The start of school

Sunday the 1st
Work as per usual.
How accurate.

Saw that 7 Eleven sold these. I had heard about these so I wanted to try. I don't like the after taste but I guess it makes you less thirsty than regular coffee?

Monday the 2nd 
Dunkin Donuts for my lunch break. 
I hate that I only have thirty minutes at this job cause I'm such a slow eater.
I really like their chicken and tuna salad crossiant! It's probably as fake as taco bell but so yummy!

Tuesday the 3rd
First day of school!
My classes this semester: Camera Techniques II, Voice III, Pinter & Albee, Human Sexuality Seminar, and Monologue Workshop.
Turns out that Summer and Yuvin from my class last semester are in my voice class! So after picking up our upasses, Summer and I had lunch together at Harold's.

I'm in love with their lemonade because it tastes like the liquid form of lemon heads. Can you say YUM?

Friday the 6th
Had a shift at 6 in the morning. Awful. At least I got to leave as the store opened.
Oh yeah, I dyed my hair dark again. I didn't have enough dye so now it looks like I have cheap highlights -_____-

School hasn't really started unless I've gotten Dunkin Donuts.
Got a bagel and hot chocolate to eat before class.

Sunday the 8th
Ended work early so I went to Hmart with my mom.
I found these midi Pockys. They're super sweet. I like the regular or giant ones better.

Monday the 9th
Before heading to school, I headed to Nordstrom and did something really bad...
I am a damn fool but they're so beautiful! I couldn't stop thinking about them after I saw them! They're the only pair of sunglasses that don't make my nose look like a blob. Forget them being a trend/season style I'm gonna wear these for the rest of my life after what I'm paying. OTL

I had time so I also grabbed lunch from Artist's Cafe.
Chicken caseser wrap. Can't go wrong with that.

Tuesday the 10th

Lunch at Artist's Cafe again with Summer. This is really bad but I'm obsessed. But they're so expensive. :(
Got the chipotle chicken sandwich but it was meh. I'm trying to try everything they have on the menu!

Thursday the 12th
Last day of warm weather. Boo.
Crummy outfit picture brought to you by my school's bathroom. 

Artist's Cafe again. I think I'll just have lunch there every time I have class in the theatre building.
I got their new salad. It looks real pretty but I really didn't like it. The dressing is olive oil based I think and it was just blech for me. I think it would have been much better drowned in honey mustard ahaha.

Finally got my hands on the Lay's flavors. I found the garlic bread and chicken & waffles one randomly at Walgreens and I was finally able to get the Sriracha ones from Mark.
All three suck. I was very sad. Had so much expectations.

Friday the 13th
Was craving my beloved Chick Fil A so I got my fill before work. I was so full.
Someone left their sauces on the table so I grabbed them super quick. I love their sauce T_T Their parfait is whatever though.

Wednesday the 18th
Tried the new sandwich from Dunkin. 
I think I like their food cause they're never plain tasting but this one was meh. Lots of meh food this week.
Oh my gosh the week before, I got a bagel and I dropped it four times in a row in the same spot. Lulz I felt like such an idiot.

We filmed in class that day. 
The cameras and other millions of dollars of equipment in the TV studio are cool but the booth is quite impressive as well.

Thursday the 19th
I was excited to try Artist's strawberry french toast.
More disappointment. :(

Friday the 20th
I bought myself creepers on the way back from work one night (got 20% off too! :D) and I finally wore them out on Friday!
It was a bad idea cause I had work that day so my feet were very sore by the end of the day. I love them though. XD

Yesterday the 21st
A friend (whose name is also Kyle) who I met through Tina invited us to go out with him and his friends for his friend's birthday. I rushed home after work to shower and get ready.
Lulz such an awkward picture. We look like we're not friends ahaha.

A much better picture.
Aww Tina looks so pretty! 

I dunno why I didn't take any pictures at the clubs but it was pretty fun!
Waiting for the valet to get Kyle's car. 
So much thanks to Kyle for inviting and driving us home after everything!