A range of happenings

Monday the 1st
Went to Argyle with my dad for pho. While we were there I wanted to grab dessert from Ba Le.
I settled for the mini maccarons just cause I wasn't sure about the other pastries and I wanted to give them another try. Nope, still don't like maccarons. Good thing my mom turns out to really like them!

Wednesday the 3rd
Ever since I started practicing driving once a week, I also started eating at my dad's. 

Found this hanging on the wall:
Those dogs were so old back then.

Thursday the 4th
Mum made omurice at work so we had it for dinner. Haven't had it in many years.

Wednesday the 10th
My dad finally felt that I was ready to try and take on Lake Shore Drive. 
It was scary cause I still have trouble determining how far the car behind me is from the side mirror. I also accidentally ran a red. >_> But here's my proof shot! Woot!

Thursday the 11th
April had tweeted about her brother making bulgogi so I joking said to give me the leftovers. 
She actually made a new batch and got spicy mcchickens for me because I was hungry.

Friday the 12th
I spent the longest time I've ever spent on my nails.
The result was actually decent so I had to take a picture hee hee.

I went to the Taste of Chicago for the first time with Sandy, April, and Jessica.
Nothing we tried was too good but it was nice walking around and laughing with friends. It was the first time I really left my house in a long time.

April's fail lobster and potatoes. She got the smallest lobster!

*Sandy's polaroid*
I never knew there was a small garden-y area in Grant Park! 

*Sandy's polaroid*
We did prom poses cause this is where all the kids go to take pictures on prom day hahaha!

My polaroid failed. :(

*Sandy's polaroid*
Lulz I failed at getting focus on Sandy's polaroids.

Group shot before we head off to our fail trip to Chinatown. LULZ at Sandy's creeper smile ha ha ha!

Saturday the 13th
I woke up to this on the kitchen table:
Another sign of aging: my tummy is getting weak to spicy stuff. I can't taste the spiciness but my tummy can.

Wednesday the 17th
It finally happened!!!
I finally finished this bottle of cleanser! I've been using it for so long but I love facial cleansers so I always want to move onto a new one.

I should have failed like three times but the instructor was super nice and let me off. I think it's cause I had air conditioner ha ha ha;;; Oh gosh I was soooo nervous and scared. But yay! Now I just have to get the car. -_-

Thursday the 18th
April invited me to get Pita Inn with her and Sandy and Jessica and her friend Tabamo. I actually said yes because I already had makeup on my face LULZ.
Michelle Phan kind of recently came out with a Daenerys Targayren tutorial and I had purple circle lens sitting around unopened so I thought why not try it since all I want is to be her. Hahaha!

I haven't had it in so long but I'm said we didn't go to the one on Milwaukee cause their fatoush salad and mango drink are the best. XD

Friday the 19th
Went to DMZ with April, Sandy, Tina, Jessica, and her friends. We were actually supposed to go to a different Korean bar but that one was packed so we went to this one instead.
The first round of food we ordered before we ordered even more cause we didn't know Jessica's friends weren't eating.  

Tabamo, Rey, Elyse, Jessica.

Lulz I don't know why only the picture on our side of the table failed. But there's Tabamo and Rey joining Tina and I on our side.

After finishing the food and drink, Sandy, Tina, April, and I split with the other group because they wanted to see Artie and we wanted to go to the clubs spontaneously. Well, I really did cause I haven't had much experience with nightlife. I'm a total noob at this kind of stuff ahahaha!

*stolen from Sandy's instagram*
The first place. Cool entrance but it was EMPTY. Ahahaha it was embarrassing so after using the bathroom and finishing a drink, we left and walked around for like an hour before going to the next one. The next one was a little better but the music was repetitive. It was still a lot of fun since we were there together. Can't wait for next time!

Selca before washing up. I was feeling giddy cause the drinks started affecting me on the way home ahaha.

Saturday the 20th
Headed to Loyola to get Five Guys with Sandy.
I walked around her campus and found the building she's always in.

Yay! We finally got burgers! We had been craving them for a long time. 
Lulz it looks like I have a five o'clock shadow. 
I didn't brush my hair that day and left it in the way from the day before. I didn't know so many people liked fishtail braids. Strangers kept complimenting since the night before. Too bad I can't do it any more;;;