Melancholy (wow I've spelled this word wrong my whole life)

I've been feeling so everyday so far. I don't have the will to do anything. Ah. 
Must be productive in this at least.

I taught my mom how to watch her korean dramas on her phone and she's obsessed.

Mediocre food I had with her last month. I forgot to send myself the pictures from her phone.
Oh mah gah Tank. Why so expense?! How is this little plate of nothing worth $15?!

My mom and I got too full to finish our pho.

Sunday the 3rd
Tried out the new burger place called Meatheads that opened near home.
Wow, what a terrible picture ahaha. 
The place is cute. They keep track of the high school football game scores on one of their walls.

Small overpriced milkshakes. They were ok.

They had a lot of burger choices. Mine wasn't very flavorful. :( 
I wanna try their other burgers as well as their pizza and chicken sandwiches but so expense. >..< 

Later that night, Tina and I went to the Aragon to see My Bloody Valentine!

It was nice that the crowd was older so no douchey people making fuss.

My favorite song from their latest album.

Good stuff.

The Aragon is so gorgeous but their sound system is terrible.

Tacos at Los Comales after the show. Their avocado is the best!

Tuesday the 5th
Grabbed grub from Artist's for the first time in a while cause I didn't want to venture far.
They will never be the same! :(

Watched All My Sons by Arthur Miller after.

Thursday the 7th
I stopped by Urban Outfitters and found another thing I need in my life.
I love handbooks on popular series!
I know everything they sell is overpriced but I want to buy everything in there every time I walk in.

Mom and I stopped by Assi before heading home and the flower people were back. 
So pretty! 
But they're dying now cause my mom was so sure you only water them once a week. NOPE.
But I love dead flowers so I haven't been watering them either. 

 Monday the 11th
Our first snow!

Visited SAIC for the first time to do some more filming with Joo. 
The one building I got to see is sooo nice!
Do I fit in with the rest of the SAIC students? :D

Their lovely view that my phone did no justice.

Thursday the 14th
A strange but comfy ensemble for the day.

I met up with April and Eva for the first time in forever to claim our free More cupcakes.
The really cool see-through Argo on the way.

I finally tried P.F. Chang's for the first time!
Strawberry cucumber limeade.

April's fried rice which was the best out of what we ordered.

Eva's shrimp in lobster sauce.

My soy chicken.

My rock solid cupcake.

Sunday the 17th
Store meeting at Ann at 7AM. OTL
At least there was food and home made cookies.