Wednesday the 22nd
 The biggest omurice I've ever seen.

Thursday the 23rd
Went down to Tinley Park to the biggest house I've ever been in for some more filming. 
 Sunsets in Tinley look like paintings. So beautiful!

Whilst waiting for the train home.

Friday the 24th
Got my Sephora package in the mail!
I only really needed the mascara and the primer but....who wants to pay for shipping.

In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Finally had lunch with Sara after many months of not cause she's so busy.
 Caught up over Corner Bakery.

She's so funny! I miss working with her.

Went to work after. Fridays and Saturdays are when the restaurant gets busy with sake bomb parties , so the servers go for drinks after at the bar across the street. We were hungry so we relocated to Yeowoosai after a couple.
My Jazzy Asian. Very fruity and can't taste the alchohol. My kind of drink.

Fire chicken.
 Nothing compared to Dancen's.

 Jason, Chris, and my very tipsy self.

Cheese kimchi fried rice.

Saturday the 25th
Worked again, got drinks again, and saw that James, David, and Dennis had invited me to their get together with friends at Dmz, so I headed over. 
Jame's very drunk ass wanted more food so we went to Omega.
 This couch was so soft and comfy. It was like sitting on a marshmallow. And there's Richard in the corner who I met that night.

Strangely didn't have much of an appetite that day so I just got a hot chocolate. Pretty good but nothing beats 7Eleven's hot chocolate.  

Sunday the 26th
Gave the car back to my dad a day early in exchange for a ride to the loop cause I didn't feel like driving or taking the train just to record for the project.