My first Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Wow it has been a super long time since I last updated! I just have not had time to do anything as I don't have a single day where I get home past 11 anymore. I can't stay up anymore so I haven't been able to make a new post. But thank goodness for a small Thanksgiving break! I finally had a couple days where I did nothing! No school, rehearsal, or either job! XD After my show opens and closes next week, I will finally be able to post normally again! After I finish all my assignments I've pushed off for a whole month and a half...

So here is what I've done all month. It's just school, eat, see Kyle, see shows, rehearsal, and work. Same same same but always enjoyable!
Monday the 5th
Packed a lunch cause my mum made spicy pork the night before.
I was in a rush in the morning so I forgot to pack my lettuce.

Cute orange juice and cookie to accompany the Murakami novel I was reading before rehearsal.

Dana and Carolyn rehearsing their lesbian scene. Sexy time oh yehhhhh

Tuesday the 6th
I was craving gyros and was too lazy to walk far for lunch after dance so I went to Pita Heaven.
I saw this tea thingy with different flavors! There's something about these many-in-one drink machines that I like even though the flavors end up mixing cause they're all coming out of one spout.

Wednesday the 7th
I'm on a search for the best parfait. A classmate recommended me the cinnamon apple one at Caribou so I tried.
Got a hot chocolate with it. McDonald's parfaits are still the best unfortunately.

After class, I met Kyle at Caribou where we just sat and waited for a friend not sure if she was joining us to eat. She couldn't so we just went to Pita Belly before the show we were gonna watch. He had a shwarma for the first time! I was so glad he liked it.
While waiting for another show at 9, we sat at Caribou again and just talked while I had a smoothie.
We don't have rehearsal on Wednesday so we have to take the opportunity to watch the shows that are happening at school!

Wednesday the 8th
To celebrate Obama winning his rightful second term, my scene study teacher took the class to Starbucks during a fire drill (my first one I've ever experienced in my three years at school!) and even paid for all of our drinks! I took this chance to get a medium drink because I'd never get it on my own. XD Thank you, Ms. Weber~!<3 
It was funny because none of the guys showed up to class that day!

After I finished class, I stepped in Trader Joe's for the first time to get some meat for the curry I made for rehearsal the next day. I also grabbed a frozen pizza to have at Kyle's dorm. While I was walking to the dorm, I noticed an 'Urban Pantry' and had a look. Look at what Argo sells!
Bottled tea! Ha

We ate our good pizza while watching anime on Netflix. I convinced Kyle to put on Keroro but I couldn't take it when I realized it was dubbed. NOOooo! So we just watched and commented on how ridiculous Fruits Basket is instead.

Not much later we headed to the university center to eat again ha ha ha ha!
The first time I've ever set foot and eaten in the school's cafeteria the whole three years I've been there! It was a cool experience cause I saw the revolving used dish thingy :O

Went to rehearsal after and we were all assigned new lines. A whole page of nonsense! Frikkin impossible to memorize!!
Made myself a cheat sheet on my arm. Wouldn't it be a cool tattoo? XD
We had to have this memorized in three days and get faster after every paragraph but it was so impossible. I went home and for two hours I sat down with a metronome trying to do it and wanting to punch myself in the  face and crying cause I was so frustrated T____T Worst lines ever.

Saturday the 10th
Look at what treasure I got in the mail that day!
AHHHHHHHH~~~~~!!!! Best thing to wake up to ever!

Took off work to go to Naomi's birthday celebration.
She's too cute!

It was a sober selebration so it was an ice cream party.
Wasn't intentional but my ice cream totally matched the flannel shirt I was wearing.

Naomi and her fellow comedy studies at the Second City friends performing for us.
Being the antisocial awkward person I am, I just sat quietly in the corner watching everyone. I did play apples to apples for a little bit but half the people weren't invested at all so it was a bit meh. I'm thankful that Paco went so I at least had one person I knew other than the birthday girl. >_>

It was a little sad though because that day was actually Sandy's birthday! Her god dang 21st too! But she was too busy to do anything D: Must go wild in celebration during winter break! >O

Sunday the 11th
Pepero Day! I totally forgot until my boss gave me a stick to eat ha ha ha. What is totally awesome is that this mart gets the special Pepero Day boxes of Pepero! They're giant! I shoulda got one for myself!
I'm not really a bread person but these breads were so cute that I couldn't help myself! They're really yummy too! I've been told that they get them from Mitsuwa. Getting these breads is becoming a weekly thing >.>

I was really craving pad see ewe so I grub hubbed some on my phone on the drive back home. We got home to a black out! The first one I've had since I've moved here! The elevator wasn't working so I had to run down and back up four flights of stairs to get my food -_-
But it was worth it! Glorious food!

Tuesday the 13th
I had leftover pad see ewe the night before but I was still craving it again. The weather was cold that day and I was sick and lazy so I just went to this Thai place that is also next to my dance class.
It was yummy but the portion was so small! So I finished and ordered a roll. It had gold flecks on it!

Wednesday the 14th
Was craving salad after class so I had a quick lunch at Panera before heading off to my first ever photoshoot!
They give way less salad now! Grr..

Headed back to campus after the shoot to meet up with Hannah and Kyle so we could watch a show together. Kyle had reservations but when we got there, they had redone the reservation list because they decided to change the rules and not allow students to reserve tickets for directing projects. -_- So we didn't get to see it.
I was starving so we went to Flaco's Tacos and hung out there as I ate.
I got a burrito bowl but it was really just a salad. There was no rice! It was good at least. Not. ~_~

Thursday the 15th
Our teacher wasn't going to be in class that day so we were just watching the movie version of one of the Chekov plays we worked on. In the email she sent us, she told us we could bring snacks to help keep us awake. So I did.
I bought five frikkin dollars worth of vending machine snacks cause I didn't have time to get actual food. I still fell asleep >_>

I skipped dance so I could catch the last showing of July 7, 1994. 
It was good. The ending is quite sad. The lady behind me couldn't stop crying after it was over. I teared up too.

I coincidentally decided to wait for rehearsal to start in the basement and realized that the show I didn't get to see on Wednesday was starting in an hour so I took a waiting number and got to see the show! I originally thought I couldn't watch cause I thought it was at 6. 
It was a good little musical. But I fell asleep for like five minutes right before the end. I was so tired >.< I can't imagine directing a musical! There's so many things you have to...direct! 

Friday the 16th
I had to get to campus five hours earlier so I could meet with my class scene partner to rehearse. I had a lot of time to kill after we finished so I just went shopping like I had money -___________-;;;
Wah aren't these adorable?? I really wanted these especially since Betsey Johnson is no more but all her dangly earrings are so heavy! 

Tech/dress rehearsal begins.
Ha ha ha ha the tricycle from the July 7th, 1994 show was still in the dressing room so...

Our gorgeous set that my camera phone does not do justice.
Hopefully I will get the pictures that were taken for us soon!

Saturday the 17th
13 hour tech. Wooooooo. It was actually the most fun/enjoyable tech rehearsal I've had I think! Can only happen with wonderful cast members <3 
Lunch break at Potbelly's
I always get roast beef but I had pizza that day.

Kyle looking all angelic.

Monday the 19th
I am starting to get addicted to Trader Joe's...
They have such awesome snacks! And it's just so adorable in there!

I went and got more food during the break we got during rehearsal.

So it was our first full dress so that meant makeup too. It was the first time we tried out mine and this is what almost happened:
Heroine addict demon child. Ha ha ha ha the director hated it so my eyes are just smudgey black and smoked out. 
ARGH I can't believe the show opens next week! I'm dying. I'm not ready!!! T___T Did you know an actor's stress level on opening night of a show is the same as someone who has gotten into a car accident? OTL  

Tuesday the 20th
My production tech section has moved on to the set section. My 8:30 class has been moving the set in for Chicago into the theater. 
We got to wheel in 16 foot things on the bike lane it the street with cars in traffic.

Andy climbing under the flats to shim and clamp them.

I brought my laptop to school so I could work on the assignments that were due that day (and are all late now. Still have to finish them T____T) in between classes and before rehearsal cause I had fallen asleep at 2 when I was supposed to have stayed up all night. Deep down I knew I wouldn't do my work but I lugged the heavy thing all the way to school anyways. -_-
Trader Joe's wrap and Jewel's chicken. The wrap itself was disgusting so I got the chicken to save it.

Wednesday the 21st
I woke up the window super white so I thought it had snowed but it was this crazy awesome fog!
I love fog! I wish we had more foggy days.
It was the last day of class before Thanksgiving break. I only had one class so I had to go all the way downtown for that one class. -_- Then I got my period and the worst cramps I've had in awhile so I went home and died. 

I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in my life with a turkey and everything! Not with my family though, with Tina's! Ha ha ha ha! She know's that my family doesn't celebrate anything so she invited me to her family's Thanksgiving ^_^
Viet food first and then American food!  Her sister even made frozen yogurt!
Oh and Tina has dark hair now. It was so strange cause I haven't seen her with dark hair since high school!
I was going through webcam pictures last night and found this:
Ha ha ha ha we've flip flopped! 

Tina and I munched out before she left for Champaign again. I feel special cause she always takes time to spend time together when she visits XD
Haven't had Buffalo Joe's in forever!
Green tea milk tea boba~