100TH POST: Teen no more

So did you all have a sweet, chocolate filled Valentine's Day~?
Mine was bittersweet because today I turned a year older. One more year till I can order cocktails in restaurants and go into bars/clubs! XD But now I'm no longer in the teens! Ahhhh I don't wanna grow up!!!
I wear this outfit a lot..;;
I wore the new shoes I got! Look Sandy! Progress! Lulz

So does anyone reading this know who 하리수 (Ha RiSu) is?
She's a transgender who was also a singer in Korea. I randomly found her in my sociology text book ha ha ha!

I tried another heat free curling method in the middle of the night. I should stop trying cause they all fail..T_T
The first picture of me at age twenty! You would think someone who is born on the day of love would be blessed with outrageously good looks by Persephone but no T-T

I would have dressed more nicely if I didn't have to walk to the restaurant from school later XD

I had breakfast for the first time in I don't even know how long!
Only cause my mum made me seaweed soup :3

Bored on train XD

So in Japanese, my sensei gave us leftovers from what she made for Japanese club!
We made our own onigiri but I only ate a little cause I was having dinner with Sandy after class!
I walked to the tiny restaurant but the waitress said that nothing was open until at least 30 minutes so I just went to Sandy's to wait since she lives right next to it ha ha ha!

Yee my birthday card and Valentine chocolates from my darling Sandy~<3

Cassie became a photographer.

Cassie's Gallery:
Such talent at a young age!

So thirty minutes passed quickly and we finally tried Eclissi!
Our romantic setting for our date. All the people who were there were couples! Lulz

Our hot bread. I like the olive oil + cheese combination but I like my fatty butter more :D

Mini Arancini! It was yum! Their marina sauce is really good!

My Rigatoni Al Pollo

Sandy's Cavatelli Oxtail

Our flan

Everything was really good! For once Janet was right about a restaurant tasting good XD 
Sandy lives by all these good restaurants that are rated like 4 stars and up on yelp and yet she never goes to them;;;

T'was pleasant date~! Guess we were each other's valentines this year!  
"V" for Valentine's Day! XD