Friday the 7th
Woke up early to go get my hair trimmed. This was posted up on the window of the salon:
Eeee~~ So Excited to see them next month!!!!

I was suddenly hit by a craving for ice cream so I made a quick stop at McDonalds. 
I don't know why I just realized that the strawberry sundae is the best! I would get the fudge ones if I didn't get a cone but I'd never finish cause it gets too chocolate-y for me. The strawberry one is so sweet and refreshing!

Was like four hours early to work so I just napped those hours.

Sunday the 9th
So my mum left for LA last Saturday so I've been filling my belly with even more junk food than usual. I don't cook so... Well, my mum doesn't make food at home either so I guess I've been eating the same... Anyways, I tired a new ramen!
It's fire chicken fry flavor. It is the spiciest ramen I have ever had! And I tolerate spiciness really well! The sauce was making me tear!! But it was good so I kept suffering and enjoying at the same time.

Monday the 10th
Lazy outfit woo
I only have one class before I have to change for body movement and then go home after it so I'm not very motivated to put clothes on on Mondays/Wednesdays.

Being vain waiting for the train.
I wish I could live life filtered in some pretty lighting.

I was walking to work and noticed this on the ground:
Heart rock!

Went to my new favorite Chinese place for dinner.
It's very small. This one booth and two tables one table is all the dining area there is. Everyone orders take out from here so it's good.

I tried their orange chicken and it was really good! The second best I've ever had actually! :D Ooh and they only have bubble teas in the large size and it's only $3! :D
I ordered their special combination fried rice to-go to survive off of it for the week along with the Sarpino's and ramen. 

Wednesday the 12th
The last day of summer weather before the temperature drops thirty degrees D:
Back in high school in I think like sophomore year, Janet, Sandy, and I were at H-mart and I found this headband. I think it was Janet who noticed that there were other colors and we each wanted one so we each bought one so it was an unofficial "friendship" headband thing. But we never wore it together and we can't now cause Janet left us and Sandy doesn't know where hers is lmao.

I eat before my last class alone so I like to go to this little section under my school's theatre where it's dim and quiet to eat while reading. I call it the cave. People always go there to sleep too XD 
I was using the bathroom that's next to the cave and I looked up while doing my business and noticed for the first time how pretty the light fixtures in there are!
They need a clean but still pretty~ 
Oh my school made some renovations over the summer! The soap dispenser is automatic and we don't have shitty paper towel dispensers where you have to wind a handle lmao

Being vain again after getting home after taking a picture of what I wore.

My unbelievable stupidity never fails to amaze me. On Tuesday, I slept through my first class and for some reason thought my second class started at 12:30 so I took my sweet time getting ready and got to school. I opened the door to an empty class and was like O.O "Are we having class in another room today?" So I turned back and saw my teacher and then I realized that the class starts right after my first one and ends at 12:30! -___________________________________________- So I just had African dance and went back home.
Well, today, I thought my first class started at 9 for some reason and I was already running late. Halfway through the train ride I realize that it actually starts at 8:30. OTL I'm such a fail. Five minutes later, I realize that I forgot my dance clothes.... T_____T So I didn't go to my first class again and took that time to buy some >_> Mannnn I already have two absences in that class now and I only have one left or else I fail. It's only the second week of school! I need to pull it together forreals.

So while I was looking around in Forever21 for a tank and leggings, I found this:
So I had to have it. Now I have three awesome Simpsons clothing items! :D If you don't know that I absolutely LOVE The Simpsons, you don't know me at all!

After scene study I walked to the library to meet someone. I pass the Hilton on the way and all the news stations were outside of it waiting.
Random person walks past as I take a picture -_- So many cameras and crew and vans waiting! The satellite dishes that come out of the vans are crazy tall!

At the library I met with Brad! Haven't seen him in like a year or two since we took Japanese together freshman year!
I finally gave him the Captain America bobble head figurine + mini letter that I was supposed send him over the summer. >_>

I checked out a couple Murakami's while I was there. All the buildings I have class in this year are far from the library so I don't even go anymore.
I also received three more plays to read in scene study in addition to the one from text analysis! I love having things to read lined up! Exciting! Except really classic stuff like Shakespeare or Greek tragedies/comedies. UGH

Since the dance building is right across from Jewels...or is it a Dominicks? I stopped by to grab dinner.
Two dinners. 
I freaking love their honey wings. I freaking love fried chicken. Best food in the entire world!!!