*Homer drool*

It's been a very good week for my tummy and taste buds. Nothing but good good food. 
Sorry if you haven't eaten yet. :P

Tuesday the 19th
Watched this show:
I honestly wasn't expecting much because I saw "Helen of Troy" and went egh...I don't like classic Greek theatre no matter how modern it is. But I was wrong. So wrong. It's a great play. So fucked up and tragic. My kind of thing. 

Wednesday the 20th
It was a pretty day. But so cold.

I ran into an old classmate randomly the week before and we made plans to get coffee together.
Stefan and I had improv together where our nicknames were "Elbows" and "Cupcake."
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how the light and filter made our skin look flawless?! I wish my skin looked like this in real life. T_____T 
It was nice to catch up! He's always been encouraging and kind to me. ^_^

Headed back to school after to watch Hairspray.
*stolen from Yuvin*
It's one of my favorite musicals.....ah.... I was so ashamed when I realized this after watching the movie.
You can't see in the picture but the set was huge and amazing! I can't even imagine putting it up! D:

I didn't realize how super long it was until my ass was stranded at Howard and I didn't realize it for awhile. I just sat waiting for train that would never come. OTL

Thursday the 21st
Yuvin, Summer, and I tried Flo & Santos for the first time. It's Polish and very yummy.
Ahaha we were all confused about the menus because there were a bunch and they all looked the same.

The place is huge! You'd never think so, looking at it from outside.

Our pitcher of sangria. So cute!

Cheers! Ahaha Yuvin has the best faces!
I downed my second glass in three seconds because I was running late for class. I got there not completely sober... Good thing our teacher wasn't there. ^_^;;

Cute ketchup bottles. The ketchup was sweet and tasted nothing like ketchup we've always had. I liked it.

Yuvin's blurry pierogi.

Summer's grilled chicken sandwich.

My pizza and salad lunch combo.
We all made good choices. Must go back!

Friday the 22nd
Sandy's birthday was on the 10th so we had dinner at Pasta Palazzo.
We keep going to Italian restaurants for our birthdays ha ha ha. So romantic~ 
Sandy's strong sangria.

Sandy's pesto something. 
The pine nuts ruined it. :(

My something.

Double 'V' for 22!
And aren't our matching polaroid frames just adorable!

We went to Argo for dessert and chat time. It was too loud in the restaurant to really talk.
Oops I cut the birthday girl off. But omg she was caught mid blink and the picture turned out hilarious! She only allowed me to upload this if I covered it. Only I know what the original looks like mwahaha! >]

Ah...Seven years have already passed since we met. 
I honestly, probably wouldn't have survived high school without her. 

After parting with Sandy, I went over to Kyle and Alexis' because his friend, Jaszmine, invited us to her birthday party.
We watched music videos for a while and Kyle showed me this gold:
I died.
On the way.

Jaleesa and the birthday girl!

Jaleesa lives to instagram ahaha.

It was the one time I said yes to staying out ever. I was so uncomfortable there hahaha. Ah...will there ever be an end to my awkwardness? 

Saturday the 23rd
The date I had been waiting for for so long finally came!
The most genius idea ever.
I was supposed to go with Tina but she couldn't get out of work. :(
It's ok, we gon' get those VIP tickets next year!!! 

Eva kindly went with me.

It's held in Kendall College. 
Cool classroom.
And it begins!

The best corned beef hash I've ever had.

This was completely new to me and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! It was the best thing we had. SO GOOD!  WHY HAVE I NOT HAD THIS SOONER?!

A really good fish taco.

Chile cheese fries.

The plushiest donuts I've ever had even though they weren't as fresh as the woman who made them wants them to be. Can they be softer?! Oh my god the chocolate glaze... *Homer drool*

Eva and I were surprisingly full, but there was still the after party where eleven local cooks had a sugar competition. 

You could help yourself to as many as you wanted so Eva and I were so full by the end of trying all twelve tables.
Beer brittle.

Adorable mini chile grilled cheese. (Not part of the competition.) I hate wheat bread so it was ruined. :(

Cinnamon something crumble with pumpkin beer.

Homemade marshmallow with chocolate and graham cracker dip. Torched fresh for your viewing pleasure.

Tea something cake.

There were lots of cookies. Chipotle chocolate chip cookie, "sneak"erdoodle (can't have just one!), eggnog cookie, and biscotti. 

Cotton candy martini with rock candy on the rim. I voted for this one because you can't taste a trace of alcohol (very sweet) and it's just so pretty to look at. It's fun to watch the cotton candy dissolve too.

I forgot to take pictures of a couple other entries but here's takoyaki and ....I don't know what the other one is.
I was so glad these were being passed out cause I was so sad I missed these during their opening party. I wish they served the ramen burgers too. Sigh.

The host of these cook offs announcing the winner. The people who won made a hazlenut candy. Definitely something for wine drinkers. Something Eva and I will never understand ha.
I wish I was present for the bacon cook off.

The beautiful view the students get:
Ahaha the dolphin is so random.

We got goodie bags at the end!

Quite generous! Recipes for apples and avocados, a bottle opener, sugar, $25 gift card, a jar opening grip (can't wait to try on a jar of pickles!), a cheese grill thing and so on. 

Each day is priced differently but I think it's such a good deal, especially for beer and wine drinkers! Gorgeous food porn film viewing as you are eating the food you're watching. Please all your senses at once! 
The next one can't come fast enough!

My manager and coworkers have been bringing in things to eat to raise money to donate to St. Jude's.
They will have so much of my money by the end of this.

Oh, speaking of work, one of my managers came up to me and told me he had found my blog and read about the time I called in sick to film. He was the manager who picked up the phone that day. AHAHAHA!! I died again.

I went home to a home cooked feast consisting of curry, king crab legs, dumplings, chicken wings, and such. Only cause my mom's boyfriend was over, of course, but I still enjoyed. So much that I forgot to take a picture;;;
But I did take a picture of this:
I haven't been given a box of these in years! They're mine. ALL. MINE.