Bonnaroo 2013

*Another post written while watching my shows so excuse my worsened writing hee.*
So a month ago, I headed down to Manchester, Tennessee with Tina and her friend Sopheap for our first Bonnaroo!
I got toChampaign on Tuesday night where I met up with Tina and and Sopheap. We went to Walmart to pick up supplies and some food so that we would be ready to leave the next day.

Wednesday the 12th
After packing Tina's car, we stopped by Wendy's to pick up some lunch before meeting the rest of the group we'd be tagging along with.
I finally got to try the vanilla frosty. I liked it more than the chocolate so now I really wanna try the parfait.

Tina is the only one of us three who can drive so she had to drive the full eight hours. >_< 
While we were still thirty five miles away from Manchester, all the traffic came to a stand still because a truck turned over somewhere. Luckily the group we joined had gone at three times before so they knew a back route way. We had already been crawling on the highway for hours so if we hadn't taken this alternative way, we would been there all night.
Finally in the farm!

We spent the rest of the night setting up the tent we rented in the dark.  Thank goodness the people we were with knew what they were doing cause we were struggling hard core. After all the tents were up, we went to sleep which was like 5AM.

Thursday the 13th
We didn't sleep for long because we started cooking inside the tent when the sun came up.
Our tent and part of the shade tent thing where we spent most of the time when in the camping area drinking beers before even brushing out teeth ha ha ha!

Thank goodness you can have your car. It's like a huge suitcase!

Helicopters were flying around all day all four days.

Lunch was:
Sopheap's huge plate of curly fries.

What was left of Tina's pizza before I finished it. It was really good the first bite and then it got really weird as it cooled off.

The taco tent had the biggest line so I got two. They were quite good. If only I remembered to ask for no cilantro.

The girls. Doesn't Tina look great with a fishtail braid? Sopheap is really good at braids so all the girls would ask her to do their hair for them. We couldn't leave the tent until after beauty salon time.

SO many cars and RVs. 80,000 of them in fact.

After eating we got in the huge line to enter Centeroo for the first day.
High fives for everyone!

So close!

We had some hours to kill before the performances we wanted to see started so we walked around.
The big ass water slide which was actually called "Big Ass Waterslide." The downside of Bonnaroo is that you have to pay for pretty much everything. It was six dollars to ride it twice and fifteen for a weekend pass. We went on it once to cool down and saved the last ticket for another day. We were going to use it on the last day but they had taken it down! Rip off!

After looking at food stalls and merchandise tents (I bought a super comfy dress!) we decided to watch a performance that was recommended by a few people because it was happening in the same tent as the performance Sopheap wanted to see.
They were pretty good. Very energetic and really knows how to excite the crowd. Some songs I enjoyed way more than others because they sing different genres.
He climbed up the side of the stage so fast I didn't even notice what was happening until he was halfway up.
They're very talented. They rap, rock, and then take it a little slower with more soothing songs. They do covers and remixes of old favorites like 'Time To Say Goodbye' and 'Falling In Love With You.'

He was fun but he got on stage twenty minutes late. -_-
Talented producer.

We stayed at the tent the entire day for Purity Ring so we got to watch Walk the Moon.
I didn't know about them prior to that day so it was a pleasant surprise. The vocalist has a great voice.
Something a little more emotional:
I have to admit, I had to swooning by the end of their set. Whoo~

Purity Ring
Better pictures this time cause I was at the front this time!

We left early because I wanted to see Father John Misty and I had already seen them before. Sopheap wanted to watch Alt-J so we split up, only she had gone off without telling us!
Tina and I stopped by the porta potties first so by the time we got to Father John Misty, he had already started! I missed my favorite song and I couldn't get close because there were already SO many people and I didn't want to slither through the crowd from the back since he had already started. Tina and I sat on the side and listened which was actually really nice since we had been walking and standing all day.
This is as folky as I can get. I can't get into Mumford and Sons or Of Monsters and Men ish stuff.

Father John Misty was the last performance Tina and I wanted to see so we headed back to our tent to change into warmer clothes as it had gotten chilly. After changing, we went back in to the stage Alt-J had played to meet up with Sopheap like we had agreed but Alt-J had finished fifteen minutes before we got there and we couldn't find her anywhere! We looked around for a bit and then decided to go back to the tent thinking she might have gone back herself but...she wasn't. We went back to the stage to look for her again bewildered not knowing what to do. We couldn't use our phones because we had no place to charge our phones (besides the charging tents which we never went to because we didn't want to wait in huge lines) so there was no way to contact her. Eventually we decided to stay and wait at our tent hoping again that she would be there. We waited around for awhile until we finally decided to get dinner (gyros that weren't really gyros) to bring back to the tent to eat while we waited for Sopheap to appear. We were super worried until she finally appeared. Turns out she figured that we wouldn't find her at the end of her performance so she had just gone off. Tina was so sad because we didn't get the jalepeno corndogs for dinner that we said we would get together. It was hilarious.

Friday the 14th
As soon as we got into Centeroo, the very first thing we did was get those jalepeno corndogs. We were in such a rush to eat them so no picture.
Stayed at the same stage all day again to wait for Wutang Clan!
Of Monsters Monsters and Men. I would have sat this one out if Sopheap hadn't wanted to see them. I didn't feel like it was worth standing and burning under the sun for hours for because all their songs are sad. It didn't help the pain I was already feeling ha ha ha! I would have enjoyed it much more sitting in a cafe or at least sitting under some shade. >_<

Grizzly Bear who had Solange sing a song with them!

And finally, the long awaited Wu Tang Clan!
They were one of the performances that I wanted to see the most!
They were so fun but I feel like their sound was really low. I expected to feel the bass thudding in my chest but no. The crowd was super tame too. You could tell that they were a little disappointed. They probably talked crap about us ha ha ha!

In the middle of the set, we had a health scare! Tina suddenly felt faint but didn't tell Sopheap or me but asked the security guard to help her over the rail so that she could get out. Sopheap and I did one of those *look at each other in confusion and follow over rail* you see in movies. I think Tina felt bad knowing that I really wanted to see Wutang so she refused to go back to the tent and laid in the grass next to the stage while we listened.
After Wutang finished, we headed over to the main stage because Tina really wanted to the one and only Sir Paul McCartney.
Can you see him? That white speck on the stage is him! Bonnaroo schedules performances so that no one else is playing during the main headliners so pretty much everyone was there. We were so freaking far away. We couldn't even see the screens. Sir Paul was still playing The Wings songs so the three of us sat down and listened because Tina was still feeling ill and I was tired as well. But we were so far that the music was really muddled when sitting down and it was impossible to hear him speak even while standing up. When I plopped down on the ground, I accidentally bumped into the person sitting behind me. I had no idea there were even people behind us in the first place! After a bit of swaying to the music with my eyes closed, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I was expecting to be asked what time it was or something in that general area but the person instead asked me what my name was! We ended up having a really genuine conversation for a bit! It was probably the most genuine conversation I've ever had with a stranger. He was really cute so that was a plus. XD
After the kid and his group of friends left, Paul McCartney finally started sing The Beatles songs! That we stood up and got closer for! I could actually even see him on stage! Even though he was two inches tall, I started tearing up. It was such an honor that this legend who was knighted by a queen was performing for us.  I am unworthy!!! D: Even at 71 his energy is as lively as ever! He did like three encore songs! Ah~ An incredible once in a lifetime experience~

At the end of that performance, Tina was feeling better so we went over to watch The XX. They were awesome! Even more awesome than the first time I saw them in Chicago because this time they played around with their songs which is what they're known for. It was great! So great that I forgot to take a picture. -_-

After The XX, we had a little bit over an hour until any performance. We had between Animal Collective, Pretty Lights, and Porter Robinson to choose from but before any of that, we went back to the tent to change. We were all super tired and Sopheap decided to go to bed so Tina and I napped as well. We were supposed to go back after an hour but when Sopheap tried to wake us up, we kept sleeping anyway until the next morning. D: Worst mistake. Still a little sad about it.

Saturday the 14th
Started off the day with Solange.
It took so many tries to get a picture cause I was blinded by the sun.
I was super confused when she finished her set fifteen minutes early.

Sopheap split with Tina and I again after so we looked around for food and we stopped at a crepe stand. They were absolute the best crepes I have ever eaten. They were sooo perfectly cooked and ahh~ so delicious! Irrelevant but interesting fact: everyone who worked in that stand was deaf!
We sat and devoured our crepes while Portugal. The Man played in the background.

After eating, Tina and I saw Nas and then later, Beach House while Sopheap saw A-Track. Both were super were AMAZING! No picture because the camera was in Sohpheap's bag. >.<

This time we successfully met up with Sopheap. We had a ton of time to kill so we decided to have dinner and then play at the silent disco.
The best bargain out of all the super overpriced food. Huge chicken salad on a pretzel bun and chips for $8 from the Amish Baking Company. It was sooo yummy and Tina and I couldn't finish cause there was so much.
And their great sweet tea which is cut off cause Tina's camera doesn't zoom out.
I had seriously been looking for their damn stall since the first day. I made Tina and Sopheap walk all over the 700 football fields of land with me looking for it. T_____T I was so happy when Sopheap noticed the sign while we were walking past. I was not going to leave until I had it!

After eating we still had a while so we went to check out this barn thing that was always blasting music that I was really curious about.
It was like a club in a Christmas barn.

Finally time for the silent disco.
Ehh the sign isn't showing.

Grab a pair of headphones and dance!
You gotta take of your headphones off for a moment because a bunch of people dancing together in silence is hilarious! It was super fun.

We left after while to catch the end of Billy Idol so that we could scoot up to the front for Empire of the Sun!
They were great to watch again especially cause the stage isn't very high so we were closer!
I have to take a lot of pictures for Empire of the Sun cause they change outfits like every other song!
A great way to end the night.

Sunday the 16th
The last day!

*stolen from Sopheap's facebook*
The whole group!
Tina, Sopheap, and I would always leave to go into Centeroo separately but since it was the last day, we all left together.

Waited through Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for Kendrick Lamar.
I never really paid any attention to this duo but while watching the set, I really couldn't get myself to like them. Macklemore just gave off a super pretentious vibe so it was super meh for me.

Bad picture but Kendrick Lamar was really good. His freestyle was great too.

I couldnt stop thinking about the crepes so the three of us got crepes. Ahhh so sad that I'll never have them again.

We wanted to ride the ferris wheel so we each paid $6 -_- and waited in a really long line while music from all sides was blasting.
Ferris wheel and meatball head.

I couldn't catch it on camera but they were dancing.

So it started raining as we were getting on. Familiar.

I was confused when we were let off and only us.

Sopheap didn't want to leave yet so we caught a little bit of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

Last time seeing the arch.

Sopheap went to bed so Tina and I went to the bathroom for the last time before going to sleep. On the way back, Tina and I saw that there was a big group of people dancing at one of the small dj areas near the camp. There had only been a few people all the other nights. Since it was the last night, Tina and I decided to be spontaneous and join the dance party. We danced for a couple hours and then finally went to bed.

Monday the 17th
As soon as everyone woke up, we started packing. The moment everything was packed and people got in cars, it started raining.
A few minutes into the ride home, I suddenly got extremely tired and just passed  out. I couldn't even eat during one of the pit stops because I couldn't stay up! It was crazy. The next time I opened my eyes we were already back in Champaign.

After unpacking the car, Tina and Sopheap showering, and lounging around for a little bit, we picked up pizza to feast on. 
Must have Minnolo's when in Champaign.

After making sure we all had our our belongings, Tina and I said goodbye to Sopheap and then dropped me off at the Greyhound. The bus came an hour late. -____-
Thankfully my dad came to pick me up from station when I finally got back in Chicago.

Ah~ What an experience! I'm really happy that I finally got to go and that it was this year. It was super awesome but I don't see myself going again very soon until the lineup is as amazing and I'm balling and able to rent an RV. While it was tons of fun, there were some negatives:
-I got burnt and tanned really badly. Can't show the burn on top of my shoulders cause it was peeling. XD Even though I spent at least ten minutes applying 90 spf sunscreen all four days, I still got this much sun damage. T____T I'm so dark now. I have the ugliest tan lines and my bb cream doesn't match me anymore. Now i look like Kwanghee! It's gonna take over a year to get rid of this! I can't wear sleeveless things out because I'm so self conscious about it. Good thing I barely leave the house. I didn't even tan during the three days at Lolla last year. Southern sun is brutal! Must make sure to wear a big brimmed hat and sleeves next time!

-I was really dirty. We didn't shower for the entire four days even though we'd been sitting in our own sweat and filth. None of us wanted to wait an entire day in line for the showers so we just baby wiped ourselves off. Brushing my teeth and washing my face was the highlight of my morning.
This trip was the best for my soul but the worst for my skin. I got bumps all over my face because my pores got so clogged. And this is without a lick of makeup.

-I was traumatized. Bonnaroo does a really good job of cleaning the porta potties throughout the day but they still got sooo gross. I couldn't get used to seeing so much stranger poop. Imagine stranger poop on the seat. *Shudder*

-I was exhausted by the time it turned night. We'd all only sleep about  five hours every night because the performances end at around 3 but there's music blasting all night from the merchandise/event tents. I didn't have trouble falling asleep though. I also had the easiest time waking up because the sun would bake it out of me.

Positives (other than the amazing performances):
-The food is awesome! There are so many different food stalls and most of it was super good. The best overpriced fair type food I've had!

-The people. Are Southern people just nicer? The people were all super friendly and there was always at least one stranger who would strike up conversation a day. The audience was super tame too. I never got shoved or squashed or stepped on. The small concerts I've been to have been a million times rougher so that was nice. OH! And the EYE CANDY!! This is definitely the best looking music festival I've ever been to. There were sooo many good looking people! My eyes had a feast every day! Ahahaha!

-The exercise. I lost six pounds from the four days. You're walking all day across 700 acres of land. It's a 1-10 minute walk just to get to the porta potties depending on where you got to park. Then you're dancing in 90 something degree weather. It's like hot yoga except it's hot dancing!

Ah I can't think of more at the moment but I'm tired of writing this post. >_> I'm failing to make sense anymore. But there was never a boring moment while there! If any of you readers are ever able to go and have $300 to spend, don't mind heat and camping, definitely have the experience! You will not regret it!

I was very lucky to be able to join a group that knew what they were doing and took care of us. Tina and I pretty much dived into this with not much planning and everything happened so smoothly. So much thanks to the group and Tina for driving both ways (T_T) and letting me use her camera the entire trip!