A short little thing

...before I leave. In a few hours, I will be leaving for London!!! AHHH!!! 
What I went to eat after posting my last update.
I think I was going to instagram this hence the strange framing.

While we're talking about old pictures, hows about this one from Christmas:
*stolen from Jaleesa's facebook*
Yas to Kyle's hair and butt. Yas to Jaleesa's 90's look. No to my fat face about to burst.

New Year's Eve
I look the same every time I go out.
But I wore a lipstick color I'd never wear! ..That you can't see from the picture...
But can I just take a minute to rave about the 'Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks'?  
*stock photo of Anarchy*
I only used the sample of Anarchy and oh my gosh it's so creamy! My lips have been so chapped all winter but look at how smooth my lips look in that picture! A must try!

Tina came over to finish getting ready. We had a full night ahead of us!

We were supposed to head to Jelly's for dinner but it had been snowing since the night before so the roads were super slippery. Traffic was crazy. We left my house later than we planned so we skipped out on dinner and head straight to:
Our first Bull's game! My mom won free tickets and parking! 

Dinner taken care of! It was actually pretty yummy.

We were a bit closer than when we came for Kanye.

We had a super great time! We got way more into it than we expected: racing hearts, cursing, screaming, etc. A completely different experience than just watching it on TV, which I could never sit through. Ah..to think we almost didn't go because the roads were so bad!

We even bought the overpriced beanies!
The sales girl lied to me and said they came in one size which I found out is xxtiny. Sad cause I can't wear it or return it. Love the bag though.

After the game ended and we lost, we headed to Jelly's to leave Tina's car and commute to the club we were supposed to meet Jelly and her friends. It was a lot of work in the snowy streets as well as FREEZING so we tried to get a cab while we waited for the bus to the train. o__o Every cab that passed was full (of course) and the cab dispatcher never called Tina back like she said she would. Tina was on the verge of just driving to the club when a cab finally stopped!...With a passenger in it...who was kind enough to share the cab with us! He was super cool and genuinely nice. He invited us to the party he was heading to and we totally would have gone along if it was any other night. We parted when he let us off first and paid for our fair! Ah should have gotten his contact info! So much regret! I'm sure we could have become friends! And what a fantastic story that would have made! Tina and I both face palmed as the cab drove away. DDD:

As for the club...I  only went as a trade off. I would be the 12th person for the package deal if Tina went to the Bull's game with me. Evil Olive is tiny and we never want to hear house music again. Ever. I don' think I've ever gotten drinks spilt on me so many times in one night. Yet... I still had a fun night! Tina and I meet interesting people or get into interesting situations when we're together. Never a dull moment with her. XD

And no picture with Jelly at the club because the one we took is the most hein thing that ever existed. I still laugh just thinking about it.
Definitely the most eventful and fun New Year's I've had yet.

January: Wednesday the 1st
First meal of 2014 with Tina! 

Saturday the 4th
Lunch at Panera with mom
She always makes me over-order; claiming that she'll eat it later. Where do I find it a week later? Still rotting in the fridge. -____-

Tuesday the 7th
At long last, a new family member!
Takutz Jin now has a brother! Takutz Jin 2! Takutz Jin has accompanied me for four years now. I've wanted to upgrade for so long and I finally have! I think Takutz Jin 2 will help me bring quality back to my posts!