Cornservatory & Pitchfork & Grimes & Grimes & Grimes

I am falling behind on my posts! I don't even know why! But I hope this post makes up for that!
Using the sleeping mask that Keigo got for me. It's quite useful cause I sleep when it's really bright out. Need to fix my sleeping schedule >_>

Thursday the 12th
Met up with Paco and Alix for the first time since like school ended! We went to the Cornservatory to support Dan and his group!
Being the third wheel to the cute couple. Woops~

They were giving out free beer. They also gave out mini bags of chips during intermission. I hadn't eaten/drank anything all day and was starving because Paco said we might eat together before the show so I didn't eat. But we ended up not having time T_T So of course I took the chips but I knew I was going to be thirsty and they had nothing else so I took a beer....only to leave right then before the show ended! So I technically stole a beer. Woops~

We stopped by Jewels because I wanted to buy something to eat at Dan's place.
Ha ha ha ha Dan the Man

The pretty gazebo thing in the park we cut across to get to Dan's.
We spent the night just chillin' with his room mate and neighbors and their friends.

Saturday the 14th
PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL!!! The first music festival I've ever gone too! Oh gosh I had been waiting for that day for sooo long!!! GRIMES!!!!<3<3<3
Tina picked Eva and I up. We stopped by Wendy's cause I hadn't eaten yet.
I'm getting used to fruit in salad. I had nuggets too but I got full off the half salad and ended up giving them to  Tina. I don't know what's wrong with me! My appetite has just died and I get full so fast now! T_____T
Oh my gosh Tina is one of those great people who are hilarious without meaning to be. She was driving while holding her sweet&sour sauce and eating her nuggets. It was both hilarious and horrifying to watch. I told her I didn't want to die before seeing Grimes. Tina also has extra trouble understanding what the people working the drive through say so I think the lady got a little frustrated when she had to keep repeating herself. We probably annoyed her more when we went right back through the drive through a second time cause I didn't get my salad dressing. LMAO

Testing out Eva's digicam cause Pitchfork doesn't allow dslrs.
D'aww she looks so sad

Finally there! The train was packed with sooo many people also going! There weren't that many people yet though.
Cloud Nothings playing

We were worried about being burnt to death by the sun cause the drive to the station was sooooo sunny and  hot! But by the time we were waiting for the train, it drizzled and cooled off. The sun came out again only to start POURING ten minutes later!
LULZ! Soaked to the bone! It got so cold! Thank goodness I wasn't allowed to bring Takutz Jin cause the rain got in my purse! Phew~ I couldn't pay attention to the band cause I was just getting hit hard by rain and wind. It was pretty awesome though cause the harder they played, the harder it rained. It actually stopped when they stopped! On to the next performer~

On the way to the other stage, this guy who was tripping his balls off asked Tina where Atlas Sound was playing. She told him and he thanked us. Then asked if he could walk with us. We could clearly see he was messed up so she straight up said "No." and we walked away but he followed us! He would also put his arms around us or hold on to us even though Tina and Eva kept telling him that he had to stop following us. Tina even had to ask guys in the crowd to help us keep him away from us but they either thought we were friends that were joking cause he would tell them things were alright or they just didn't want to help us. Now you may think we were a little extreme or mean but he was really creepy like when he said I had nice hair and tucked it over my shoulder and then just inappropriate when he grabbed Eva's boob! Wtf. No. The guy had to go. Finally a guy helped distract the crepe and we ran away. We could finally enjoy Atlas Sound in peace!
Honestly, I only went to see Grimes and didn't know any of the other performers besides Chromatics thanks to Thad. But I'm also open to all music (besides country :P) and I trust Eva and Tina's taste in music. I ended up really loving everyone we saw! So I will also insert a song of theirs so anyone who reads this can check them out and not be missing out on awesome artists!
Let me also put in good pictures since I couldn't get really good ones. All the quality pictures are from Pitchfork's site!

When we thought we were safe from the rain, Atlas Sound made it rain again. Twice.
Rain or shine.
And look! I recognized the guys that were standing in front of us and found the top of Eva's and my head! Too bad they cut off Tina :/

While we were walking to the next performers we wanted to see, a random guy we were walking past asked us if he could walk with us. We were all like o.o "oh no..." But he then explained that he had lost his band mates and was freaking out so Eva said sure and he joined us. I'm suspecting that this might be his way of picking up chicks? Cause while we were walking, he walked by two girls he recognized. He was also sooo in love with Eva. He only had eyes for her. Tina and I did not exist to him while he was telling Eva his life story ahahaha! He's the drummer for Hollow Stars who are currently touring with Lotus Plaza. His band mates finally walked into him and before he went to grab a beer, he came behind Eva while she wasn't paying attention and told her he'd be right back all close to her face like. We walked off to the next stage before he came back XD
Random people love talking to Eva when we're together. So I'm making a habit of taking their pictures. I shoulda taken a polaroid!

Next perfomers: Youth Lagoon!
They made the sun come out! Yay~
We stuck to the blue stage pretty much the whole festival ha ha ha

Logan the guitarist's hair was soooo silky and soft looking! It would just bounce so prettily when he would move!

When we were walking to the blue stage earlier, we noticed that people were really muddy! We were wondering why and just thought it was cause they went wild and rolled around on the ground cause the field was decent. We found out soon enough when we walked closer to the stage.
The grass ended and there was just really stinky mud. We had a bet to see who would leave with the least and lowest amount of mud on their legs. We were doing pretty well keeping clean.

Nicolas Jaar & company!
This guy is crazy amazing! And so young! Only two years older than me! What am I doing with mah lyfe?!

Sexy sax solo

We took a break after Mister Jaar.
I got toasted ravioli while Tina and Eva just got boring cheese fries.

*taken by Eva*
Lulz my legs were tired

Sleigh Bells was on the main stage and we were not even gonna get close to the stage (there were SOOOO many people at that time) so we just relaxed and listened/ate. We could see on the screen anyways XD 
They are really powerful and energetic! The vocalist, Alexis Krauss is also quite hot! XD

This song is so much more fun live!

After eating and bathroom break, we went back to the blue stage for Chromatics! They took quite long to set up and some people in the audience got impatient.
They were actually my second favorite act of the night! You might also have heard their (what I think is a) cover from the movie Drive.
I wish the photographers could have gotten all the members for all the groups!

Camped out at this stage and listned to Danny Brown instead of heading over to Hot Chip so we could try and get to the front for Grimes! While we were squeezing our way up, my hair got caught in between two people going the opposite way of where Tina was dragging me and I got stuck! It was so painful! >.<
He was reallllly fun and dirty but it was also awful cause every person I stood behind was some giant guy who was at least 200 pounds with a full size back back! The first huge guy was like 300 pounds and he kept leaning back. I had to get past him so we went in front of him only to stand behind another giant and he kept stomping on my toes the whole set T_____T 

Eva got separated from Tina and I in the middle of his set and we ended up on complete different ends!

And then finally......the moment I had been waiting for for forever..... GRIMES!!! MOTHER EFFING GRIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!
Special guest Blood Diamonds
Tina and I ran and squeezed up to the fourth row while Eva got to the second and got mauled even harder than us! XD But of course I stood behind the guy with a backpack. -____- But at least he was small...small and had fluffy hair that kept going in my mouth... And this one annoying guy had his elbow in my ribs almost the entire time trying to get in front of me. Heck no! I stood my ground with my hidden hulk strength. Sore for days!

I could not for the life of me get a good picture of her cause it was dark!! *Cries* My phone died too so I couldn't instagram D: So all the pictures are super blurry but she's so damn beautiful so she shines through the blurriness. Plus, I think they look cool!
Ha ha ha caught the girl throwing glitter at her friends. Grime's dancers threw bags of glitter at the audience for her last song.

It's impossible but she is prettier in person!!! D:

*stolen from Eva's instagram*

Ugh she is seriously so PERFECT!!! With her little growls and dancing. T^T She is literally a genius and she is the only woman in the world who can be absolutely charming with a lisp! Ugh can I just be her please? She is one of the coolest most beautiful people in the world!! Mah wifey 4 lifey!! 
It was freaking hot with no room to breathe but when she started, I got chills! I could not believe I was seeing her live!!! This is really embarrassing but... I teared!!

This is probably her most famous song. And for good reason! AHHHH~~~~ <3<3<3 

Apparently one of her dancers is a tumblr celeb? I'm guessing the one on the left?

My heart. Dead.

Her set was too short!! D; But the night ended for us and we left after being there for like ten hours!!
Waiting for the train. The night was so nice and cool after leaving the mass amounts of people. Perfect!

We died for Grimes.
I almost wore my Keds. HAHAHA

Oh gosh it was hot, cold, wet, smelly, dirty, painful, sweaty, and sooooo amazing!!! "Dancing" to awesome musicians performing for you live in the tiniest amount of space with people squished next to you and on top of you pushing and shoving and moshing with everyone's sweat getting on you in a greenhouse of everyone's body heat is SO DAMN FUN! Can't even get my words right! Cannot wait for Lolla!