ive been gone for awhile

and i shall continue to be gone for like... a month D:

i didnt update for a while cause it was the last week(s) of school and i was cramming all my school work and on the third to last day of school, as i was about to add the finishing touches of my 14 page paper, my laptop fell from the desk i was working at while the charger was in it and the charging ports needle broke!! T______T
guess who had to rewrite a 14 page paper~~~?? =_________=
this laptop has shitted on me in the last week of school years twice in a row now...OTL

and now i must pay $135 for a stupid needle to get soldered back on
i took the laptop to microcenter at a bad time when the solder-er went on vacation!! it would have been done for a flat $100 and done in like 3 days;;;;; damn me for procrastinating on fixing my laptop!!

i fawking break everything...i am not meant to have nice things or be on the internet. something ALWAYS happens. if you know me in real life, you will totally understand this ahaha
so since tuesday the 10th ive been sitting at home bored with pictures gathering and gathering in takutz jin...

so my loves, i shall not be here for around a month! ah tis a shame.. but i am still reading your blogs, just not really able to comment or anything at the moment (>.<)
i promise to post more often when i come back though! but!
until then my dear loves~
stay healthy, happy, and always smile~~~!!


  1. waii..wb~ I'll be waiting 'till u're fully 'back' to blogsphere ^^

  2. just found you out on lookbook and now here.
    i love your sense of fashion, plus you're so pretty <3!

  3. I like this crazy font you put on your blog :O I hope this time my comment went through.

    That super sucks you had to rewrite your paper :S I always keep saving a second copy onto a usb when i'm writing just to be safe.

  4. Oh no!! How horrible! That is like my worst nightmare, losing my work. I obsessively email my work to myself, save it on my laptop AND save it on a thumbdrive.

    Anywayz, hope to see you back soon

  5. come back soon~

    please join my giveaway!

  6. awww, i hope you get everything fixed & back to normal soon!
    i've been gone myself for WAYYYYYYYY too long.
    4 months to be exact (oops)
    couple pictures on your previous post was total adorable-ness ;)

    - Coco