I have been the worst

student and daughter this past week.
Monday the 22nd
So I guess the horrible week before caught up to me and wore me out. (Thank you to all those who wished me a better week on Formspring and comments by the way! Ya'll are super sweet! ^__^) I woke up that morning at 10:30 which is when my class starts. I would have been failed out of that class because of my lateness if I hadn't had a talk with the teacher on Wednesday T____T
Since it was already past the point of being able to do anything, I just slept in until 2pm, skipping my second class. 
I had to get some things so I called my dad and we had a meal together at hmart and then he drove me all the way to school for rehearsal. He drove me downtown pretty much all week....
Kkam poong gi chicken. The most decent food item at the hmart food court.

The docs I ordered came that morning! Yee! Still have yet to wear 'em!

Tuesday the 23rd
The day I had been waiting forever for finally came. The day I finally got to see Grimes again!! Ahhhhh <3

Went to Dairy Queen with Paco for lunch.
Their food is surprisingly yummy!
As I was walking all the way to the dance building, I saw that I was going to be late. I was still a little annoyed at the teacher so I decided to just go home lmao. I took a nice 3 hour-ish nap that I really needed and then got ready for the show. Met up with Eva and we were on our way~

*stolen from Eva's instagram cause my camera sucks*

Opening acts:
I was quite into their first song which even reminded me a little of Grimes but then the songs that came after reminded me of my friends at karaoke minus the synths and electronics ha ha ha ha. I actually think their songs sound better recorded which is usually the opposite of what I think XD Oh and they're really good at making the siren noise.

I can't find the first song they sang but this sounds much better this way. If you like Crystal Castles, you may like this one:

Oh and this song which is reallllllly great was remixed by Grimes and Majical Cloudz for them:

Elite Gymnastics (which is now only one guy) set up the stage with this evil Totoro doll.
Staring into your soul

You might recognize him if you've watched every interview with 2NE1 when they were touring in America. He interviewed them for pitchfork. He wasn't very impressive live but I did like him. There was something very endearing about him. 
I've looked up more of  his work and it has all been really amazing! I really advise to give him and his ex partner a try! They are genius at putting samples together and heart breaking poets as well!
I particularly love this one:

And finally.....
Sad I couldn't get decent pictures. I don't know why but this venue has the stage lights pointed towards the audience!
More songs you should listen to of hers:
I will stop before I post all her songs here.

The goody bags her dancers threw out into the audience. Ring, Kit Kats, Lisa Frank sticker, tattoos including a Justin Bieber one ha ha ha ha
It was a good show but of course, there were some extremely annoying people. I also got my butt raped by two random chicks. One of them also "played piano" on my back up my spine to my head and then proceeded to muss up my hair. >___> All worth it though!

Wednesday the 24th
I woke up like normal and was brushing my teeth like normal when I suddenly realized that it was Wednesday and that I didn't have rehearsal. I was bummed a couple nights before because I thought I couldn't see Justice who were performing that night because of rehearsal but I didn't! And my 8:30 class the next morning was cancelled! It was the universe telling me to go! So I had to! So I did! YAYYYY!!!
When I went to pick up my tickets at will call, they gave me a second ticket. And look! It's for Die Antwoord!!! And it was free!! AHHHHHH!!!!! And it's on a Wednesday so I can go!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I know what I'm doing for Halloween! :D 
I looked up who the "and many more" are and they're all actually really awesome as well!! Excited~

Opening act:
Some DJ guy I don't know who played trap music. It felt like a high school dance. Oh he played M83's Midnight City and it was awful. I just sat down to and people watched as I waited.

All set up!
He took the longest drag on his cigarette as suspense built. It was so sexy. 
Lights back on for encore

Best I could do with the tallest man on earth standing in my way.
Oh my gosh it was soooooooooo fun!!! I danced my heart out (which I couldn't do at Grimes cause I couldn't move) and had a blast! They are so dang fun! To think I almost missed it! I don't think they come to Chicago often either!
Greatest two days of a week ever. Much deserved after the last week I think!

Thursday the 25th
I was really stupid and overslept again and missed my second class. -_-
But I finally went back to African dance. He was being much better to me after our talk but he doesn't know when to stop putting people on the spot. 

I ended the night with pizza.

Friday the 26th
 I was supposed to get my hair done but I had to cancel because I had to go to the vein clinic with my mum.
She wanted to order something from the Chinese place next door so we went and I saw this:

After I ended rehearsal I went to my first rave that Stephen invited me to.
You can't see because it's so dark but the guy playing is NiT GriT, one of Stephen's faves. If you like dubstep, you might like him, if you haven't heard of him yet that is.
I really like this one:

And I really love this one:

This one is a little similar to the one before:
He opened for some other dubstep guy but I actually preferred mister GriT.

OK so raves are hilarious. It's white people doing their white people dances and no one cares because they're either rolling or tripping or drunk. Or they were super into in their light gloves or the ones that are swung around I forget what they're called. It was really fun to watch people but I was also really scared for them because some of them were really messed up and I was afraid they were going to get hit by a car or something. D: Otherwise, it was fun. The venue was interesting because it was an actual theatre so I could sit and just listen and watch. I was super tired so I only danced a little. I don't know how to dance in the first place so I was even more clueless about dancing to dubstep! Ha ha ha!

Just work.
Free yummy bread and bitter coffee.

Grabbed dinner at the food court real quick.

I am really happy to say it has been an amazing week! <3