I have no friends

*to anonymous:* Oh no no no! The bb cream is the foundation! And then you can put concealer over and what not.

*to anonymous:* "Gal" as in "gal bladder" and "bi" like "bee." XD

I keep not taking pictures of them when I see them;;; I guess food is my only friend.

Sunday the 29th
Mum made food cause sam chon was coming over.
The kimchi jji gae tasted weird.

Wednesday the 1st
Lunch at Chutney Joes!
I love their mango drink! But the chicken tiki(?) masala wasn't as good as when I had it a year ago.

Thursday the 2nd
Kay so I wanted to get a bag of chips and of course the vending machine at Oakton would do this to me:
Double stuck -___-
When I walked up to it, I saw the bag of Oke Dokes stuck from the person who was there before me so of course I'm thinking "Awesome! I get one free!" So I put my money in and press whatever number and the bag that's stuck falls only for the one I paid for to get stuck..... So above the Oke Dokes honey bbq flavor  cheetos that I saw for the first time and want to try so I think "I'll get this one and it'll knock the Oke Dokes out!" And then that gets stuck too...So I'm just thinking "are you serious?!" and put in more money for another bag of cheetos. The first bag goes free and knocks down the Oke Dokes and the one I paid for gets stuck again;;;;; So I put in more money and try to get the doritos to knock it down but it failed. It didn't get stuck at least. When I went to sit down, the bag that was stuck fell so I ended up with:
LULZ! Oh and the cake I just wanted to try XD

I finally finished my red lip tint!
Took me forever!

Took off work again to watch an improv show that my classmate is performing in at the Cornservatory. 
I had all day to get ready so after my shower I tried the mask that sprinklesugars sent me!
Yay to disappearing creases -_- But the mask made my skin feel soft after so yay!

Done putting on my other mask and transforming! XD

April, Sandy, Eva, and I all had our first meals of the day at The Bad Apple!
Sandy, mine, and April's different versions of the Galaxy S2 ha ha ha! ...And then there's Eva's phone lulz! 

Hand print on the bottom of the light!

Cool dragon decoration thing that hangs over their bar.

The fried cheese curds. We all really liked these! They're like mozzarella sticks!

All our burgers. They all look about the same except mine. It had the burger patty AND the pulled pork! They were all really good!

Picture I got at the end of the improv competition!
It was so funny! The one with the glasses all around at the right is my classmate. I'm pretty sure the other three in black go to my school cause I know the girl does. XD Gosh I wish I was good at improv! T___T Such an amazing skill! *O*

It was still early and Sandy and I didn't want to go home so we went to Java for some dessert/drinks!
Haven't had my favorite green tea latte in the longest time!
Twas a very good night! Haven't come back home past 11:30 in forever! XD