How awesome am I doing with posting consecutively three days in a row~~? This is totally unheard of for me! Ha ha ha! This is the most I've ever posted in a month!
Went on a date with Eva! Eva's friend won her tickets to a concert. Tina was actually supposed to go with her but she couldn't cause she mistook the day as being Saturday when it was actually Sunday. So I went with Eva instead. Sorry Tina! 

Finally tried Del Seoul for the first time!
Their cool wall thing full of Korean cut outs

Kimchi fries

Eva's kalbi taco and my sesame chili shrimp taco. 
Both were really good but we both liked the kalbi more!

If yer in the neighborhood, you gotta make a stop at Molly's!
Aww Eva looks like a cute little kid. That's why shes kawaii waffle lmao

Her Boston cream

My butterscotch something. It was too buttery for me

The venue:
Eva's name wasn't on the list for some reason and she got really scared/pissed cause she thought we weren't gonna get in. And then our savior, red shirt grey sweater Michigan guy came down the stairs and said we were fine. :D

The openers:

and Cymbals Eat Guitars
I actually liked both bands. The first band made me feel like I was in a dream or something. I really liked the girl's voice. The second band was energetic.

The long awaited Cursive!
Oh my gosh they were soooo awesome! It was the first time I heard them and they were so powerful and exciting and just so fun! I was so in love with the drummer ahahaha! I could not get a good picture of him for my life cause either the lead singer or the audience were covering him!

But omg some of the people there were so fucking annoying -_- There was a group of guys who were obnoxiously drunk and trying to start a mosh pit when obviously no one wanted one. And one of them just threw his empty beer bottle on the ground! It was really lucky that it didn't shatter or anything. Then he continued to dance/yell stupid stuff and push/elbow me. Oh my gosh I wanted to "accidentally" elbow him in the face (-_-)t The girl who was in front of me (somehow me and Eva who started on the right side ended up migrating to the left side of the audience) kept leaning back when she was head banging. I thought she was gonna headbutt me. The girl's friend who is a huge guy fainted during the second openers with his eyes opened like O_O and we all got super scared when he fell on us. It wasn't his fault or anything but then he got up to get more alcohol;;; And some drunk guy elbowed me in the head and juked Eva to death. It was hilarious XD

Our hand stamps

Oh so when Eva and I are together, we always meet interesting people. Not when we're alone or with other people together, just us two. Today was no exception. On the way downtown, these two guys were trying to make people on the train uncomfortable by saying things like "oh man I shouldn't have had that heroin. I should have just stopped at the cocaine," and stupid stuff like that real loudly. On the next stop, an even louder, drunk (at like 4:30PM lulz) gay couple got on and then they started talking to us about alcohol and one of them was hitting on one of the earlier guys and telling the girl they were with how beautiful she was and how she looked like Margaret Cho and how white the other guys teeth were. It was so funny oh my gosh. I regret not taking a picture. But while waiting for the train on the way back, we met Mike from Detroit.
At least that's what we think he said his name was...lulz Friendly guy!

*to Jenna:* Ha ha ha sorry, I know you said not to answer you at the start of my post. So then can I answer you at the end? :D Ha ha ha sorry if this embarrasses you too. I won't anymore if you it does. This will be the last time! I just don't want to ignore you when you leave such genuine comments XD 
But yeahhhh I shall see about that. If it's too embarrassing I probably won't especially since I did such a horrible job. Ha ha ha it would be too awkward to try and keep in touch with them. I'm not very good at that. Especially since we were all pretty awkward with each other >.> 


Breakup & breakfast

*to Jenna:* Ahahaha sorry! XD Wuhahaha that is the first time someone has said that to me! All my friends tell me that I have weird taste in guys XP The project was just one of the student short films about a girl and her boyfriend who makes a robot copy of himself :3

I was bored so I downloaded Angry Birds Seasons. The Japanese theme is so cute with the dango, sushi, onigiri, and o-cha! 
I'm only on the first stage but it's so hard! 

I had the day off from shooting so I just slept all day and then went to work. 
Had ox bone soup again before my shift.
I love the square radish kimchi TwT

One of the signs on the wall at work.
It makes sense but I don't think that's what we meant to say...

Grabbed McDonald's on the way home like always and found:
A "J" fry! Just for me! :D

Woke up the earliest I have ever woken up on a Saturday (7AM) to head to school for the final day of the shoot. 
Wee my brand spankin' new iPod that I got for my birthday but never used until Thursday!
Bah I woke up to my eyes being all swollen -_-

It was so foggy today!
Took this while waiting for the rest of the people to get to the park.

While Ronald was changing into his robot look, they were doing...something?

Shoot finito! I did a bad job again. I dunno what's wrong with me! As soon as the camera is on me I freak out and I do way worse than how I practiced. I suck omg OTL
Yay~ Group picture! Nicely framed again by a nice stranger in the park!
Benjamin, Yuya, Kirk, Ronald, me!

We all grabbed food after at a place called Yolk.
I kept meaning to try this place out ever since I found out it was right next school. It has a lot of good reviews.

Inside was pretty packed.

Their awards hanging in their big waiting area. 
They even have a flat screen TV for the people who are waiting! Dang.

Really yummy smelling creamery. I wanted to steal them >.>

Look at their grape looking lights and the egg on the wall! XD

Yuya and Kirk had their cameras so I was really sad that I didn't bring mine :(

Yuya's chili with too much Tobasco sauce

Ronald's corn beef hash and potatos

Kirk's corn beef hash and potatos

Benjamin's pancakes and meat. So yummy looking!

My strawberry orange juice.

And omelette with side of pancakes. 
This place is really good! Must go back to try their Nutella crepes! 
We had an awkward meal together lulz And then Ronald secretly paid the check for us saying "I remember what it feels like to be a broke college student." (He's not a student anymore) Wah so thoughtful!

Saw this while walking to the station. Woops finger got caught in the camera >.<
And then we all parted. I'll probably never see these people again. I dunno why things like this make me sad.  I don't even know them! Ahaha but it was fun!

Ok I must go cause Big Bang's comeback show is on TV so I cannot concentrate ha ha ha ha! Their energy is amazing!


My new boyfriend

*to Jenna:* Ha ha ha my mum was telling me that she saw ones that looked exactly alike in L.A. selling for hundreds! And I thought the sixty something dollar ones at urban were expensive! Yes, I only found out through Hollyannaeree on youtube XD The Target ones sell for 30 something. 
It was fun! I love sight seeing!
Omgosh THAAAANK YOUUU!!! All of my friends like it but it's so turnip-y but then kinda sweet. Too weird for me ~_~
Thank you! You are such a doll!

One of my drawings from draw something that I'm proud of ha ha ha
It sometimes glitches and draws a straight line when I touch the screen. Ruined it boo! Oh I just realized that I forgot to color in Jasmine's belly >.>

Improv was let out early and Paco had driven to school so he offered to drive me home since he works at the movie theatre right by where I live. He had time to kill before returning to his shift so we grabbed dinner at Chili's cause he had a gift card. He is such a hard worker! He left his shift early in the morning to go to class and then went back. Very admirable!
My mango iced tea

Texan cheese fries. 
They were so dry. I only ate them cause of the jalepenos ha ha ha!

His Cajun chicken pasta. It's what I always got whenever I went there. Speaking of which, I hadn't been there in YEARS!

My chicken ranch quesadilla. Wasn't much chicken or ranch. I actually liked the rice though.

LOOK! An electric sign under the license plate! It said "Have a nice one!" Ah the things people spend their money on 

Technically yesterday since it's past 2AM but I always do this >.>
I really regret not skipping class to watch a play my improv classmate was in cause that class is really annoying me right now. At least the people are nice but still~ It's such a waste of time for me! I only really went to class cause I had to turn in an assignment and cause I was afraid I was going to be late to the shoot I had. I was told the play was long. In hindsight I probably would still have been on time. AH REGRET

Ya so I had a shoot for another directing project. I don't really audition for anything so I have to do work when it comes knocking on my door! The shoot was happening at the director's brother's dorm at UIC. The weather was super nice and as soon as I got off the bus it started POURING! -_____- Mayn I spent my morning showering and curling my hair to get rained on. If you know me well, you'll know that I HATE showering. Ha ha ha ha
A man took cover under the Paul Mitchell school and I followed. We each made a couple comments about the rain and then we parted in opposite ways. I later found out he was the assistant director's father! Ha! 

Setting up! The one on the camera is the director!

Meet my handsome new boyfriend!
Lulz just for this project though XD What a nice smile!

The sound operator!

The super cool director of photography!
I am such an el creepo. I facebook creeped him and saw that he DJs! I've been listening to his soundcloud while writing this post and his work is sick! If anyone wants a listen: http://soundcloud.com/robotears-2 He takes gorgeous photographs as well. I must admit that I've developed a crush! Shhhhh! XP
There are so many people at my school to have crushes on! But that's the good thing about crushes. You can have more than one! :D

I failed to get a picture with everyone >[ I must on Saturday! 

I also failed to do a good job...OTL I dunno what was wrong with me today! It was the most shit job I've ever done! I was so flat and blah :( I'm quite embarrassed. Sigh