Saturday the 1st
I've been going to sleep just before noon and waking up at night so I had no idea April had come by to drop some Mitsuwa sweets off because I didn't hear my phone..;;; I woke up to a number of texts and calls from both April and my mum trying to get me to open the door. She ended up leaving them at the door ha ha ha ha oops.
The cakes were super good that day even though they'd been sitting around for hours. Thanks again, April!

Wednesday the 5th
My aunt wanted to have lunch together at an Italian restaurant she likes so we went.
Pizza bread

Salad with not enough dressing for me

Oh my goodness I had the most frustrating time ordering for my aunt. There was a pasta she had the two other times she was there but she didn't know the name so she tried explaining what it looked like and what was in it. She said the sauce was one color, then later said it was another, then another. She thought something was broccoli but turns out it wasn't and so on. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my blood pressure. The cook made it the way she explained it but when it came out it of course wasn't it. -_______-

My meh filet mignon.

Monday the 8th
I really wanted neng myun but my mum wasn't willing to drive all the way to Jo Sun Ok so we went to the newer San Soo Gab San and took the risk with their neng myun.
It was whatever and  there was only one piece of meat! Boo.

Good thing there was galbi.

I went out to sushi trains later even though I was still full.
Sandy and April were completely matching!

I pretty much took all of it home to eat as a midnight snack.

Sandy's dessert. Strawberries and condensed milk is yummy!

Wednesday the 19th
I was super hungry and wanted bubble tea so April randomly went with my to get Joyees.
The food was pretty decent for the first time in a while. And yes, I had two bubble teas.

Thursday the 20th
My mum wanted pho so we headed down to Argyle.
My mum likes the crepe things. I like the outside but I don't like the massive amount of sprouts.

I don't like Tank Noodle's pho because their meat is too limp and the soup is bland but my mum likes it for that reason.

Their smoothies are very bland too.

So apparently combining Neoguri lamyun and Jjapagetti is all the rage now after "Dad, Where Are You Going?" I was so confused when my mum was explaining it so she just made it for me.
It just tastes like really seafood-y jjapaghetti so I really didn't like it. It tastes better with Shin lamyun but I like regular jjapaghetti the best.

Monday the 24th
Before practicing driving with my dad, we had lunch at Hmart.
April snap chatted me kkan poong gi the week before so I had been craving it.

I've wanted to get giant pocky for the longest time but I've always been too cheap to buy it myself. It's like $13! My dad had to buy some groceries so I added a box in the cart! ^_^ 
I really like them! I think I like them more than regular Pocky!

I saw that April tweeted about going to Dairy Star which is a family owned ice cream stall in my childhood neighborhood so I really wanted to go!
I always got cherry dipped cones. Dipped cones melt so fast so I have to rush eating them. 

Tuesday the 25th
My blog's birthday! This blog is now 4 years old! Wow!

April, Mark, and I went to Mitsuwa wanting crepes and fresh takoyaki but the stands that Mark had seen the last time he was there weren't there anymore. So sad.
Cute drinks. I was confused with mine cause it wasn't carbonated at all.

April's donkatsu.

Selca as we wait for our ramen.

I love those eggs but I already bought cold takoyaki so I didn't get a meal set.


I met April's friend Katrina for the first time and we went to Chipotle cause she was hungry.
I knew they sold beer but I didn't know they sold margaritas so I tried one. All I could taste was alcohol.

We went karaokeing after. Katrina and Mark had lots of fun but I think I'm getting old for it. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. Another sign of age?!

Midnight snack. Unagi is so cheap buying it from Mitsuwa!
Ooh the Vivi issue I got came with a free Snidel tank so I was happy! ^_^ But I spent so much money at Mitsuwa again. T_T

Wednesday the 26th
After more than a month, I finally saw Kyle for the first time! It had been so long that I actually got nervous waiting for him to come down!
After a good catching up at McDonald's, Kyle joined me for my hair consultation at a salon in China Town.
I'm super hoping that they'll finally give me the color I've been chasing after since high school!

Surprisingly the bubble tea from the Joyees in China Town is not as good as the one in Evanston.

We spent the rest of the time watching Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, etc. and waiting for Alexis to get off work. Did you know Goosebumps is on Netflix!? Watching it now, it's hilarious!

Sunday the 30th
Summer has been around for a while and I still hadn't had pat bing soo once! So I asked my mum to get me one when she called to ask if I wanted food from Assi.
I like mine completely mixed.
Even though it turns so ugly. The first bite was good and then it just got really meh as I kept eating. 

My mum was preparing sam gyup sal so I only ate half and stuck it in the freezer. It's still in there.
I should have eaten less cause I couldn't finish my little stack of meat.