I just eat

So I completely forgot about these webcam pictures I took with Tina back when I was in Chambana before school started until last week. There were a LOT of pictures in the last post so I'm putting them in this one.
The first night. We made it!


Tuesday the 9th
I was waiting for my bus and I noticed how super pretty the trees were lookin'.
Oh speaking of buses, I'm super happy cause I got my new upass! It totally sucked not having it. I realized that in a week, I spend $40 on getting to school and back! D: Thank goodness for upasses!

Lunch from Burnham Mart. Nyam nyam nyam.

Went home to Yoshi for the last time. His owners came back and picked him up that night. No more waking up/coming home to this adorable face.
Bwahahaha his face! Now he closes his mouth completely but last year, his bottom teeth would always show.

Wednesday the 10th
I was craving cheese fries cause I remembered seeing a guy eating them the day before so I went after my last class to eat them as well as more mozza sticks.
Look at dat neon cheese

Oh so the whole day people were telling me that I made the show but I could not find the cast list anywhere! It wasn't until the end of the day where I went to look again and my classmate walked me up to the right wall and pointed out the paper that I finally saw it. Ha! So while I was at Burnham Mart, I decided to celebrate with snacks!

Oh so my mum is totally in love with the chicken from Bangkok Wok after trying the chicken on Sunday. She kept telling me to order it for like three days straight but it'd either be too late or they were off that day. Finally we got them at the right time and she indulged.
Mmm~ I think this place is better than Tub Tim Thai cause they've been sporadic with whether they make the food good or not.

^ what an awesome date!
Taking my WIWT picture in class cause I didn't have time in the morning at home XD Oh and there's Jeff in the back playing piano.

It was the first day of rehearsal and I had to wait almost four hours for it to start. I've decided to use that time to read in the library cause I don't really get homework this semester. Gonna get so much reading done these next two months!
This is now my room . It was where I stayed the last two times when I auditioned and had call backs. No one is ever in this room so I'm claiming it >D

I grabbed all the Murakami books the library had to check out. I finished South of the Border, West of the Sun and it was meh. I don't think I'm a fan of his writing style so I'm checking out all the rest of his writings.

Oh I did my nails the night before. I haven't done them in so long and I've gotten worse >_> They look half decent  from far away and out of focus.

Went to rehearsal. It ended around ten and  I hadn't eaten since like three in the afternoon so I was starving to the point I was feeling sick. Got McDonald's on the way home. I surprisingly hadn't had it in a really long time!
My cheeseburger had both bottom buns!

Kay I'm gonna go give my full attention to Jersey Shore nows. Until next week!