Ups, downs, and Eva

I meant to post last Sunday after all the exciting things happened but I got home later than I thought I would and I was super tired. Then I was bogged down by homework so here I am a week late.
I start with some random things that happened in September:
My dad and I had to stop by the dealer to fix the tire pressure. I didn't know this but their coffee machine dispenses the drinks for free! But they're so watered down and gross. No wonder. I was so excited that it was free and then womp.

My never ending craving for cake led me to a bakery after dinner with my dad but when we found it, it was closed so we just went to the one my dad knew that's near work.
Over priced and underwhelming :( I was especially disappointed with the fruit tart.

Meh don kat su

In a month I had 2cm of regrowth. It was so gross.
I got impatient and thought I could manage bleach bathing my hair by myself. But I was so so so wrong...
The worst part is that it looks like crap. For some reason the roots didn't lighten much and stayed brown! Never doing my own hair again. I let it process for too long so my hair died. So much fry-age and breaking happening in chunks T_T I have never seen my hair in such bad state so I got really scared. But I've been treating it and it's starting to feel like hair again so yay~

I decided that I should get my hair done professionally from now on so I had a consultation at a salon to see if I could further lighten my hair without chopping it off. The stylist wasn't willing to do it and said that I could only get highlights to even out the color if I didn't want to cut my hair above my shoulders.
While waiting for my appointment time, I tried Jimmy John's for the first time.
I don't get why so many people like it. It's not good and it's not even that cheap. Subway is so much better!

Went to Cheesecake Factory for the first time in a while with my dad.
Fettucine with sun dried tomatoes

I started reading the Ceci magazine and I flipped to this:
I just think it's weird that male endorsement models for bras up sales >_>

Friday the 28th
After an annoying week, it was finally time to enjoy life. I spent the morning trying to fix my roots before  heading downtown. They're still dark yellow. I don't know why they wouldn't tone.
Before the dance performance, Eva and I had good&cheap sushi at Osaka. I'm so glad it's near school.

All eel and avocado. I'm trying to have avocado so my hair can grow strong XD Oh so I discovered my new favorite roll! The firecracker roll on the right is pretty much a dragon roll but with slices of mango! It's really good! This is also the only place I've seen with eel hand rolls too! <3

Waiting for the performance to start.
It was so cool. I had goosebumps the entire time. I felt super lucky that I was able to have had a class with one of the dancers and the director.

Saturday the 29th
Eva invited me to go to her cousin's wedding with her so I spent the day slowly getting ready.
I'm so sad I can't curl my hair anymore T_T

Changed my necklace before heading out.

On the way to the banquet hall, we passed by this restaurant. I thought the sign was funny cause it was a big cartoon girl.
Eh you can't really see >_>

Still waiting for the couple hundred people to get there. Eva is somehow related to all of them ha ha ha

The awesome thing about Assyrian weddings, they serve hummus! Hollaaa

Escape to the bathroom to selca in better lighting XD
The cake and the bridesmaids and bride grooms cheering on the newly weds.

Cutting the cake

Cream of chicken soup

The meal was like American home style. It was so yummy!

*taken by Eva*
Eva's parents

*taken by Eva's mum*
Oh my gosh it was so hilarious. Eva's mum was trying to take our picture for like ten minutes. We would show her where the shutter button was and then when she tried to take it, her finger would move back. We couldn't stop laughing. I was trying so hard not to burst out in laughter.

Ooh forgot to take a picture of the cake.

I got photobombed everytime I tried to take a picture of this.

*taken by Eva*
There wasn't enough dance floor so the hundreds of guests khigga-ed around the whole room. I khigga-ed for the first time too. It was really funny cause everyone was giving me strange looks. I now know how Eva feels ha ha ha ha!

*taken by Eva*
Eva's mum and aunts

Lesbian couple of the night.
*taken by Eva's mum*

Love shot!

*taken by Eva*
The gross chardonnay. How do people enjoy the taste of alcohol?!

Sunday the 30th
Saw Eva again to watch a puppet show at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
They had this installation right outside:
Is anyone familiar with the Handspring Puppet Company? They've been around since the 80's. They're also the ones who did the puppets for War Horse (the play on Broadway). They are amazing!! More goosebumps. Eva and I were really lucky cause our tickets were the very last student ones which were the very last seats in the last row in the corner by the door but the usher let us move up to better sears when the doors closed so we moved all the way up to the third row! Those cost $35! Talk about upgrade! :D

This is why the MCA's gift shop is my favorite:
I really want those gummy bear night lights! You squeeze their tummy to turn them on! (Hee hee) And those glasses Eva is wearing are paper.

If a places sells Simpson's figurines, I always make sure to grab at least one.
I swear they're getting smaller and smaller.

Tried out Gino's East for the first time. Eva says they're pretty well known? The interior is really cool.
I noticed the "Dokdo is our land." I don't even know how people got over there.

Eva with her new camera!

We got the cheese deep dish. It needed sausage but Eva's a vegetarian so :(
It was just all cheese and sauce so it just melted as soon as it got on the plate. So much cheese! I'm not a deep dish person but I was starving so it was good.

October the 1st
After work, I stopped by a bakery cause I wanted cake. Again. This place is open 24 hours! And so cheap but really good!
The churros are the best I've ever had! It was even good stale! And all of it was only $5.20!

Tuesday the 2nd
Tried the new sub they came out with for lunch.

Ugh I ripped my stocking when I put it back on after dance! I was already freaking out because I had an audition and this just made it worse. So presentable -0-
I had to wait like four hours so I was freaking out in the library. It's the first audition I've done since my first one in freshman year!

Finally I got it over with and got to head home.
Saw an organized spider while waiting for the train

Thursday the 4th
My trousers have gotten small for me...and they're the only pair I've got! D:

So I was really stupid and didn't think to check for a call back list on Wednesday and when I checked it that day, I saw that I was called back but thought I missed it. I was really annoyed with myself cause I was so stupid. But then I realized it was on Friday! So I decided to treat myself :D I tried Pita Heaven for the first time cause it's on the way to my dance class.
It is soooo good! And I love home fried chips!
I was in the middle of eating when I realized that it was almost time for class and I wasn't even near done! I was feeling the food and the weather was being especially good so I decided to cut class and enjoy my food and the weather ^w^

I walked to the Buckingham Fountain after because I was supposed to meet someone there. It was really sunny so I went into the area with all the trees. No one was there and it's kind of secluded so it was super nice to just lay there listening to music/napping/reading. I was glad I skipped XD
Wish fall weather was always this warm!

An hour and a half-ish later, I met up with Stephen.
It had been like four years since we last saw each other! We met in freshman year biology but other than that we never really talked. He randomly asked me if I would help him go shopping so I did. I was worried that it would be awkward cause it had been so long since we last saw each other and I'm just really awkward but when we actually sat down to talk, we found out we had a lot in common and we just sat talking for hours about Game of Thrones and what not! It was really enjoyable!

Came home to see:
Yoshi! I doggy-sat him last summer and now he's back until Tuesday while his owners are in LA. He's too hyper for me but he's so adorable. I can see why people have pets. It's so nice to come home to someone who's excited to see you! It's such a mood boost!

Ha ha ha ha he cracks me up everyday. I was eating KFC and suddenly I heard this breathing over my shoulder and it was him! I had to take a picture! I feel so bad eating in front of him dough.

Friday the 5th
Had my callback. I was bummed because I thought I would miss zombie paintball with Tina, Eva, and Tina's friends but I ended early and I got to go!
Went to Dunkin to wait for Tina to get me. I had baked Poliwhirl's tummy while waiting.

So we were all really excited for this zombie paintball. We thought it would be this awesome thing where zombies were chasing us and we shoot them in this big open mile but it turned out to be really lame. We spent more time driving there than the actual thing. It was hilarious though. The people who were zombies and soldiers were really committed and I couldn't stop laughing.

Went to Los Comales after.
This is seriously the best taco I have ever had! SO GOOD!

Had to take a picture of Tina because it was the last time she was going to be blonde!
The last time we'll be blondes together :(
The paintball was a fail but the night was still hilarious and super fun! Laughed sooo much!

I was walking Yoshi and this squirrel would not stop yelling at Yoshi.

I looked on Yelp to further research salons for a second consultation and found another possibility! One of the reviewers said that she has naturally almost jet black hair and this salon was able to get her platinum blonde for years! So I went there before work. This is now my favorite salon! The stylist I saw is super cool and friendly. 
She actually even did a patch test (the first salon didn't) and she said she could further lighten my hair! All of it! And for less than the highlights would have been at the first place! Ugh I was so happy! Oh and she has great taste in music and she was wearing creepers while working. The space itself is really my cup of tea too. It's not the super high class designer kind of place but its this vintage, cozy, cluster kind.  Hell yes this is my place. I'm so excited to get my hair done at the end of this month! Salon Tress, everyone! If yer a Chicago-an, check this place out!

Grubhubbed a Thai restaurant I haven't tried before. Their chicken wings are so good but the pad see ewe and iced tea were meh. My mum is totally in love with the chicken too!

Kay I should start my homework now.