cirlcle lens reviews

hi everyone~! happy september!
looks who back in a week! B) i swear from now on i will post regularly once a week! even if i dont have anything to blog i will make a post about something! i dont know why i didnt like short posts and made those huge ones..this is so much easier on me...ahaha
so here we go with my short post~

i havent done any in awhile cause i havent bought any in a while but i did get one new pair cause i had to throw out my favorite pair which were dali greens and i no longer had natural or comfortable ones left D:
angel greys:
the light in the bathroom i took these in is really yellow so i took it in flash too

color: 6/10 its a pretty grey color but can only really be seen in the light. also, if you have dark eyes, it wont show very well at all without light
design: 10/10 the same reason as when i reviewed the angel browns
enlargement: 10/10
comfort: 6.5/10 i dont know if its cause i havent really been wearing contacts at all this summer theyre less comfortable than the browns and theyre a bit more drying too

honey wings/olive wings:
i had wanted the original ones that are like a honey color which looks like this
so i was hoping that the site i got them still sold them but i got the newer ones. they changed it to a more dark brown color :(
color: 1/10 this is such a flat brown color. i really dont like it especially on the rings
design: 0/10 i think its because of the color but it makes the design look really unflattering and more pixely than when it was lighter. it even looks more pixely than the greys in my opinion. i dont like pixely lenses.
enlargement: 10/10
comfort: 1/10 these are soooo uncomfortable! they are suuuuper drying and it feels like something flew into my eye even if ive just put it in after drowning it in solution!
i dunno if ive gotten a defect pair cause ive seen a lot of people who are happy with them but these were just completely fail for me! dang it.