Good food and good class

I'm totally heart broken
This morning, I realized the blue light on the ds wasn't on anymore! I had completely forgotten about keeping it charged the whole weekend! My pokemon game is gone!!! OTL
I'm too heartbroken to start all over again... Maybe in like five years... or ten...if ever...
What I do in school:
Burst into another class yelling and this! 

Becoming statues like this!

And this!

Invading the hallways!

Invading the offices!

And then we take it to the streets, son! 
This is the work I do towards earning my degree HAHAHAHA! 
We are Chicken on Chicken!

I love my school XD But they raised tuition again! *#&A@(*$

Saturday the 4th
Went shopping for a couple hours with Tina!
They had these ice sculptures which I've never seen Old Orchard do before.

Tina was supposed to join my dad and I for dinner at the Chinese buffet I like but turns out she had to eat with her family.
I only had three plates again cause I didn't have enough time and I didn't want to be late. Rushing and not eating my fill was for naught cause my aunt just made me go home -___-
I was jealous of April cause she was having sushi so I had my cheap sushi which I still enjoyed. And my favorite cheese mussel and clam or whatever that thing is <3 I really like the rice wrapped in banana leaves thing (dunno what it's called) but that one had mostly mushrooms! Had to discard it! >[

Stuffed crab was so big!

Oh gosh the fruit was really good that day! Went so nicely with the vanilla roll cake and coconut macaroon! 

After my religion meeting, I went out for lunch with my mum for the first time in a LONG time. Actually it was a long time since I ate with her in general! Went to Tampopo. Hadn't been there in YEARS! I'm mad I didn't take my camera. I forgot how good it was.
I love macaroni salad!

Ok, these are the best starters in the world! The mussels are cooked till they're really soft and it just melts in your mouth with the shredded crab and spicy something that they mix with it. I can't believe I totally forgot about these! T___T So glad my mum ordered them!

Saw that they added ramen to their menu so I got the chashu one. I'll be sticking to the other items, thank you lulz.

My mums tempura bento. She wasn't that hungry cause she ate in the morning cause I thought I would get home later.

Ha ha ha she looks mean here >.>

I ordered a caterpillar roll with my ramen but the waitress misheard for california roll.

The owner was happy to see me after not having seen me for years so she gave me these. Cutest little crab rangoons!

She knows my mum loves this fish so she also sent that our way.

My caterpillar roll came out last but I was already full by the time it came out so I just took it home! 

I thought my outfit today was picture worthy cause I didn't wear my hat, jeans, and fuggs for once! Ha ha ha  

So I wore my new scarf thing that my mum gave me today and Paco saw that it was almost the exact same color as his sweater so he had to have it! LUUULZ!
So sophisticated.

The guys on my left side talk about the most random things.

The people on my right do too but I'm too far to hear the good stuff!
Ah so many people were missing today! Lulz they look all serious cause the teacher starts by talking seriously and then we all end cracking up! XD

Ah what the heck I thought I took a picture of the people in front of me with the teacher... >[