the post i promised

hi my loves!
i am here with the "cool" post i said i would come with! i wish i could have done this sooner but~ you know me~ ahaha;;;

oh and you can see that my layout has changed! i was messing with it and lost the original html so i had to quickly pull a header out of my ass and just made the current one. so boring. i think i have a thing with clouds too eheehee.. i havent had time to make a background though so ill do that when i have time~ oh! let me know if the font is too hard to read! i will change it asap! i just really like how it looks XD

these are photos that were taken in my body movement class
these photos were taken by my professor Dennis Wise and more can be found here if yer interested
i took a couple of the people from my class and a couple others from other classes that i REALLY liked :3
none of these are digitally edited aside from cropping. they were taken in a single shot with longer exposure

my class:


held back

lost friend?

my shitty homeless one. i had like 5 minutes while everyone else had like 15-20 T____T


black swan

cubs game! :D

partying gone too far

i forgot what character this was modeled after but she was my director for the robot thing B)

other classes:
i dont know what it is but i thought it was really cool


another black swan

marionette. one of my faves!

my absolute fave out of all of them! sooooo gorgeous!! *O*

i hope you enjoyed looking at these cool photos!
i will post again this week! saturday most likely! until then,

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!