Nothing much

has happened at all this week.
Which contrasts to all the exciting things that are supposed to happen next week. I feel like all the exciting things happen in the same week/end and the week before turns out to be the most boring one ever. But yeah I'm a little embarrassed to post about nothing happening but it's Thursday so~

Friday the 14th
Bul go gi before work.

I suddenly had a craving for cake so I yelped and came across the Swedish Bakery in Andersonville.
Got cake, creme puff, and macarons. Woops. 

Sunday the 16th
I finally opened the snacks I got from LA last month.
The packaging for the panda pocky is so adorable!
I finally realized I had these cravings for sweets because of my period I got the next morning. I skipped class on Monday cause I get the worst cramps.

Tuesday the 18th
Went to the dunkin on the other end of the street where all my classes are this semester. Their bagels are better than the other dunkin I used to frequent (perfectly toasted as opposed to burnt) but the hot chocolate is worse. Boo.
I asked for a plain bagel but I got an everything bagel. It was first time I've had it but it was pretty good.

Waited for my mum to get home from work so I could go to hmart and get a binder and possibly dinner.
Got crappy sushi. I don't know why but this crappy sushi is addictive. And it's buy 1, get 2 free after 6PM. I ate one box in the car cause I was so hungry ~_~

I was only supposed to get a binder but.... 
Oh and for that strange person who keeps asking me SNSD questions, there's Yuri on the cover for ya.

Dunkin for lunch again this time at the one I used to always go to cause I had to go to the library. You can see more of my school buildings.
That day I got the right bagel but the wrong cream cheese. I also asked for extra but they gave me the packet instead of putting it on the bagel. The blueberry hot chocolate was perfect though so~

Had my mum's cooking for the first time in a really long time for dinner.
Jae yook bokkeum/spicy pork yee!

Was all brown and beige today. 
Only one outfit picture this week because believe it or not I dressed worse than this all week >_> Hate cold weather!

I end with showing you my cave where I napped today and dreamed about being in a club and then a cake shop.

And Joie watching Dexter in the cave.