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It's already the last day of February and all I have is this one measly post. 
This month has been terrible for me. I haven't had this many white hairs since I was 12 when my parents divorced. I've been so stressed and anxious that the back of my neck physically hurts. So all I've been doing is trudging to school and watching depressing documentaries on Vice's Youtube channel. I'm become seriously addicted and have spent every free moment just watching them since the last week of January. I started from their first video and now I'm almost totally caught up! They have 1000+ videos.
January: Thursday the 30th
The strangest thing happened. My mom wanted to go to the newly opened XSport in the neighborhood to take advantage of one of their new year promotions. I went with her to help her register and...
I got a membership too. Wat??? I'm even paying for a personal trainer. HUH???!!! Never in my life did I think that would ever happen. I've only worked out twice though...OTL

February: Sunday the 2nd
Lunch with mom. 
 I only got a seafood pancake cause we were supposed to go to Ginza later that night. We ended up not going cause she didn't feel well.

Monday the 3rd
Finally finished my old old old bottle of Daisy! 
 About time! I made sure I used every single drop since it's my favorite perfume. I finally started using Chance that I bought over a year ago....

Went to Ginza with mom and Kyle.
 The one plate I didn't forget to take a picture of.

Tuesday the 4th
Selca before napping

Waiting for Kyle at Starbucks.
 Finally used my gift card. Their drinks are whatever but their maple pecan things are yummy!

Thursday the 6th
Wore a short dress despite the cold because we were having mock interviews in Professional Survival class.
 I can't have a good interview for my life. I don't know how to talk about myself professionally cause I haven't done anything and I don't have any skills! T_T

Mom brought tacos she made at work.
They look underwhelming but they were quite good. 

 Friday the 7th
Mom was hungry after her endoscopy so we had lunch at IHOP.
 Mom's soup.

Mom's eggs and chicken crepe.

 I forgot what kind of french toast this was but it was yuuummy! Kudos to IHOP for stepping up their game.

Saturday the 8th
Went to school at 9AM for senior showcase photoshoot. I was told that we would probably end around 2PM which was perfect cause I had work at 6. We finished at 10:45.

Went to Big Bowl for the first time and tried to have a long lunch.
 I need to remember that I don't like hibiscus tea. It's too sour and bitter at the same time. But it sounds so delicious!

I always forget to ask for no cilantro.
I don't remember what it was called but it was decent.

Orange caramel cheesecake. 

I went to work and it wasn't even 12PM yet. So I napped in a chair until my shift started....only to end super early at around 8:30. I was so annoyed the entire day. 

Tuesday the 11th
 I love this sweater because it's so soft. And I love this beanie from Top Shop that every one has cause the powder pink color is so pretty. I just wish I didn't look so stupid in beanies.

 The best selca I've ever taken of myself. 

Wednesday the 12th
Breakfast at Yolk with Kyle before we went to look at her potential apartment before class.
 Hot chocolate to warm my cold tummy.

 My okay bacon waffles. 

 Kyle and the omelette she always gets. 

I got to ride in a golf cart for the first time in my life! It was funny because I was saying how I wished we could be driven in one cause I didn't want to walk.
 I had a lot of fun. I really want to try driving one. Working at a gold course would be worth it.

Friday the 15th
Since my birthday was on a Thursday this year, I decided to have dinner the next day.
 My mom's leopard vest is the warmest thing ever. Not the cutest outfit, but I always try to wear red on my birthday and this was all I had. I also wanted to be comfortable for kbbq! 

Went to Gogi Nara after seeing the good reviews on Yelp.
Didn't make much effort to take pictures cause I just wanted to enjoy the good company and good food.

 Even forgot to take a picture of the pancake before we ate most of it.

I am annoyed at myself for forgetting to take a polaroid, though.

 My favorite jap chae in Chicago now.

Eva and her soon tofu.

 Pretty good kalbi but I think the ban chans and appetizers stole the show.

 Wine sam gyup sal.
I'm so glad I finally found kbbq place that's better than "okay"!

Headed down to Wicker Park for gourmet donuts. There was no parking so we just brought them to karaoke.
 It was late so they only had these three kinds left. I really wanted to try the maple bacon long john. T_T I did like the cinnamon bun-y one.

Kevin got up and sang/danced 'Birthday Sex' for me. It was the highlight of the night. I don't think I will ever be able to scrub the image out of my brain. Ahahaha!

I realized way after we left that we had sang with the lights completely on the entire time! Woops.
22, foo'!

After that, Eva, Kiran, Sandy, and I went to Kevin's to play video games while the others went home cause they were super tired. 
At least I had one pleasant day this month.

Monday the 17th
My new favorite thing:
 Its like a big pajama! So cozy and soft~ 

Friday the 21st
I was walking to the station after whatever reason I was downtown that day, and decided to hop over a large puddle onto the curb. I slipped on the ice and belly flopped into the puddle regardless and my shopping bag went flying. Super embarrassing as it happened on a busy street. But several people were kind enough to ask me if I was alright. 
I decided that I deserved a burger after that so I got one.
A bomb diggity gyro burger. It was so good.

After getting back to Skokie, my mom got me from the station, and we headed to the gym.
We were hungry after so we stopped by Renga Tei. 
I dunno why my mom's phone started taking pictures all glowy.
Mom's favorite spicy tuna handrolls.

My cute dragon.

Mom's chirashi sushi (?)

 My udon with perfectly fried tempura.

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