MORE sushi?! & school has started

hi guys~!
i know i know i didnt update last week! but to make up for last week, i will post twice this week! i dunno what about though cause i dont do anything..but ill pull something out! :D
anyways~ onto the post!

FRIDAY the 2nd
kiran eva sandy and i went to buy sushi (yes, sushi again) and then brought it back to my house to eat. (its not a dine in place)
its real cheap and pretty good but it wasnt that good that day :(

we went to ice-T again for dessert. they took FOREVER picking a place to go to. i just wanted mcdonalds coffee ha ha ha
chocolate waffle

coffee waffle


evil eye

TUESDAY the 6th
first day of school! already my second year at college! whuuuuut
what i wore that day:
taken real quick

school = ddd (dunkin donuts diet) this is all i eat at school lulz

yeah..i didnt take pictures of anything..

well that is all! feels weird that im done writing a post already. so short! less than 20 pictures?? whut. ha ha ha! but i feel like it makes my already crummy posts seem even more boring...oh wells! XD
see you all again in a couple days! until then,
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!