i miss summer!!!!!

stolen from younhee unni

but right now i have to deal with this
that is what my city looked like last wednesday. those cars were stuck for like an hour and a half (>.<)

sorry about last week my loves! i had done absolutely nothing and took no pictures so it was embarrassing to post nothing;;;
i would have posted yesterday but i was busy with late school stuff XD

lunch date with sandy!
i finally got the circle scarf she knitted for me along with a letter :D

my thai iced tea

dug into those eggrolls right away

her pad thai

lulz so serious

my hawaiin fried rice

at metropolis
i think this photo of her is soooooo cute!!

and then more bumming around at home for the rest of the week and then school :/
twas a nice mini winter break though! ha ha!

super short and boring post. sorries
but before i leave, a quick circle lens review
barbie king size circle blue
eh i look sickly;;;
color: 7/10 nothing special. you cant see it well unless yer in direct light but i dont mind that after only having bright blue colored lenses :)
design: 9/10 this is the design that appealed to me when circle lens first came out but i never wore this kind until now. i like the way the black is spotted around the color. it is a bit thick though but i guess thats why its KING
enlargement: 20/10 my eyes are small and 14.0 diameter is plenty enlarging for me. 14.5 i think are too big for me. they are definitely "dolly"
comfort: 10/10 this is my second 14.5 diameter lens and they were surprisingly a lot more comfortable than i thought they would be seeing how big and thick they are. much more comfortable than the wondereyes and even more comfortable than my ash greys!

thats it! sorry again for the boring post. hopefully my next one (my birthday one) will be much better. i doubt it though. lulz anyways~

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!