Mama day

Hope every one had a sweet time with their mothers today!

Friday the 11th
Had to pick up my regular contacts for filming since I can't film with circle lenses!
It's funny that they have Japanese on the box when the optometrist I got them from aren't even Asian! XD
I haven't worn regular contacts since the first time I got them like 3-4 years ago! They feel so slimy! Fun!

Buffet before work
I'm too lazy to keep going back and forth so I just grab a couple dishes at a time XD

Dessert part 1

Oh, when I first got into my dad's car, I got really surprised. He had been sporting his caterpillar mustache for a long time and it was suddenly gone! I have my old dad back! But now he really looks his ripe old age of 72!

Dessert part 2 on the way out

Tina came back from Champaign so we had a date
Went to Taco Burrito King cause we were both mad hungry and the place we were originally going had no parking!

I have been craving horchatas sooooooo much this past month! I finally got a large one! It was super large and I was very happy! ^^

We went to King Spa after eating. Hours and hours of much needed girl talk was had and it was fantastic! I never notice time passing when I talk with Tina!

The sun washed out the black >.<

So at my religion meeting, we had a skit that was based off of The Wizard of Oz and I was "Glinda Johnson - the good priest." I felt like my tiara suited Keigo way better.
Workin it!


Tako trying to help Keigo pose and me failing to take a steady picture

I got back home and was waiting for my dad so I could go out and get flowers. While waiting, I played around with one of the lipsticks I never got to wear out during fall.
Revlon's Black Cherry
I wanted to try a vampy color cause I always get pinks and nudes (that don't even suit me T_T).

It's actually darker in real life. Hee hee my dark circles and eye bags work to make me look more vampire-y. I had an hour and a half of sleep T_T

I look mean so I took lighter selcas
But they just made the color look plain red :/ 
It's funny how a shade of lipstick can age you

After getting flowers and eating, I stopped by Barnes and Nobles to pick up a book to take with me to Kentucky.
While I was there, I tried to take advantage of happy hour for the first time in my life but either that Starbucks doesn't participate in it, or it doesn't happen on weekends like Sandy says. Boo! >[

The book I got:
Happy Jin is happy.
My obsession right now <3 I watched the first season twice and then read the first book. Haven't been soooo obsessed with a series since Harry Potter!
Oh yeah, anyone have an opinion on these glasses? I bought these frames years ago to turn into my second pair but I never did. But I also have another frame in mind. Hmm~