Sweet and girly with 01 Lovely Gold

Thanks to this:

I was able to do this summery/springy look!:

Ignore my messy hair >_>

The swatches:

Close up:

Sorry about the unruly eyebrows;; I'm just so lazy!

Super close up:

The pigmentation of the colors in this trio isn't the strongest. I used both a eyelid primer and then a white base to help the colors pop a bit more. I don't think that did much... however they do show up enough to tell and they give a nice shimmer that brightens up your eyes! This is very Korean-y!
The brown/plum color shows up more pink on the skin, especially the eyes. In yellow-er lights, it does look more brown/bronze.
I was pleased that I had absolutely no problems with fall out! The staying power is very good. I did this same look yesterday and the shadows lasted all day!

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