Sad things (sorta)

Sad things happened throughout the week.
I was actually gonna post this yesterday but in the middle of uploading my photos, photobucket decided to have it's site maintenance right then! It says that it's only gonna take a couple hours but it didn't finish until like five hours later! >:(
Sunday the 12th
There were no rooms available at the culture center so instead of having practice, we all went to the beach to have a going away kind of thing for Keigo. It was his last day with us. He's leaving for NYU! :(
Since we were going to the beach, I wanted to wear my boat hat...
But there was no sun that day :( I wore it anyways >_> The sun did come out for a couple minutes a couple times though!
Heh it matches with the band of my skirt.
My mum saw me taking my outfit picture and was like "Take one together?" Ha ha ha
Yeah I look nothing like her besides the round face and round nose tip.

Nick took us to North Park Beach!
Ha ha ha ha I swear he's the most childish out of all of us and he's our leader!

The girls just sat around while Keigo and Kevin took a quick dip. The water was cold so they came right back out XD

Stupid Sandy never looking at the camera when I take a picture -_-

There were those ice cream carts going around and so I got one!
The Mexican fruit bars are the best! Especially the coconut ones! One of the best summer treats! The coconut one is Tina's favorite so I got it thinking of her XD

Keigo chasing seagulls

I wanted another bar and the man was standing and waiting right in front of me but Sandy took my wallet and wouldn't let me! She guarded it for like ten minutes until she got distracted and I got it back! XD
I always get strawberry. Ha ha ha Sandy burying Sabrina and Keigo ruining it. Rachel is making a friendship bracelet back there. I guess those are back these days!

What are you supposed to do at the beach? Sandy and I have absolutely no idea. We all just sat there and ate chips and hated on the seagulls ha ha ha

I'm not sure if it's my camera that's messed up from when it rained at Pitchfork or the film! I can't take polaroids outdoors or it comes out way too light! :( 
I tried to use up film to quickly find out.
I'm hoping it's the film since it keeps getting those random black lines >_<

Headed to Chinatown for dinner. It took so long cause of awful traffic even though we were in the city!
Sweet and sour pork

Orange chicken

Shrimp fried rice

Beef chow fun
I'm surprised this got all of us full! But we did snack on a lot of chips at the beach!

Custard rolls!

Nick's ass mango pudding.
So when Nick went to the bathroom, the first thing he saw was a bare butt. This middle aged man was using the urinal with his pants all the way down to ankles! Ha ha ha ha! I had to keep reminding him and that's all we talked about while we ate the pudding. 

Bah this would have been so cute if it was messed up! >[

We were all soooo sleepy after eating.
D'aww the kids fell asleep

Monday the 13th
After eating before work, I had the biggest and most sudden craving for chocolate cake. We had no time so I just stopped by the 7 Eleven next door hoping.
They didn't have chocolate cake :( But they did have a lot of Arizona flavors I never had before!

Tuesday the 14th
Went to the 48 hour film festival "best of" screening with Eva!
While I was getting ready, I opened a new box of toothpaste. Look at how fat it is!

Bat wing sleeves!

It was taking Eva awhile to get to my house and she wasn't answering me so... 

I found out why:
OMG EVA'S DRIVING!! Look at those concentrated eyes. 
It's so strange seeing either of us at the wheel lmao

We got to Fullerton later than we were supposed to and it said that the screening started at seven so we rushed to McDonald's and scarfed food down. I didn't even finish my wrap and cheeseburger so I just stuffed it in my bag and left. The streets there are so confusing and Lincoln Hall was right down the street from the McDonald's but we went the wrong way >_> We figured it out and got to Lincoln Hall only to have the screening start at like 8 -____- I could have finished my food! :(
It was fun and we saw good stuff! We plan to go again :3

Random circle lens review!
Beaucon Shimmer Green
*Poison My Senses:* this is the lens I'm wearing in the post before!
Out of focus in my crappy bathroom light

In flash. Looks a little blue up close on my eyes

Color: 4.5/5 Close up and in some lights, they look blue. The first time I wore them I was afraid that I was sent the wrong color. They aren't the most vibrant green but I like that. It's enough to give my eyes a pretty sheen.
Design: 5/5 They blend pretty nicely and I think they look more natural than other lenses that are two or three toned like this one. There's less of a "lizard eye" effect.
Comfort: 4/5 For some reason this one was was a little less comfortable than the other shimmer colors I've tried. They dry a little faster. 

Wednesday the 15th
Went to the dentist with my dad for the first time since I took my braces off which was....like five years ago?? I found out that I have to get surgery because my frenulum is attached too high and it's pulling down my gums T_____T I've never had surgery before. I'm so scared. :(
Ate pho before going back home.
Couldn't be cheered by food because they gave us the crappy noodles that break apart right away that day. It's different every time there ha ha ha. I wouldn't have minded but their broth (my favorite part) didn't taste like it normally does. :( Also my smoothie was more a slushie. It tasted like strawberry though so whatevs.

Went over to Jessica's with Sandy to get my hurr did.
The before

The process.
Hee hee I felt special cause they were both attending to my hair ^_^

The after. My hair is strange. I don't think my roots came out that light the first time I bleached it many years ago? Hopefully the rest of my hair turns banana yellow when we do it again! 
Special thank you to Jessica and Sandy for doing my hair! <3