I've got butterflies...and an afro

Friday the 4th
I had to write a paper on an outside speech so I had to miss work and see a guest speaker. The last person who came before the due date was:
Bob Sirott!
He's the co-anchor of Chicago's 9 o'clock Fox news and also my school's alumni.

Monday the 7th
Waiting for my shift to start.

Wednesday the 9th
My phone is six years old and falling apart so sometimes it disconnects from the charger if its moved the slightest bit. That happened in the middle of the night and then died while I was sleeping so there was no alarm to wake me up and I overslept! D: So I didn't go to class again. Lulz

Also, I pin curled my hair the night before. I made the curls wayyy too tight and I did it when my hair was damp so...disaster:
LMAO it was awful. It was so painful brushing through my afro/french monarch wig.

When your hair is crap, wear a hat! That's one of the few good things about winter.
But hats make my face look bigger and rounder D:

Finally got to watch Clybourne Park! I heard so many great things about it and my Scene Study teacher is in it!
There she is!

It's awesome that the teachers at my school are working professionals. This is the first time I've seen an instructor working their craft!

It was AMAAAAZING!!!! I cried three times. So cleverly written and just...just FANTASTIC! Definitely up their in my favorite shows list! <3 If any Chicago-ans are reading, please go watch it! You will not regret it! It closes this Sunday!

It snowed!!!!!
Lit class was actually really funny today. We talked about image and that led to a lot of random things like porn LULZ. We got to watch scenes from another acting class and they were funny and good! Also learned of new plays to read! Yee!

So I shall end this post with a circle lens review. Haven't done one in a while!
Butterfly Brown
bathroom light and flash cause my bathroom light SUCKS!

Color: 10/10 These are super vibrant! You can be in dim light and you can see the bright gold color! I could even see the lines clearly in the reflection off of a painting!
Design: 8/10 Really interesting and quite pretty but unnatural. I got them more for the gold color.
Enlargement: 10/10
Comfort: 8/10 These are way more comfortable than the angels but a tiny bit drying. Nothing eye drops can't fix!