Mini road trip, food, & drawings

I made Tina take a picture with me the night I got to Champaign and I completely forgot to put it up! >.<

Monday the 12th
Stefan/Elbows: "Roses are bullshit!"
Joey the Girl Faced Girl: "Panini-ed"

Tuesday the 13th
It was spring break for the community college I take Japanese so after my class at my own school, I met up with my friend Doolli.
This hooded knit was so perfect for the cooled down weather! It kept me warm but the holes would let in refreshing breezes ha ha ha! It looks better in person I swear >.>

We were going to watch Safe House but Doolli didn't bring his ID with so I made us watch the Lorax! >:) It was sooooooo gooooooood like holy crap! I watched the first five seconds and I was like "I need the DVD." I teared up a couple times through out the movie and then the water works just let loose at the end. Fantastic movie. Boo to all the people who said it was just alright! >[

The only place I knew that was still open was Cheesecake Factory so we had a late dinner there. Had fettuccine alfredo for the first time in a looong time. My phone had no battery so I couldn't take any pictures :( I was craving cake cause there was a huge one in the movie so I ordered a strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was HUGE! And I had to finish it myself cause Doolli doesn't like sweets! D: 
My super fail polaroid attempts lmao! The flash didn't go off in the first one, I completely failed at framing the second one, and in the third one I learned that it was too dim for the camera to focus at all! 

Wednesday the 14th
I somehow didn't hear my alarm go off and I woke up when my first class started!! Oh my gosh I was so upset cause I love that class! So I just stayed home. Worst excuse ever to miss my other classes I know but I am a fail so my logic is fail too ahahaha! I went back to sleep and I woke up to this marvelous weather!! 
You can't really see cause I took it with my phone but it was so sunny and breezy! It was perfect! So I stayed in bed sleeping until 4:30PM! I dunno why but I like sleeping in the sun with the wind blowing around. My dream is to sleep in a hammock on a balcony XD

Thursday the 15th
I skipped class again............ Since I didn't have Japanese in the evening and I'm getting annoyed at that class, I just slept in without thinking. Omg I am such a horrible student. I promise that that day is the last I ever miss until the semester ends!!! >.<

So what I did instead was meet up with Jessica cause we wanted to get the flower print backpacks at Target!
She bought the teal one the day before and decided she wanted the white one too lulz. I saw the picture of the teal one and thought it looked nicer than I thought it would so I decided to get one too. Plus my leather FILA one is too hot for summer. I also need a girlier backpack XD The teal one is prettier but I have a romper that has pretty much the identical print so~~

I owed Jessica Chipotle so we grabbed that before she dropped me off back home.
The guy working that day totally skimped everyone out of every filling! >[

Jessica also gave me my very late birthday present!
I was spazzing out! I was so happy! Perfect gift for me is food that I'm too cheap to get myself! Wuhahaha!! I dunno how I'm gonna eat the couture lolli though :X It's so pretty!

Friday the 16th
So the reason why I didn't update sooner was because I left the city this day!
Went for galbi at Woo Chon before I left with my dad. I think their food is starting to taste worse every time I go... But look! Cute mini cup!

So my friend and I went on a mini "road trip!"
There was an audition and my friend asked if I wanted to go with so I was like why not! It was my first road trip ever!
The beginning of the highway

Gotta go through downtown to go somewhere!

Crossing through Indiana! 
We were driving really fast and it was getting dark so all my pictures are fail. But they are cool fails! I love long exposures of moving lights! XD
Lulz you can see me in the mirror.

This one is my favorite. I can't decide whether I like the lighter one or the darker one. 

Finally in Kentucky after 5 and a half hours!
Guess what that is....

The KFC YUM! CENTER. If you've been reading my blog for a little, you will know that I LOVE friend chicken and KFC so you can kinda imagine how happy I was seeing this. I had no idea such a thing existed!

Downtown Kentucky is sooo gorgeous! They have sooo many bridges and they're right next to the water and they have the most BEAUTIFUL trees!! Their building are kind of old fashioned but super pretty and the houses are gorgeous! But the MUTHAFRIKKIN TREES!!! They were everywhere, all in full bloom with blossoms everywhere in the city. So crazy! Like omgosh I was totally spazzing the whole time! I am so freaking mad at myself that I didn't take any pictures in Kentucky! I totally forgot cause I was admiring them so hard. T______T

The only pictures I took of Kentucky were when we left -____-
The super cool bridges that I couldn't capture T_T

SO COOL! I love bridges omgosh.

Yer in Indiana again when you finish crossing the bridge.
The sky was a bit cloudy at first and then it cleared up and it was soooo gorgeous!
Farms with ponys were spread across the land. More spazz time.

We stopped for a bathroom break at this cool Dairy Queen/Gas Station/Gift Store. 
They sold bajas! Ahaha

And other random souvenir type things.

The coolest part about this place was the whole area being covered with wind power thingies! Sandy educated me. They are called wind turbines.
It was really windy and refreshing! For the millionth time, so cool!

Truck being carried by an even bigger truck ha ha ha

And back home

A fun journey. I have never seen the stars so big and so close before in my life! I've also never seen so much roadkill. (I saw a deer! Scarred. T_______T) I saw so many cool things and I'm so sad that I'm such an idiot. I spent the whole time going "WOAHHHH!!!" and spazzing instead of taking pictures -_________- Bah. But I am very glad I went and got to experience this! And super thankful to my friend Paco who drove the whole way cause I can't. Ah must do this again!

Oh yeah this is what I was wearing that day. . I took it when I got home before I stripped down and napped. I could not find plain black tights for my life so I had to take these thick glittery ones >.>

The Sarpino's I ordered before napping. It sucked that day! So sad!! 

Woke up from my nap at ten for late night dim sum with the peeps on spring break!
Am I the only one who doesn't like those turnip cakes?

Tried mango pudding for the first time.

Not pictured: Went back to Kevin's house after getting bubble tea where we watched Game of Thrones. Perfect show is perfect. After two episodes, we all started playing draw something! Ahaha we're all addicted!
These are some that I am proud of:

Sandy and I are noobs and then look at frikkin Eva -_- She takes soooo long with her shading and crap 

Had a big meeting at religion.

Art time with Jin!
I was nominated against my will to do a lesson/activity thing with the kids ha ha ha
They were supposed to write/draw their dream on the paper and roll it up into a baton and pass it to a friend.
A little boy gave me his!  His dream is to go to the library because he likes to read and there are lots of books and trains and movies! Ahh so sweet XD It is now on my refrigerator. Is that...a little creepy of me? Lmao I dunno I keep everything people give me! It got a little squashed in my bag by food >.<

The kids practicing their song/dance routine for the meeting.
One of them hiding while the others are practicing XD
They are all so freaking cute TwT

The soup and rice balls the adults prepared for everyone. I also had fruit and a really good cake cause it was Nick's birthday! Total coincidence but my shirt has "happy birthday!" on it! ^_^

After napping at Sandy's, I had Vietnamese with her, her mum, and baby sister.
My chicken vermicelli thing. I could barely eat cause I was still sooo tired. Haven't slept much this weekend.

She is the funniest little girl XD

Sandy;s super bitter iced coffee with condensed milk and my green tea blended ice. It wasn't even slush! T_T It was badly blended ice ha ha ha ha! Cooled me down at least.

On the way back home, I randomly got called into work cause the guy who works Sundays was feeling really sick.
A shot from my desk

I leave you with the prettiest french fry ever.