I LUVIEW (review & giveaway) part 1 [LONG, embarrassing, ugly post]

Hi everyone~ I have some news!
Thanks to Lina of http://sparkleapple.blogspot.com/ and Mr. Bryan Han who is the director of sales and marketing of LUVIEW (pronounced luhv-u like love you! Cute! XD) Cosmetics, I was able to receive a bunch of their products to review!
So this I guess this is my first sponsored thingy! How exciting! And even more exciting: YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN FREE PRODUCTS! YAY~!
You can win 2 products of your choice and a free t shirt!
So in case you can't see the small print on the poster, here are their rules:
1. Click "like" on all the Luview fan pages:
2. Write your nationality and the reason why you like Luview on their global fan page

I'm the one who picks 5 winners so these are my rules:
1. I don't require you to follow my blog, but I do ask you to spread the word. As you can see, my blog isn't a huge beauty blog with a bunch of fans so I'm afraid I won't have enough people who enter >.< You don't have to do this part but if you do you get an extra entry! :D
2. Comment on this or the part 2 LUVIEW post with your name, a way for me to contact you, and a screen shot of your comment on the fan page.

The deadline is December 25th. I will contact the winners after drawing randomly and contact them that night. Please respond within 48 hours or I'll have to choose someone else! :(

Unfortunately I'm the U.S. "power angel" so I'm only able to draw from people who also live in the States. Sorry D: But please look at the "power angels" representing other countries to enter their giveaway!:

So lets get onto the review! (Even if this was sponsored, I'm going to be honest.)
I apologize in advance because there are some really unflattering pictures of me with no makeup on again;;; Sigh I didn't think I'd ever do it again XO

Ah~~ The generous package!
A packet that has information of all the products!

So many! :OOO
You can purchase at: http://luview.com/shop/

Crystal Cover BB Cream
This comes in two shades and they sent both!
Light Beige & Natural Beige
Natural Beige is way too dark for me

You can see my really bad dark circles, break out on the chin, uneven skin tone, my birth defect (that flap of skin next to my left eye XD), etc. And bah to my disappearing creases T_T

Close up! (Sorry about the different lighting. It was hard to get the picture taken of the same exact spot! x.x)
I have REALLY AWFUL blackheads on my nose. It's so gross! But the bb cream makes them less noticeable.
(To my anonymous reader who talked to me about milia on my formspring, now you can really see what chicken skin I'm talking about!)
Much more even and smoother! Dark circles are much less intense than before.

Price: $25.20
The packaging is so frikkin pretty and sleek! It feels lighter than my Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream and it also covers better. It's medium coverage and can be buildable. It has a slight baby powder scent. The only problem is that this looks powdery on me. BUT! This isn't the product's fault. I seem to have extremely dry skin nowadays so all the bb creams and foundations I've tried look powdery/cakey on me! Especially on my forehead and nose ;( Primer fixes this problem slightly. The finish is dewy on my cheeks. This bb cream is also chock full of really nice and natural ingredients (like a lot of Korean cosmetics) too. It's supposed to whiten, improve wrinkles, etc but I haven't used it long enough to see this. Check the site for more info!

Crystal Mineral Pact
Light Beige and Natural Beige
(Excuse my hairy hands XD)

More matte than before

Price: $20.40
I don't use pacts because my skin is too dry but for the reviews sake I did. I can't really rate this accurately though because I don't have anything to compare it to. Packaging is pretty but it is a bit bulky. The powder is very light on the skin. It also has SPF25!

Crystal Mini Makeup Set
Price: $16.80
This is a mini version of the first two products. Cute, no? I don't need this so I will also give this away. After choosing the 5 winners, I'll pick one more person and send this to them. I'm not sure if it's Light Beige or Natural Beige though. >.<

Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara
Slightly darker and more curled

Price: $14.40
Okay, I have to say this before you totally dismiss this mascara: I hate fiber mascaras. They just don't work with my lashes and it always ends up a mess. I hated the Fiberwig too but that seems to be a really loved one among a lot of people so if you are a fan of fiber mascaras, do give it a try. Or request it if you win! :3
But my rating is: 1/5

Glossy Kiss Lip Gloss
Excue my super chapped lips XD

Price: $13.20
Gosh I am the worst person for this kind of thing... I'm not a big gloss person either;;; But I will say what I think. This has a really cute strawberry scent to it. It's not overpowering either. It's not super sticky and I think it looks best when both colors are used. Sweet pink is really frosty and light and doesn't look nice on my purple toned lips. You need to wear it over a lip concealer or nude lipstick or something. The rosy pink or the colors combined are enough to wear enough alone. The packaging is pretty standard for a double ended lip gloss but it has weight to it. There is a LOT of product! The colors aren't too flattering one me so:

An all LUVIEW product face
I didn't put on concealer so my dark circles are still there. I also didn't ps my birth defect out XD
Sigh I just cannot take nice pictures these days...OTL

Whitening Capsule BB Cream
This is the day I also filmed the hair tutorial so I don't have my creases from crying the night before. GAH SORRY!

My face is hairy too T___T I need a good epilating or threading ha ha ha! This is really embarrassing but I'm showing this because when I was even more insecure and hated my face in my tween years, I was so ashamed of having all this body hair. I really thought I was the only one who had it. But seeing that other people had it and went through such pain to get rid of it and shit really made me feel better cause I wasn't the only one. So in case any younger girls are reading and have the same problem, yer not alone! Hair is always removable too! XD
Hee hee I look like a monkey

Okay so the point of these closeups are to show the little glittery/shimmer things cause you can't really see it in the next picture.
Price: $22.80
I really don't like this bb cream. It's cool that it comes out white and then adjusts to your skin tone, which it did fine but what bothers me is the shimmer! I don't want to look like Edward Cullen. Lulz it's not that extreme but it is noticeable in person. The coverage is light-medium. It's supposed to moisturize but I don't think it did for me. The packaging is really nice though. It's very expensive for it's small size too.

One Touch Brush Sun Powder
Price: $24.60
Super fine powder, SPF50, oil control, and even slight coverage. This is pretty win. I am definitely replacing my sun screen with this because it doesn't feel like I put anything on! There's a super slight pleasant scent to it. Not powdery, but maybe flowery? I really like this! I wouldn't use the brush though because it's not soft. A bit prickly and hard to use. It might also over pack the product on your face and because of that:

A face with the two LUVIEW products above.

Sorry for the super long post and ugly pictures XD
I hope some people enter and spread the word! <3 See you again in part 2!