I did stuff

This month has been pretty eventful compared to my usual boring life.
Tuesday the 8th
I had been craving all the classic Americana foods that week so I finally got myself a hot dog before rehearsal.
I wasn't gonna have enough time to make it to the place I wanted to so I made a rare stop to Burnham Mart. I forgot how much I love hot dogs.

Thursday the 10th
The last picture I'd ever take on my old phone.

Friday the 11th
After getting my new phone, my mom and I tried the newly opened buffet.

The lobster that people would line up for.
 If you are ever with someone who suggests you go to Flaming Grill Supreme Buffet, run. Fast. Everything was either too salty or bland. 

Saturday the 12th
Had tech rehearsal.
*stolen from Ian's facebook*
Scott and I did a scene from 4000 Miles.

Went to Artist's Cafe for the first time in forever with Summer for our lunch break.
The buffalo chicken sandwich was pretty yummy.

The weather felt like summer so we also got gelato.
 The actual gelato was sooo good. Better than the cookie dough bits!

Tech ended extremely early so most of the cast went over to Wabash Tap.

 Sunday the 13th
Summer and I headed to Cooper's after work for a cast gathering that Megan organized.
 Summer's key lime pie martini and my cream soda martini.

We were hungry so we split a couple appetizers.
 Disco fries with pulled pork. Mmm....

Confit duck mac & cheese. MMMM.......

 Matt's pulled pork pizza. Also very yum. Must go back!

 Megan had reserved the whole heated patio aside for the gathering and in the end, only four of us showed up. It was still nice though; I got to know Matt and Tori a little bit.

A very cool place with LOTS of beers.

 Hahaha Tori and Matt.

 And flying pig.

Monday the 14th
 It became winter again.

Tuesday the 15th
Senior showcase day!
 Had to look presentable for the meet and greet in between performances.

 Musical theatre majors on the left and acting majors on the right.

The only time my face will ever be in a program.

The school got really good catering for the meet and greet.
 I got three plates.
 Schmoozing is not in my set of skills so I'd just grab food and go back to the dressing room.

The very talented cast.
 A couple are already about to sign with agencies after being seen in the showcase! Only the best wishes for everyone!

Thursday the 17th
Continuing my unhealthy food binge with Portillo's.
 A cool thing about my new phone is that you can take pictures through the cover so that they are the perfectly framed and sized for instagram without having to crop. This has just led to me having a folder of pictures I forget to instagram.

Friday the 18th
I was supposed to be heading to Champaign with Eva to visit Sandy, but I got invited to audition for a show at the Goodman so I went to the Actor's Equity building instead.
I was freaking out because I only had a day and a half to prepare.
I treated myself to a fancy lunch at a restaurant across the street after.
 Kimchi pork soup. I was expecting something like kimchi stew but it was more like soy paste stew. It was good.

 Rice noodle salad.

 Matcha creme puff.

I didn't get the part, but it was awesome to be asked to audition! One day!

Saturday the 19th
Dinner with mom at Midori.
 A cute place.
Mom's chirashi sushi. 
I forgot to take a picture of her udon.

 My sweet potato roll. I still ask myself why.

My Roberto roll. Wayyyyy tooooo salty.
I would also avoid this place.

Headed over to Lisa's place after so we could head to the senior showcase cast party together.
Yay to finally seeing Hannah outside of school again!

I was not okay to drive back home so I stayed the night at Lisa's.
 Instagramming with a knife in one hand and a block of cheese in the other. Boss.

Tuesday the 22nd
 The cover makes taking these kinds of pictures a little strange.

A trip to H Mart always ends with Yeo's in my fridge.
 Don't get the milk tea. I was really excited when I first saw it and had such high hopes. D;

Thursday the 24th
Met up with Hochul after class for the first time since my hair was pink. 
He's got a fantastic view from his dining table.

We had dinner with his friends at Gogi Nara.
Sam gyup sal this time.

Dessert at Java and Mug after.

Bowling after!
 I played the best game of my life! 125! Yay~

Friday the 25th
Rushed home after work to get ready and head out again.
 Not what I originally wanted to wear but they were clean.

Drove to the Default Gallery to watch Lisa perform a new play written by a fellow student.
 A very cool place. 
I forgot that gallery = formal so I felt very under dressed.

 There were artwork and performance going on in different sections of the studio.
I love the drawing(?) of the horned guy. Such precise strokes!

 Lovely Lisa

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