It's September

and I still need to finish up August;;; 
Here's the first half!:
August: Saturday the 3rd
My mom and I were hungry and I was sick of Thai so I grub hubbed from a Chinese restaurant called Hunan Spring that we hadn't tried before.
I really liked the chicken. It was really crispy and the smoothies weren't bad either! Mom's fried rice was pretty good too.
The delivery man was a sweet old grampa and my mom and I felt so bad because we realized neither of us had enough change so we couldn't give him a good tip. Our hearts! >.<

Monday the 5th
We ordered from Hunan Spring again. This time we made sure that we gave the grampa a good tip. But we felt bad again cause it started storming! D:
The food we ordered wasn't as good as what we ordered the first time. Why does that always happen? :(

Can't forget about the smoothies. They're never sweet enough for my mom. She eats things way sweeter than me!

Wednesday the 7th
Took a useless selca while waiting for mom to get home.
Sad that I don't know how to wear snapbacks so this beauty will probably never leave the house.

I was craving a whopper for some reason so when my mom came back from work, I drove us.
Why did I put cheese in it?? Whoppers aren't supposed to have cheese ._.
They forgot to give me my sweet potato fries. I wonder if I can still go back and get them now hahaha.

Friday the 9th
Ate with dad at Joonboo Market.
I got soon doo boo. I like that they put a ton of little clams so I have something to eat. But doesn't come close to Chodang. 

Had watermelon and a nap for dessert back at his house.

Saturday the 10th
Sandy, Eva, April, and I got together to go to Kfest for the first time since high school. It's also our last. It's just gotten so crummy. And they changed the location so that there's a lot of room for one stage but everything is cramped on a tiny street next to a cemetery. No more going to Java or Outdoor Cafe or any of the restaurants if you don't want food from the stalls or just want to get out of the sun. They also use tickets for food now which is annoying.

*Sandy's polaroid*

*Sandy's polaroid*
Why were there only two stalls who sold dduk bok gi?! And why was there no fresh walnut cookies?! That was the biggest reason I wanted to stop by lmao.
I hope Lydia Paek was here for other reasons than performing there >_>
After eating and watching the last part of the kpop cover contest, we left. 

We decided to stay at a cafe around the neighborhood while we waiting for time to pass so we went to Java but they were only doing bubble teas that day and everyone didn't want one. I bought one so we could just sit there cause we paid for parking but we left anyways lulz. We went to a pie place next and I think April wanted macaroons so the workers referred us to....I forget what this place is called... which is unfortunate cause I want to try their ice cream and desserts.
Yummy looking!

There was a line that reached the door the entire time we were there.

None of us like macaroons hahaha

Went to the beach after so we could watch the meteor shower...only... we were too early and it was cloudy...
*Sandy's polaroid*
So lucky that April has that very Korean mat in her trunk.

*Sandy's polaroid*

We left after just talking but when we got to my house, April said she wanted to play pool so I kept saying we should cause I didn't want to go home yet. It was still very early. 
So we went to Jurang to play for an hour.
*Sandy's polaroid*

Sunday the 11th
Waiting for my mom to get ready so we can finally go to Trader Joe's together.

All we bought from there were things to snack on. 
I love these mini cones! 

...Another selca...
I've been trying to take many pictures of myself because I didn't do so when I had my very light blonde hair and purple hair so I wanted to make sure I did while having pink hair.

Tuesday the 13th
This shirt again yes. But it's so comfy!

Finally met up with Agata and Antonio for lunch! We had meant to do this for so long!
We met at Cemitas Puebla which is a small mexican restaurant in Humboldt Park. 
The free appetizer.

My tacos

Agata's sandwich

If you looked at it from outside you wouldn't think the food would be as good as it is. There was a line the entire time we were there as well. 

After some very good grub, we went to Antonio's house to hang out.
His landlord raises chickens!

We talked, listened to music, and flied the toy helicopter Antonio had. I didn't know it was so difficult!

Antonio showed us his old sketch book with sketches, poetry, and notes. It was hilarious.

After a while, his roommate came home and we all went out for dinner at a cool place that was having trivia night. Sadly couldn't take any pictures of the place cause my phone died. They had a huge steampunk looking light fixture too!

It was really nice to finally get together again!

Wednesday the 14th
April had printed some things I needed for the next day and when she came to drop them off, she also dropped off a pizza!

Thursday the 15th
Getting my outfit checked by Kyle for my job interview.
Waving "hi" to his mom cause she wanted to see.

Friday the 16th
First day back at the skin care shop. I was so sad that the ajumma I worked with before quit.
Also sad that the boss doesn't buy our lunch anymore lmao.

After work, I went to Tina's to celebrate her birthday!
Hotpot for dinner!
Ahahaha Kevin always makes the best faces!

Kevin baked a cake! 

After Jelly, Julie, and Kevin's friend left, Kevin and Tina taught Eva and I how to play Settlers of Catan.
*from Eva's phone*
Eva and I were so confused at first but eventually we got into it.

*from Eva's phone*
I suck and totally lost but I wanted to finish my Chanel logo lmao.
I bought it on my phone;;;

Saturday the 17th
After I stopped working at the shop, all the organization has gone to shit. I did some major cleaning and organizing.
I spent pretty much the whole day. It was great! I like that the new ajumma does all the talking and selling while I do stock stuff or looking after the small shop.