Winners & sky sparklers & stupid

Congrats to Tina & Tina who won the Luview giveaway!
Thanks to the few who joined. My blog isn't well known or good for these things so I'm thankful that there were people at all who joined it! TwT
I totally forgot to put these pictures up in the last post! After watching Moonrise Kingdom and eating Panera, Eva's sister, Tania, picked us up. On the way home, Tania wanted bubble tea so we stopped at one place and we spotted this interesting little car: 

We also noticed:
Ha ha ha ha

June: Friday the 29th
I was craving the hibachi steak so my dad and I went to Cheesecake Factory.
Cold Apple Cider

They changed their butter

I was never seated by the windows in this section before

Yay~ I didn't have it in so long!

Saturday the 30th
I've been waking up around 3PM these days cause it's summer. My mum came into my room saying there was an envelope for me so I just stuck out my arm to her still half asleep. I woke up cause inside the envelope was:
WOOT! This is turning out to be the best summer of my life ever!

 Got ready and left home for dinner and work.
I have this way too often >_> 

July: Sunday the 1st
Religion and practice as always
Pizza for lunch as usual

Yay for Nick and his Japanese snacks!

So the kids had come back from California for a conference/performance that Sandy and I were originally supposed to go to as well but spots were limited so we couldn't! Keigo was super thoughtful and brought back personal souvenirs for the people who couldn't go!
Ha ha ha that hand muscle building thing cause I'm weak. Sandy got a massage thingy that you hit your back with shaped like a strawberry cause she's old. Lulz. He's so sweet!

Monday the 2nd
Had lunch with my dad at Jun Joo Restaurant before going up to Evanston to pick up my shoes from the shoe repair store.
Yook gae jang. I like this place cause their radish kimchi is the taste kids like.

I always spend forever taking out all the green onions before I actually start eating >.<

Then I went to class. 
Sensei always brings a little bit of food to eat during the two class breaks we have. This time she brought curry! So good! And cantaloupe! Though that wasn't so good... Oh and one classmate brought chips and guacamole from his restaurant and another made tofu skin rice balls! Best part of class!

Tuesday the 3rd
Had dinner at Tub Tim Thai with my mum.
She smiles way more naturally when she doesn't know someone is taking a picture.

Thai Crispy Crepe

I forgot what kind of chicken...

Pad see ewe~

Then we went to Nordstrom so I could buy my Keds!

Oh so I french twisted my hair the night before and it worked in leaving waves for me! Ho ho! Finally a heat free way that works for me!

Fourth of July!
For the first time in years, I left home to do something on this holiday thanks to Sandy and her family XD
Even though we were going to the beach, I still felt like I was showing too much skin. So glad I have that cover up thingy. I changed my wedges into sandals cause I didn't sleep that night and I didn't want to fall on my face XD

Oh man I layered my 50 SPF lotion with my 40 SPF bb cream and then my 50 SPF sun powder. I know after some point, it doesn't make a difference but I felt safer that way. My face is already the darkest part of my body! Good thing Sandy brought a big floppy hat with!

 OMG. It was over 100 degrees. The sand. I thought I was walking on hot coals.
 Cassie didn't wanna leave! She was so unhappy at us ha ha ha

Oh my goodness, poor Sandy's mum. She only put sunscreen on the front side of her body so her back got burnt! She was magenta! Oh my gosh it was sooooo funny! XD

Went to Woodfield after to look for eye cream Sandy's mum, a casual dress for Sandy, and colorful socks for me!
Burger's for Amurica day

Cassie modeling for me. That attitude. Ha ha ha ha

Break from walking around for hours

We left with only me having bought things! That weren't socks! T_T This always happens. It happened at the Nordstrom rack too. Oy..

Went to watch fireworks with Eva at our high school. Julia walked up from behind us on the way there out of nowhere and joined us!   
 Ha ha ha ha what is she doing

There's a stage with local performers or something set up in the field. We didn't even go in the field cause there were soooo many people and it was already ridiculously hot.

Still so many people coming.

Ha ha ha ha we were so gross cause it was sooooo hot and humid. Ugh. 

Bah the people with their golf cart just sitting there right in the middle -_-

Ya... Sorry... I just like long exposure photos ^^;
This one looks like a flower! ^_^


Walking back to Eva's
It looks like the walking dead or something ha ha ha

Borrowed these before going home:

Just had practice (we have a performance on the 27th! D:) and then work.
Woo hoo bright canary yellow! 

I look like I was dressed to playing tennis or something! Ha ha ha so:
 Wanna know something funny? While I jumped into that ready position for the picture, I slipped, twisted my ankle, and fell and hit my elbow on the table! 
 LMAOOOOOOO OMG AHAHAHA!! My ankle hurt all day and I have a bump/scratch on my arm ahahaha!

Oh my gosh it's so bad! I have to redeem this awful picture with a normal one
 Oh and yay to my pimple.

Something else that is hilarious:

Hahahaha this is so hilarious looking. I saw it and I had to get it for Sandy cause she loves Thor and I just like buying things for people when I see something that makes me think of someone right away. He's so cute but so funny looking!

Had to get this one for Brad cause he super loves Captain America!

I didn't sleep again so I will finally go to sleep now~