I've finished my first week of school! I like my classes and teachers but I feel so bad because I've fallen asleep in 4/5 of them. D: This semester I've got: Marine Biology, U.S. History, Feldenkreis, Character & Ensemble in Collaboration with Film, and Theatre History and Inquiry. I'm excited to delve in deep and really start working!
I just realized, I haven't taken any pictures at school! Woops XD

So the day I got my hair done again, my hair stylist left a little test strip in my hair to see how the purple dye would fade. I had to leave so I washed it out at work but I guess I didn't wash it out properly cause the pure purple bled into a huge section!! D:
Gah it looks so stupid! I can't hide it when I tie it up. -___- But I want to let my hair heal before I put it through any more crap. Boo to stupid hair

Tuesday the 29th
Mum picked me up from the station so I went with her to run errands and we had dinner at Assi.
Mediocre cheese katsu.

Wednesday the 30th
I only have one Theatre History on Wednesdays at 9AM so I end super early at 11:50. My teacher (who looks like a brunette version of Tyler Oakley; sounds like him too!) let us out fifty minutes early so I met with my dad for lunch. We went to the newer San Soo Gab San.
I wasn't that hungry so I just got a bento box. Super meh. I totally forgot raw sushi come in the boxes. I tried really hard to eat them but I just couldn't. The texture!! D: I will go back to try the galbi when I'm hungry to see what people are raving about. The inside is really nice while the service is just as bad as the old one. The lady who was serving us hit me with her cart and didn't say anything.

I was super tired so I took a nap for a couple hours. I woke up thinking I slept through the night into the next morning and panicked because I was supposed to go on a date with Jessica! XD
A strange combination.


The brown part of their sign is made out of coffee beans! 
The meat was a bit salty but Jessica and I liked the salad. She was too cold for froyo even though it was half the reason we were there. It was decent.

My favorite thing about the place were the spoons!
So cute! I couldn't decide which one to take so I took one of each. I ate with the yellow one.
Jessica knew the guy who was working so we got free slices of cheesecake too. :)

My mum and I finally went to Macy's so I could return my docs and buy her a pair of boots. You get 20% if you wear red until Valentine's Day!
It was super cold so I was craving hot chocolate. Seattle's Best actually does much better hot chocolate than Starbucks! Just the plain hot chocolate, not salted caramel hot chocolate.

I was also craving a burger so we stopped by this newly built place on the way home.
It's half an Oberweiss.

Spatula door handle!

It's all modern inside with LCD screens displaying their burger info.
They even have a touch screen jukebox!

Really expensive for one burger even if they do boast about their super fresh Angus beef with no hormones blah blah. It did have two patties and was really big and I liked it but it was probably more my craving and hunger.


  1. Your posts always make me hungry!! :( Haha and I think the purple looks good! Is that weird? :D


  2. I just ate my heavy breakfast..and now I'm hungry again!!!