college peoples and donuts

SUNDAY the 13th
i was so bored waiting for my middle school friends that came back from college for break so i started being stupid

we went to chinatown for food
tina and kevin
lulz so sad


julie and tinas friend who joined us for the night, angie


turnip cake and fried pork buns. i loved the buns! sweet and meaty!

sweet custard rolls, chicken feet, shumai. i tried chicken feet for the first time. i didnt really like it (>.<)

short ribs

and chrysanthemum tea
my fortune read "you are both sociable and charming." i wish that was true D:

looks kinda gross lulz. but it was really sweet and good! so much strawberry!

late night china town~ ow ow~

kareoke after! havent gone in such a long time! i think im getting old. dont enjoy it as much :[
so passionate ahaha

SUNDAY the 20th
practice. performance is saturday. so not ready T_____T
but look! krispy kremes!!
the sprinkles are pastel colored~~~ *O* but i think they taste best plain!

well thats the end of this boring post! hee!

since im on spring break now, im hoping my posts will be more interesting, but probably not lulz
the forecast is all crappy too D:
but anyways!

see you loves next week!
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!


ya know how yer just taking the train to school and

it gets hit by a fucking car!?!
lulz not me but it happened to a friend. shes ok and so were the rest of the passengers...except i think one person was injured? hopefully theyre okay by now cause it wasnt a big accident.


TUESDAY the 1st
the result of my french braiding. i looked like a hermit from the woods lulz

it was "buy one, get one free!" at chipotle so of course we went!
the wrapping foil was GOLD!!! haaaa~~ it looks like a gold nugget! which is the concept!

dodging me >:/

but i got janet! ha ha!
it wasnt as good as usual cause there were SO MANY PEOPLE and they had to serve everyone quickly. but hey! i got one free so its all good~

SUNDAY the 6th
religion and practice!
if youve been reading, youll know that i have been converting to nichiren buddhism. i finally got my beads! woot! now i just gotta receive the gohonzon! :D

nick was nice enough to get us donuts to eat before/during practice
she doesnt know which one to get!
i had three >:D awww yeyuh

finally, all the members gathered!
distressed cause she just cant get it yet

i finally dyed my hair again!
its still a gradient but no more faded ass red/brown hair! my ends are soooooo damaged. thats why theyre lighter. its quite disgusting. they feel the way they were when i bleached my hair. i couldnt get them cut cause my dad came to pick me up too early. next time!

FRIDAY the 11th
i wore:
i am so awkward.... and i really really need to hurry up and buy a new tripod!

it doesnt look like me...like all my other pictures ahaha
yeahs...thats it...pretty lame post....ha ha ha sorry loves. its just too cold to do anything new XD

ill see you loves next (next?) week~
oh, and i hope you guys asking/commenting on my formspring are checking back for my replies!
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!